Shen Mengchen’s temperament is absolutely, red short cheongsam is a beautiful legs, beautiful people


# What to wear today?


# 品牌 好物 #

Under the influence of retro trend, let’s symbolize Hepburn’s elegant french skirt begins, although this design can bring us a good senior elegant experience, but from the beauty of the Eastern charm, our classic cheongsam is more in place. It is possible to better presen a sexy side of women, even in the shape of sexy, can also show a territorial and noble temperament. As cheongsam gradually attaches importance, the improvement cheongsam began to rise, with traditional cheongsam, can better meet the needs of girls and light women. Shen Mengchen’s temperament is absolutely, and the red short cheongsam is a beautiful legs, and the beauty of the people.

Wear analysis

Since Shen Mengchen put on the wavy stage, let everyone have a deeper impression on this long-awaited, outstanding female star. Under such an outstanding shape, Shen Mengchen’s wear naturally will not waste your own good body, so it can highlight the cheongsam design of his own body advantage, and become one of the items she tried. In the process of recording variety, Shen Mengchen’s red cheongsam style, really have a stunning to home, short-term sleeveless design, generously showing the body’s slender and concave, on white shawl and pearl accessories In the middle, let the whole set of shapes are mature and dignified, the decoration of the tulle hood on the head, and the overall model of retro high-level feelings are improved.

Sleeveless short cheongsam


Generally speaking, in the design of the cheongsam, half-sleeved model is the most common, after all, in terms of elegant sense of elegance, or this classic design is most duty. If you want to make the shape, the old design naturally became the best choice, because the neckline uses the relationship of the establishment, the cuff position will basically show the tilted lines, the bare area is more than the general More sleeves are more designed, and it seems to have a fierce charm. If you can cooperate with the short skirt length of the brief, the sexy feeling of the whole person will be more obvious.

Improved girl cheongsam


Although when it comes to the cheongsam design, everyone always feels that mature women will also wear design, but in fact, after a certain improvement, the cheongsam can show that the girl can show is very prominent. In the case of this improved cheongsam wearing Shen Meng Chen, the bubble sleeves are mixed with irregular lotus leaf skirts, providing a good sweet breath for the shape, and is more perfect for the body’s modifier, while the wrinkles of the skirt position As well as the overall pink design, the overall design also shows relatively natural sweet atmosphere while highlighting the girl’s breath.


Martin boots match

In order to make your own shape look more aged girl, you can also improve through the mix of shoes, compared to the high-heeled high-heeled shoes designs, this Martin boots with a certain neutral charm, It can make our overall shape look more aggravated fashionable temperament, and better challenge the fashion charm presented by cheongsam. In this mix and match, the reason why you do not recommend everyone choosing other casual shoes, mainly whether it is mixed with small white shoes or canvas shoes, it is a more strange combination, it is better to match the effect of Martin boots.


Stage wind improvement cheongsam


If you are a cool girl, when you try the cheongsam design, you want to highlight your own handsome personality, you can consider this personality vintage design with a stage wind effect. The overall design still continues the tight version, in the short-tightened design, highlighting the slim and slender, and then utilizing the empty splicing and other means, rich in style, and is more obvious for the feeling of shape, With dark design printing fabrics, it will make the shape with a fashion retro personality, cooperate with handsome, and don’t have a fashionable charm.

If you haven’t experienced the charm of cheongsam yet, you may wish to start with the design of the cheongsam, choose your favorite style to experience the cheongsam design can enjoy the beauty of us.

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