Following the Korean people to pick up the winter jacket, the Korean system is practical, and the upper body effect is great.


Recently, many friends have reflected in me to say that she is annoyed in winter cotton clothes, there is no other style, I want to go, think of it.

Korean people wear


On the practical, ordinary body and colorful Korean people’s small sister chooses the single product, the upper body effect is the most fit our body, the practicality of the single product is more like, the sense of fashion, compared with the star net red, it Perhaps there is no advantage, but it can contribute to the public aesthetic requirements, and a beautiful explosion.

Today, the Korean people in this article, no matter whether it is alone or two people or three, when choosing the single product, it is unambiguous. When you go out alone, their unified lookup concept is simple and practiced, from the free-and-release presented effect, it is not paying attention.

What if you are


Small child

When choosing cotton clothes, try to choose the regular set of jacket cotton clothes, base color + clean land of the version of the design, can increase the clothes gardens, alone is also beautiful.

If you are a medium height of the little sister, you can set up a lot of contour coat, one person goes out of the door, comes with a high air gantry.

Don’t always let others feel “loneliness”

When you pick the contour coat suitable for the winter to wear the door, try to choose the style of the built-in liner, warm and do not affect the beauty, and have a comfortable to wear, others look good.

Length of tooling cotton clothing is recommended

Tall child

Select, if you are the same as the little sister, I will go shopping alone to eat, choose the army green tooling cotton clothing, will give people the passive feelings of “Thousands of Masters”, and there is a very strong.

When choosing the tooling cotton clothes, you can choose the coat model or choose to send a style. If you have a height, you need to choose it according to your own clothes!


If you go to the room to go to the interior, you can learn from the little sister’s dress, in the outdoor, pure black dress + black leather jacket + warm down jacket, warm and have a style, over the knee down jacket and the knee high boots tend to echo,

Small area decoupled, charm burst


In the room, take off the down jacket, but the knee dress and personality leather jacket, it is also a complete set of wearing, fashionable and foreign.


If you go out with the little girl, when you pick the royal coat, you need to echo with her, you can choose a long coat, one choice of long coats.


I want to have more visual effects, or you can form subtle contacts through color, and you can make a sucking rate, and the visual effect is a better than one.

In addition to the contact of the single product cotton, you can also pass echo by other items. One situation is similar to the two styles, or all of them choose a small skirt or all of them choose trousers. The other is two styles complementary.

If the other party selects sweet cute wind, you can choose to give her a sense of sensuality, if the other party chooses mature dry practice, in order to feel the overall atmosphere, you can choose the spiritual play-age style.

There is another kind of “My top is your bottom, my top color is your own color” interaction, this dressing method is very personal, but it is necessary to have two people highly cooperated, the tacit value must be To meet the standard.

But if you don’t mind, you can also choose the same color, you can choose the shape of the same color, shaped like a twin will make the overall look very



High recognition.

If you go to the triple bureau, when choosing a single product, you can interact, more personalized design, you want to stand out in the Three Cultural Universities, must not completely rely entirely on the wardrobe item and the foundation color.

In order to increase the overall beauty, you can fully exert your own advantages, your skin, your body is not needed!

In order to let others pay attention to you, high saturation color series must be arranged

The body is impeccable little fairy, can also be happy, beautifully burst through the show, in the room, small area to expose the bones or long-legged, but must have a degree, otherwise it will make people get bored psychology. If you want to expose the knees, you must ensure your body is flatterer, you want to show your beautiful legs, you must ensure the skirt and knees, otherwise it is easy to go.


I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!


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