High-speed rail communication “Zhejiang Tang poetry Road”, visit the Tianxi no need to “dream tour”


“Tian Yan even horizon, the earth is going to hide the city. Tiantai is 40,000 thousand feet, I want to fall in the southeast. I want to dream Wu Yue, one night flying mirror lake moon. Lake Moon photo, send me剡 剡 … “

Tang poems “Dreaming Tour Tian Yan Hao Lixiang”, Tianzhu Mountain, Chicheng Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Mirror Lake, Xiuxi, etc.

On January 8, Hangtai High-speed Railway officially opened, ended the history of the railway in Zhejiang, Xinchang, Tiantai, etc.

With the landscape as a carrier, a “Zhejiang Tang poetry road” coming out of the poem, more than 400 Tang Dynasty poets, has been extended more than a thousand years of prosperity.

Why is Zhedong

In the history of Chinese literature, “Zhejiang Tang poetry road” is a special noun, with the Silk Road, Tea Horse Road, etc., and a unique cultural symbol with clear geographical imprint.

What is Zhedong? Why is Zhedong? It is necessary to start with landscape poetry.

The landscape poems in China have been generated in the Wei, Jin, Southern Dynasties (traceable to the first Qin). At the time, the northern war, a large number of Huanghe River Basin residents moved, social stable, and the economic prosperity of the city became one of the main settlements after Nanocathy. The beauty scenery of the hilly mountain water is in the hills, especially the trend of returning to nature, and the spirit of mind is surpaid.

According to research, Xie Jin literary scholars Xie Heng rate many of the names of Xie clan people, alone chosen Shangdong Mountain. Here is now located in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, is also the occurrence of idiom “Dongshan again”.

Xie Heng’s grandson has repeatedly resigned in the East Hill, and Wang Xizhi, Sun Hao, Fu Hui, Xu Zhi and many other Jiangdong celebrities will gather, “If you are fishing in the mountains, you will be in the Language”, after the “World” “The survival”, the annual total of forty should be 仕, direct the famous martial arts in China – the battle of the water.

I hidden in the mountains and water, and it is equally in the world. Xie An can both envoys, and be born, and become an ancient Chinese literati. Dongshan has also become a famous holy place in people who are here.

Xie’s postman, born in Shangyu Xie Ling, according to his aesthetic consciousness and abilities, in the heart of the aesthetic, Yongjia and other places, and the beauty of the mountains and water is integrated with the earliest five-story poetry, thereby founding China’s earliest landscape poetry.

With the carrier of landsnaires, after more than 300 years of accumulation to the Tang Dynasty, “poetry” Li Bai, who has attracted numerous poets, pushing this landscape poem to a climax.

Do not go to the East Mountain, the rose is a few flowers. White Yun is still self-discharge, who is the moon?

I have a thank you, long huenics. Want to report Dongshan guest, switch to the white cloud.

Li Bai said in these two “memory Dongshan” poetry, Dongshan has not returned for a long time, and the long-term species in the cave, the sky, the bright moon in the premium, now he and Xie An, long-awaiting, away from the world, Excited and rushing to Dongshan. It can be seen that Dongshan is Li Bai’s favorite, Xie An is the idol of his worship.

“Pillow Memory Santing, Zhexuan Qinhuang. Steaming Fish Sick Dagger, Involuntation, Essentials. Yue Tianxiao, Jianhu May Cool. 剡 剡 云 秀 异, I can’t forget. I want to forget. The old tribute … “The other poet of the Tang Dynasty,” Shi Sheng “Du Fu expressed his nostalgia in the long-term Zhejiang, in his later years.

Wu Xione and research in our country believe that China’s landscape poetry starts in Eastern Jin; from the region, China’s landscape poems are from Zhedong.

He studied that in Li Bai, Du Fu’s Wu Yue, did not mention Hangzhou, in the coast of Qiantang River, may have questions. But you have to know, whether it is the era of Xie Lingyun, or Li Bai, Du Fu’s era, and the status of the southeastern Town in Vietnam is better than Hangzhou. It can be said that before Bai Juyi, Zhejiang Mountain is often the tour of the Tang Dynasty, and the beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou is still waiting for the gradual development and re-understanding of future generations.

The ancient times land lines, the water, the water line is boat. Li Bai, “Don’t be stored in the middle of the embarrassment” poem, “the boat went from Guangling, the water in the city”. According to the research, the poet of the Tang Dynasty went to Jiangnan, most of which took the boat walking road, from Huai Dian’s Yangzhou Jinglian, Fu Qiang Tangjiang, from Xixing into the Zhejiang Canal, then arrived at Shangyu Cao Yuxi, then along the river On the Tiantai Mountain, finally arrived at the stone waterfall, the whole length is nearly 200 kilometers.

“There is no way on the ground, there are more people, and it will become a road.” Lu Xun’s hometown is on the road of Tang poetry in Zhedong. Sincerely, when countless poets come in the Tang Dynasty, it slowly formed a road to Tang poetry.

Follow Li Baiyou “Poetry”

“Zhejiang Tang poetry road” was first proposed in 1991 by Zhejiang Xinchang County scholar, in 1991, in 1993, he was named after the Chinese Tang Dynasty Literature Society. Since then, it has become a special noun in the history of Chinese literature, and has become a cultural ancient road after the bride of the silk.

From the modern landmark, “Zhejiang Tang poetry road” takes Xiaoshan-Keqiao-Vietnam-Shangyu-Zhangzhou-Xinchang-Tiantai-Xianju (Linhai) as the main body, historical remains and human exfoliation, leaving more than 1,500 Tang poems .

Shaoxing Wen Shi scholar Zou Zhica compiled the book “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road” book, including “Poetry” related important works, integrating rigorism and communication power, is a milestone in the development of Zhejiang Tang poetry, so far It is still a bestseller.

According to research, from the beginning of the Song Song of the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, more than 2,200 poets included in the Tang poetry, 451 tour “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road”, covering the early days of the Tang Dynasty, Sheng, late.

The list can be said to be “starlight”, including Li Bai, Du Fu, “Jun Tang Faujie”, Lu Zhao, Luo Bin, “Drinking Eight Immortals”, Cui Zongzhi, “Zhong Tang Sangjun” Yuan Yu, Li Wei, Li Deyu, “Late Tang Tang San Luo “Luo Yin, Luo Wei, Luo Wei and Cui Wei, Wang Wei, Jia Island, Du Mu, etc.

Their Zhejiang Tong, possessed considerable components in Tang poetry. Mirror Lake, Yuming, Jehosphaed, Yue King, Xiuxi, Wozhou, and Jiji, Si Ming, Tianzhu, Chicheng, Tiantai, Mountain, have left the traces and celebrities of poets.

Located in the foot of the Township, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, there is a Temple, Song Zhizhi asked the five poems “Temple”; the poet of the Tang Dynasty was “the Temple in the Temple in the Island”, there is a “snow discount树, 藏 藏 泉 “; Luo Bin Wang is going to Tiandai, Survey is visiting the mountain, and is a poem to describe the tour of the tour and the wonderful mood,” Sailing away, and

However, the beauty of “Zhejiang Tang poetry road” is truly pushed to the poet of the peak, and it is Li Bai.

In “Dream Tour Day], Tianzhu Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Mirror Lake, and Xixi, etc., respectively, in Zhejiang Xinchang County, Tiantai County, Zhangzhou City. He wants to follow the old way of Xie Lingyun on the Tianzhu Mountain, “Foot, Xie Gong, Diandant” “” And put white deer Qingya, you must ride a famous mountain. “

Tianzhu Mountain is located in the southeast of Xinchang County, and there is “Tianzhu ancient road” and is the provincial cultural relics protection unit. From the Tianzhu Gongxian Xinchang County, the vegetation, the green onion, the air is fresh, and the three big characters written by Mr. Mr. Three characters are standing on the side of the road. According to incomplete statistics, the Tang Dynasty is more than 400 poems in Tianzhu Mountain.

Located in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, Tiantai Mountain, the southern end of “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road”, has a famous Buddhist temple in Hainan – Guoqing Temple, and has a famous Chinese Taoist Nanzong Zu Ting – Tongbai Palace, Naturally, there are nearly 300 poetry.

In addition to “Tiantai 488 Thousands of Heaven” in “Dream Tourism] Tiantai went to “” This medium is more than Yixing, the morning and evening to the Tiantai “is fully expressing his preference to Tiantai Mountain.

Speaking of Li Bai and “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road”, another Tang Dynasty poet had to mention. He is a congratulatory ban on Li Bai has a grace of encounters. Many scholars believe that Li Bai has a unique closure of this poetry, an important reason is to visit the congression.

“Less small and old, the hometown is not changed, and the children don’t meet each other, and when the laugh is coming.” Shaoxing’s He Zhijun was reluctant to return to the hometown because of the disease. When he returned to the hometown of the mountain, he was excited to tears and wrote two “return to the hometown”.

He Lao’s mangzi, when entering the Zhejiang East, it is the essence of “Poetry Road” – from Qiantang River through Shaoxingji Lake, mountain vagina and Jehoka.

萃 地 地 地

More than 1,000 years, Zhejiang has a deep humanity, and the Jiangnan mountain water of the famous monuments, the ground traffic is blocked by hills and is based on the mountain road and bridge. Until the Hang Taiwan high-speed railway was officially opened, Li Bai jumped dreams moved into reality.

Hang Taiwan high-speed rail is 266.9 kilometers long, and the design speed is 350 kilometers. After the high-speed rail is opened, Wenzhou, Taizhou’s counties have arrived at Hangzhou. The railway commuter time in Shanghai has shrunk more than 50 minutes. Some counties and cities in Zhejiang have access to the long triangle high-speed rail network, Hangzhou Metropolitan Circle, and the Wind Tower has a shortcut channel.

A Tianzhu Mountain, half of “All Tang Poetry”. With the speed of railway traffic, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, is accelerating the construction of “small county science and technology, small county big garden, small county tourism” construction.

The times change, Zhedong Tour is no longer speaking, but the prosperous scene of the millennium and the cultural heritage, it is still clear to date.

In many scholars, “Zhejiang Tang poetry road” is the road to the humanities of the lady left by the poet of the Tang Dynasty, and it is also a combination of Confucianism, Buddha, poetry, calligraphy, tea ceremony, ceramic, folk, dialect, legend and other content. Cultural treasure house.

This unique cultural phenomenon makes “Zhejiang Tang poetry road” become the road of landscape, the road of poetry creation, the road of ideological communication and cultural integration, and the area involved in the poetry have become the birthplace of Chinese landscape poems, Buddhism China. The center of the Taoist culture, the birthplace of Taoism culture, the gathering of the Chinese calligraphy and artistic holy and Chinese culture, in the history of Chinese cultural history.

Stepping into the new era, realizing national rejuvenation, establishing cultural confidence, “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road” has been given a thightening meaning and mission.

Write a good new era “poetry” chapter. At the beginning of 2018, the Zhejiang Provincial Government Work Report was proposed to actively build the road of Tang poetry in Zhedong, and put a good job in the construction of large gardens and promote the construction of poetry cultural belts. “The Road of Tang poetry in Zhedong” has also become another cultural business card in Zhejiang.

Tang Poetry “Seeing, touching, feeling” is a distinctive feature of this gold tourist belt. At present, in Shaoxing, there is still more than 200 relics of poetry, can be found.

What is the harvest? In fact, as long as people still love poetry, I am more like to find echoes here.

The economic environment of Shengtang’s rich economic environment provides the people with the real conditions of the proud landscape, and the literati has adjusted its own life philosophy and death in the landscape. They have a clear conscious conscious consciousness in the event of Shengshi, and they are eager to take the opportunity to achieve the richness of “Zhun Yu”, and then “work”.

Although there is only a few minorities that ultimately achieve this ambition, this idealized life attitude makes them even if they are in a poor situation, they can sing life with the ability to sing life, praise nature.

Scholars believe that the majestic rivers and mountains can open the vision of the literati, inspiring the intention of aggressiveness; fresh and beautiful Lin Quan can cultivate their spirit, cultivate a simple vendor, and the combination of the two is reflected in the “Sheng Tang Meteorology” Core connotation.

Nowadays, “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road” is now able to further evoke people from the past, the unlimited attachment of the motherland mountain river, purify people in the disturbance of the world, and cultivate civilization and confidence in the long history and culture of the nation. .

In October 2018, Xiaoshan, Yuecheng, Keqiao, Shangyu, Zhangzhou, Xinchang, Tiantai, Xianju, Zhanghai, Xinchang, Tiantai, Xianju, Zhanghai, etc. Road, jointly do a good job in “Zhejiang Tang Shi Road” cultural tourism research, resource development and cultural heritage of cultural heritage along the cultural heritage, and reproduce the former Guanghua of “Tang Shi Road”. (Reporter party asked)

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