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1 double twelve

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After two days, double twelve, the girls shopping have been full?

Although the official strength is lost than double eleven, because this time

Often to Sale season

It may be cheaper than double eleven ~


Especially the costumes, this year is early, I believe many people are watching

New Year’s clothes


There is also Christmas season, 2022 New Year’s Day New Year, plan to give gifts or don’t miss this last big.

▲ My shopping cart ~

So, this is the most inquiry in recent inquiry, and the background message is most recommended.

Home, there is snack

And you also have your most interested




As usual, I have used it for my or pie boss, and I have doubled my double eleven, and the double twelve plans to take it, I hope to be useful to everyone.


GRACE One Seven Coast

Recently, Xiaoli moved back to Kunming! It is still unrestrained every day, and it is still not possible to put it, so I just want to 躺 躺 躺!

In the past, I might give it up the skin … So many bottles of tank can coated to at least 20 minutes, but I won’t sleep early. But this time has a lazy artifact –


It is very suitable for housewives who are not energetic skin care,

Overtime party and lazy cancer patients

Gospel. Dijing muscles, want to buy a bottle of high machine, but the budget is limited? I also recommend it ~

Grace ONE is a brand specializing in the Japanese Gao Wire Group.


(High-silk skin care line, our university has been chasing, never stepped on the thunder)

. Seven-in-one cream has been selected

2020 COSME Viser The first place

, Listed by many of the makeup enthusiasts as “necessary medicine”!

▲ I am also a girlfriends who have been working in Japan, it is said that “Japanese Little Red Book” lips has a lot of beautiful widgets ~

Use my feelings:

Cheap big bowl and function


Recently, running the construction site every day, there is no time to get skin care, wash your face in the morning.

Basically only apply this cream

. Magical is, my desert peel is actually

No blast, not tight

? ! Strong Amway to the north sister ~

Miss biscuits have been too hard before, plus the body’s sweating, the whole person is up to.

Red swollen sides of the nose

, Tingling with a skin care product.

I thought of this cream included

Wang fry repair ingredient nicotinamide

, Is a good hand in repairing skin barrier; plus

Hyaluronic acid


Can keep it can also repair it, you will be painted, and you will not hurt the nose in the past.

▲ It can be seen that the water content after use is much higher!

Seven-in-one cream is also added

Yeast extraction essence and high concentration collagen

. The former is a Japanese skin care classic component, anti-inflammatory antioxidation. The latter can prevent the skin to make the skin full of elasticity.

It also includes jelly extract extract, more than 20 amino acids make cells more energetic.

▲ It can be seen that the red blood of the cheek is full, and the skin is also smoothed.


In short, don’t look at the price, but it is indeed a bottle.

High machine capillary cream

~ Collection of various essence ingredients

, Repair, anti-old, whitening, moisturizing


. Long-term use will find skin status and get better and more stable.

▲ Long-acting moisturizing effect is very good, over 6 hours, the skin contains hard water content.




A bottle of 7 bottles!

Instead of lotion, emulsion, cream, essence, massage cream, eye cream.



Unlike other nutrient creams, it is easy to make it.

The effect of hydrating is great, every time you use it.



And dry lines are also full ~

▲ The original picture is straight out ~


You can use it

Before making makeup

Let the subsequent makeup more complain, not strip;

Be as a neck cream

Prevent dry pattern.

When you are diligent, I will take it.

Dooze film thickness

, Get up on the next day, bright white; used as a massage cream,

With scraping board


, Lifting and edema effect is obvious ~

▲ Finger massage or cooperate with scraping board

Cream uses the core technology of the high silk group, and the effective ingredients directly act on the leather layer.


When the eye cream is also complete OK

, Good absorption of not long fatty particles.

The skin of the Japanese skin care has nothing to say.

It is also my favorite point. Gel cream texture, will not be too thin enough to hydrophone, will not be absorbed.

It’s so popular, not sticky, not frustrated

▲ Studio has a girl with a lot of cream, but it will not be used. The moisturizing effect is also very good, absolutely dried parent!

The focus is, a bottle is really heartless.

A large tank 100g, each time just a little bit enough,

Way to maintain your neck and hand

For 2 minutes to make skin care, super convenient. Suitable for feminine cream, by the way, save the lotion, lotion and essence of money ~

Double 12, grace one seven-in-one cream

To hand as long as 230

! ! Add gift


Same cream

After the New Year, go home is just a trip ~


Calcanpeic tab

At first, the pie boss and I said, I found a call.

“Meat potato chips”

Good things, send a bunch, I haven’t taken serious …

Until a day friend came to the house,


Fifty-six bags almost instantly

, I will try it with: delicious! I took a lot of pile.

It comes from a domestic brain-opened snack brand –



This brand has its own R & D team, just like a gourmet laboratory, do traditional snacks.

Health, funny and delicious

, In line with modern people’s lifestyle.

It is:

High protein content, ultra low fat

It is about half of the traditional potato chips. The original potato chip is even more

Sugar, 0 fat, 0 edible oil

Suitable for me



I want to lose weight but I can’t help my mouth.

The sister is recommended, and there is no sense of sin. Holiday season

Entertain friends or the goods


Name is also good, will not get fat because the house is all eating snacks ~

The crimp chips have two series: squid piepes, chicken breastpea tablets. Contain

30% true fish meat and 30% true chicken breast

. High quality protein, eat snacks to make a day’s protein quality to make up, praise!


Speaking of healthy fat, the first impression of most people is difficult, ignorant. But in the taking laboratories,

So delicious and health can be perfect!

▲ It can be seen on the paper on the paper that it basically has no oil, the fish crispy series is completely 0 oily

Chicken breastpea, can be obvious

Chicken sweet taste

! The taste is brittle, and it is thick and solid.

Not soft collapsed, not greasy!


A package is not dry, super incense, can’t stop at all.

The potato chips will not be able to change the tide, and they have been in the same way.

▲ The potato chips have been deteriorated, but this will not. This doesn’t have to eat it.

Personal favorite

Japanese barbecue flavor

! The giant fragrance is extremely like other barbecue potato chips, salty salty,

Slightly spicy, salty flavor

Can’t spicy choice.

Another like a heavy taste,


No spicy friend, love

, Excitement, sour, eat people, still don’t want to stop mouth!

▲ Chicken breastpea tablets are triangles ~

Similarly, the squid can be eaten


Fish flavor

Oh ~~ The protein content is more than 2 times the national standard, round, and the size is convenient.

I like to be refreshed and spare to the recommended mustard seaweed; savory lovers recommend barbecue, slight spicy spray,


Can’t help but lick your fingers

Heavy taste must taste

Hot pot flavor

, Is equivalent to running in Chongqing, will I tell? !

I feel that the quality of the food laboratory is also very good ~ I received a total of 10 packs before and after.

Very small

All are very complete, it is very cool!

Each piece of seasoning powder is evenly appropriate

Never never have a special heavy mouth or almost no taste. my friend


Even, I am more willing to buy it than a happy hour.

I still have eaten

Cheese seaweed fish crispy

. Fish flavor is heavier, the taste is more obvious, and can eat

That’s in real meat


A piece of meat is 70%, select

High quality bar

High protein content

(100g equivalent to 7 eggs)

Ultra-low calorie, one pack is only 99 big cards, and it is unique to the ordinary potato chips.

Fish crispy mouth like cornflakes

Although only 25 g of a pack, there are many actual amounts. There are two flavors and spicy flavors, recommend spicy flavor.

The naked eye can be seen in the seaweed, love love ~

Double twelve can buy this snack spree, for the next

Christmas friends, New Year’s goods

prepare for. Adult children like ~



Atelier SO Ring

I wrote the 35-year-old Japanese blogger Pinnah last month, and the reason why her style is mentioned.

Low-key, cold, atmosphere

And there is a big relationship with the jewelery wearable.

Simple lines, silver,

Wide, blunt, textile

Non-exquisiteism … is the characteristics of her picking up. Earrings, bracelets, no exceptions.

The personal brand Clane is out, and it has been tuned with an Old Celine.

MISS Bunches began to fall in love with silver this year. Of course, gold also loves, especially

French, American, Retro, Sharp

When the golden ornaments are always the best.

Just after ripe, slowly can get get to the silver-necked low-key soft beauty …

▲ Gold color is more gorgeous, silver is lower

Compared with golden ornaments, there are more silverware.

Ingencies and modern small

. Usually love to wear

Black, white, gray, blue, green

These cold colors are indeed “harmonious”.

Suitable Korean little sister

Che Yu Yuan

The private service is based on wearing silver ornaments. Cleach is clean, and it is a bit cool.

▲ Vehali loves to wear silver ring ~

Atelier So is a Chinese niche designer brand, only for silver ornaments, and the pie boss has bought, and many stars like it. I have two rings, it is

The only ring that is willing to wear every day

▲ Small ginger’s bag and earrings are from Atelier So, there are a lot of rings, but they are all privately wear, they have not filmed.

It is a typical Songben Huijing and Che Yen will love

Old Celine wind jewelry

Blunt, not exquisite, highlighting the natural metal texture,

There is a kind of handmade

. With exquisite to work, it becomes attitude towards it ~


▲ picture from Atelier So official micro

This brand is very expensive when you come out, the price of these two years is lowered, and the basic ¥ 300 ~ 700 can be bought.

All is sterling silver!

The gram is still not low ~ the contrast is a few hundred alloys, I think ITELIER SO is more worth

(Of course, the silver itself is not expensive)

Personally love it very much, a red book is hit by crazy ~



It is almost exaggerated. Grasp well in the design and daily wearing.

Can be stacked


I have bought it.

In the past, I didn’t feel that the ring had a role in the wearing, but I looked at Matsumoto Huiyi understood this low-key, and the decorative is not strong.

Subsessment with people can be seen in the occasion


It seems to be more touched.

▲ is so beautiful!

I belong to

Short + meat

Ingenious condition, do not expect to wear a wide ring.

Magical is, Atelier SO exception! Giant looks, will not let the meat have a short thick. and

Good quality enlarges all the advantages

, Even if you are not perfect, let you call! Extremely modified.

It is also recommended for this 3 models.

Vegetable circle

But because there is a texture, a sense of syndrome, it can’t be seen as long as a few hundred dollars, all kinds of clothes / jewelery can be equipped.

Getting started to buy a foot

Seeing the real thing likes it again, it is not recommended to buy too much.

Atelier So has a very reasonable design detail:


Both are open

. Plus soft silver, too small

Can be cashed to proper size


There is no need to entangle the size. Will not buy a little meat, and you won’t buy a big or simply shaped. In short,

Very “Hope”

It is also willing to wear frequently.



People will be edema

The finger is rough in one day. The opening ring is just avoided this trouble.



Sterling silver is bad

The alloy is difficult to engage in thieves

(Don’t ask me how to know …)

▲ Picture Source See Watermark

In addition to wide ring, Atelier So

Winding ring

Also beautiful ~ sleeve but will not be “hidden”, can be folded with a wide ring, a thicker and more level.

The left is the joint ring, but it can also be a small thumb ring.

Atelier So will also

Metal combination with color materials


To create a design full of Chinese charm.

Red drip ring is too beautiful! Red is not clear, match

Gray, white, black, camel

Clothes will look good. From “Ground Fish” series, see

Silver has a fish scale

In the Eastern Aesthetic, this piece of kneading is dead.

▲ The picture is from the Atelier SO official micro

Many people use it with another

Red crystal embellishment wide ring

The inspiration from corals, bias foundations, it is very white. The price is slightly higher, and the twenty-fold is more than ¥ 600.

If you like dark, try

“Crouch” black drip ring

The workplace that is unstrusted is not strict.


The triangular drops can’t see it, and they are so surprised. Low-key wild, sterling silver, open adjustable

(Buy a beautiful beauty)

Take the recommended this,

Silver like a snake

, Dangerous and sexy, drip, such as scales. You can do a small means or joint ring, and the diameter can be adjusted freely.

In addition, classic

“Fake gem”

A fan of the series is suitable for exaggerated girls.

The reason why it is called “fake gem” is designer

Metals exhibited countless uneven faces with natural polishing.

The light reflects from these faces and eventually exudes a

Like a light rays like diamonds

Double 12, Atelier SO is very powerful

(Old powder knows that it is not discounted)



Howlin retro sweater

Howlin’s sweater I bought a family, the physical material is like a stick, the color is beautiful, and the double twelve intends to enter one piece, Christmas wear is just.

Generally, I will be rejected. It is said that it is on the one hand, and on the other hand, he is more simple.

I don’t like things that are too serious.

. Howlin is a minority acceptable, it is quite magical ~

It is a very small Nordic brand, founded in Art capital in 2009 – Antwerp, Belgium. The predecessor was established in 1981

Scottish knitted brand Morrison

The founder has changed his name after picking up.

▲ Yes, it is the Antwerp of the Saxi Saxi.

One thousand bought a sweater is very luxurious, but if it is howlin, I will feel worth

As a result, 100% initial cut wool

(Some Mahai Male Blend).

The fabric is from the Scottish Highlands,


One of the best in the wool

The annual output is quite limited.

▲ The quality is better, the warmth and the quality of the fiber are better, and the wearing degree is also high.

Two, it emphasizes the sense of craftsmen.


Always adhere to the hand







GRACE One Seven Coast

▲ picture from Atelier So official micro

▲ picture from Atelier So official micro

▲ picture from Atelier So official micro

▲ picture from Atelier So official micro


Inherited the exquisite craft of the old Scottish wool.



Inexplicable “氤氲 氤氲 糯”

Special effects, craftsmanship by traditional bristles. Upper body




Fairy, 嗲嗲

Reduce the stimulus of wool, more soft and skin, will not take it.

▲ But its sweaters are still not recommended, it is best to add T-shirt or autumn clothes, shirt bottoming.

Why is this, how is a solid color, and it looks different from other people.

Soft softness,



, Bring some nostalgia. Boys are wearing a gentle and cheeky son, and the female life is lazy.

Kong Hao privately loves this brand


In “ghost”, Lin Yuner is also a HOWLIN fan.

▲ Confucius warm uncle feels really suitable for this brand

Of course, Scotland’s least short-term wool brand. Howlin is more, it is


That is the artistic atmosphere rooted in Antwerp ~

Color Nordic, even a complex Fair Island pattern is also very advanced. One-piece solid sweater,

Weave to weave with different colors

To achieve a subtle visual effect.

▲ On the right, you are fine, not just a solid sweater

This, green part

At least 3 yarns

Only the variegated effect of the stars; the sleeves are not single solid, but

Different brown yarn blend

Hierarchy. Different angles have a weak difference, full of dynamic beauty.

The version can be played, the shoulder sleeves are casual and

Modified thick arm

, The profile is just right, and it is ok, and it is also good to look at it. It is a one in my opinion!



ACNE’s aesthetic + old brand wool process + net a porter hits 60%

, More cost-effective! Taobao 88 members folded 95% off, there are 100 yuan coupons, and rush.

Its home is the same paragraph of men,

Color also has no sex

Bold boys can choose a pink or powder blue ~ girls buy small code.

Asked my girlfriend,

Her height is 170 wearing M just good

Small children buy XS or S is sufficient.



Gray Fair Island Sweater



(The family is in the phase)

! Gray + dark blue color classic ~ wear a hard work, match

Blue shirt, card pants


That is, “fudge”, “” “

Family is watching the neck design,

A little thick bread

Let the neck look more fiber, create a lazy cute atmosphere.

If you want to buy

Cool, gentleman temperament

High collar sweater, try this ~

Light gray mixture black node, there is a kind

“Hamming Well” rough

Not very exquisite, but the fine quality sense is surprising. With black and white blue brown pants, match the clip gram! Men and women can be ~


At last,

Autumn and winter sweater is not recommended to wear one day every day

It is easy to consume the lifetime.

Wear for a two days,


Let the fabric take a break

Can be saved for a long time. It is mainly to remind men, because the family loves to wear a dress in “dead” in a week.


Workplace single item


Although it is not recommended, it seems that it is often brought to



It quietly fired these two years. Don’t take the explosion and star belt route,

Style positioning similar gram iCicle

Simply high-grade, with a small design, the price is a lot of people.


▲ picture from knowing zhizhi official micro

It is a great trendy to work in my heart:


you get what you pay for

. 500 sweaters, 100% wool is basically, and the yarn is not cheap, the process is complex, the design is still beautiful.

For example, this knit trousers is ¥ 9,000? Don’t worry, its fabric is good enough:



By German OTW technology,

Extremely resistant

, Perfection, great;

· 100% beautiful slave wool

And has a German Yangzi Yarn “ID card” (

The best, anti-shrinking water, anti-balls in the wool yarn


Good version, chic design.

Pit strip Toteme

The upper body is very thin and thin. Textile fitting fabric, basic single product special, warmth is also enough

Condolens to the whole winter ~


▲ Mainly recommended black, too slightly thin!

2) The tone is good, the neutral color is mainly.

The light color is supplemented,

Suitable for urban beauty.

▲ These two fabrics are very expensive

3) Design.

“More than the basic model”

But fancy but some details.

Want to find “unscrupulous work”? Double twelve shopping is right! In addition to every 200-20, there are

Two pieces folded 10% off

. Don’t forget to enter members, add 20 yuan discount, cost-effective!

▲ The whole vision makes people enjoy it, it can be seen very well

Personally love home

All kinds of bottoming shirts

The fabric skin is warm, and the closeness is completely uniform ~ small hundreds of pieces.

All wool or cashmere blend

Detail line Nice, wearing a few years.

▲ Cashmere mixed wali fabric

The focus is, knowing it is

Improve the size of the item by small details

. Ideas and Matsumoto Hui Nai is very like – do not do useless design.

These three pieces are typical, the fabrics are pure wool,

The price is a few hundred


Left: Add a vertical line in the middle, add design simultaneous

Longitudinal extension visual


Friends of big breasts;

Medium: color matching design

Hide on both sides of meat from visually

Create a curve, a friendly ones;

Right: ship type,

Exposed clavicle and neck

, Slim and increase the light feeling, so that the upper body is no longer bloated.

Have a budget, it is recommended to buy a known

Seamless high collar

. Package is in favor!

It seems that people are thin and spiritual


, Lazy in a suit, coat, fur, down jacket.

Two pieces are pure wool, the difference is


High collar and half high collar


. The yarn is fine and good,

Machine wash

. But suggesting a ladle bag.


White bottoming in winter is

Stacked artifact

! Based on clothing, sweaters, shirts, let the dull old single product is refreshing!

Jessica is very love, the utilization is super high ~


In addition to the bottom shirt, you can see it ~ The texture is good, the version is reasonable, and it is basically not picking up.

This, the fabric is quite powerful, but it is indeed expensive.

65% alpaca hair and 35% wool blend

. And my sheep camel hair is

Suri Alpaca

The fiber is extremely elongated, the density is extremely high, and it is not easy to strengthen the water. This hair is put on

Form a “hot cycle”

Very warm.

▲ Good alpaca, you can feel the luster

Classic double-breasted bathrobe design, elegant atmosphere. The line is smooth,


The perimeter is excellent, but it is very skeletal sense.

Hin’s big card.

Gray brown and black are well seen,

Similar fur-like plush

More gloss and texture than pure wool coats. The budget can be investive, wearing a lifetime is not going on!

Try these two pieces in the Lemaire style, French clan, a bit of Hepburn.

90% Mian Wool + 10% Inner Mongolia Alpine Cashmere

Handmade, is good. The pointed collar has the taste of Lemaire, and the other is full, and the prevention is warm.

The down jacket MISS biscuit selected two, with black and white two colors.

Special place is: Design from traditional down jacket concept,

Combined with suits and windbreaks these elegant items

Reduce outdoor sports, so suitable for fine white collar ~

As for the pants, I only have this.

Cashmere wool blend

Design similar to Jogger, original price 799,

Double twelve hands as long as 399!

But when you go out, you don’t have problems directly, and your complete set is very atteflow.

Keep the original color of the cashmere


, The fabric is not printed without printing, the fiber is protected very well, very advanced.


Uyeki sterilis dense spray

I rarely buy new clothes this year, usually from Japan.

Amoy two-hand or ancient

. First, environmental protection, the second is to save money, three are not to hit the shirt.

Although Japanese second-hand sales have been standardized, after international logistics, it is

Old clothes plus epidemic

I am very careful in disinfection. Buying is absolutely not directly wearing, generally sending drying the store or wash yourself.


The taste of the old clothes is very difficult to remove

. Asked friends who also love Taozhong ancient ancient times, I recommend UYEKI sterilis to remove mites.


I have two bottles of bottle! Double eleven just over, easy to use ~

▲ There is a picture of the truth, all buy in Tmall supermarket.



Japan Allergy Association recommended

Other harmful ingredients such as pesticut agents, safe and non-toxic, do not stimulate skin, pregnant women and children with children can be used.

The principle is to wrap the food of the mites, thereby cutting off the source of food and let it die naturally.

Spray once to maintain a month

. It can be cleaned even if it washed 2-3 times.

▲ Oral non-toxic, you can spray it, but still can’t go to your mouth

The nozzle design is reasonable and does not form a big water droplet.

More delicate haze


. It is almost 10 minutes to dry, which is very convenient to wear clothes. I moved home to spray it, I can sleep directly in almost a few days.

This is

Sterilization + degargic

The effect of going to taste is also quite good. The taste of the old clothes can’t be can’t get, and it is gone with it.

Because living in the humid south, there are many mites, it is easy to breed bacteria, no matter how it cleaned, it is avoided.

There is a mites, people will allergies. Like me


In the semi-season, he hit his nose. But using Uyeki spray, smashing a lot,

Not very acne on the back

▲ It prevents asthma, bronchitis, etc.


In addition to sheets, covered, pillows, clothes, can also be used

Spray carpet, sofa


Plush toy

. Strong Amway

keep a pet

The sister, the pet is easy to breed bacterial mites, and it is more hygienic.

Go out


Student Party holiday / return school can spray a spray, sterilizing and preventing allergies, which is convenient and fast.

Need to pay attention:

It can’t spray leather, plastic, metal and rubber products

. It is recommended to store the child that cannot be exposed to the child, cannot be sprayed in the eye, avoid direct sunlight.

This small opening at the spout is not sprayed.


A bottle can be used for a long time.

If you have a need for clothing, MISS biscuits still want to recommend

Signaling laundry


Amway, the same friend, has been used in 4 large cans of the family to put a total of 10L!


Remove and inhibit mites, bacteria and fungi

, No phosphorus formula, no bleaching ingredient,

Do not damage clothing fibers, do not cause fading

Safe gentle.

I have the water-washed Chinese ancient clothes, use it clean and taste, very convenient

▲ The picture is from the outside network, this is the old packaging

Generally do not recommend underwear, we wash together, but with it, don’t have to wash some of them.

At home

Men’s foot sweat, there is a foot

As long as you fall a little laundry liquid + disinfectant, you can wash it with a jacket. Don’t worry about mixing bacterial fungi, safe and convenient and saving water.

Can also be used to wash underwear

, Sterilization anti-virus.

I will use it.

Disinfect the washing machine

. Probably pour 3 bottles, and then freely empty.

A bucket of clothes

A washing ball +2 cap disinfectant

enough. I am currently living with my family. Two people can use two cans for a few months, it is very fast, and it will not be ash.

Ok, today’s double twelve good books are here. This time I bought it, I’ve been bought by Double 12. The more you need rational consumption, the more you need rational consumption, I hope everyone can buy it to buy it, you can remember not to waste ~

I will come here today ~

Note: All original content is not allowed, private reprinting will go to the legal path, welcome girls to help the big cookie supervision and report to tell the big cake, the original is not easy, thank you for your support ~