Spring children wear this! The teacher is relieved, the parents are relieved, the child is comfortable


Nowadays, many moms dress up to the children are very particular, and they also want to cultivate their children’s good clothes, so they will dress their children very fashionable.

However, in this morning and evening temperature difference, for the safety and comfort of the child, how to give your child correctly and dress, or very else.

First, pay attention to the quality

Pay attention to the quality, not advocating to buy brand names, tide cards, but ask moms when picking clothes


Throp the style, brand these elements, more rationally, choose comfort, healthy clothing.


Specifically, it is to understand the clothing identification, and use this as a basis to determine if it is suitable for children.

1 Safety Technology Category

There are three categories of A, B, and C, which are generally labeled at the end of the code at the end of the safety technology category. According to national regulations:

✦ The child’s clothing within 3 years old should comply with Class A, such as underwear, gloves, mouth sampails, bedding, etc.

✦ The clothing directly contacting the skin should comply with Class B standards such as shirts, pants, socks, hats, etc.

✦ ✦ Direct contact with the skin should at least Class C standard, such as coats, down jackets, trousers, etc.

If there is no information on the security technology category, you will not recommend parents to buy.

2 ingredient table

The child’s clothing and fabric components are also very important. Generally select cotton or cotton, modal, bamboo fiber, combed cotton, soft cotton yarn, these fabrics as the preferred clothing.

If the laundry component is polyester fiber, it is polyester, it is not recommended to select a child directly contacting the skin.

Second, not suitable for clothes wearing in the park

The child is in the development stage, and the child is beautiful and not as comfortable, and the child jumped in the young garden.

It is necessary to wear safety, especially these clothes, moms don’t care about it:

1 Clothes that are easy to induce accidental injuries

Typical representative:

Hoodie with rope, silk towel and various clothes with rivets, rhinestones, sequins …

The child is curious, especially when doing games, the common sweater with a rope, hoodie, is easy to pull the neck by children.

The clothes that are decorated with rivets, rhinestones, sequins, beads are equally safe: Some children will use the drill or beads to play, and even in the mouth, there are many children who have missed every year.

2 causing children to wear difficult clothes

Belt pants, clothes, zippers behind skirts, trousers with zip or stuffing …

In the young gardens, the teacher will let the children learn from their own clothes, and the purpose is to better exercise your child’s self-care ability.

It is difficult to wear away, not only increase the responsibility of the teacher, but also deprive the chance of children’s workout.


More importantly, if the child’s clothing is always inconvenient, he always lasses behind other children in collective life, very

It is easy to generate inferiority.

Tips, parents: training children’s self-care ability at home

Mom and Dad can also start exercising their own ability to wear clothes at home.

However, we must pay attention to not eager to seek, causing children to generate bad emotions such as inferiority. You can give a certain help first, or negotiate with your child, such as “Mom helps you wear clothes, you wear your own pants, is it good?”


It is also possible to make children discover the fun from self-service, with some of the clothes, children’s songs, etc. similar to the following video.

3 obstruction of children’s body activities

Long skirts, shorts, long and thick down jackets, excessive or tapered shoes …

Children in the Young Agency have two hours of outdoor activities every day, and the clothes suitable for sports are very important.

The long skirt is inconvenient, it is easy to trip the small partner; shorts lack protection on the knees, it is easy to wound the skin when exercise; too thick, the down jacket is not casual, and the child will sweat at noon.


The size of the shoes will run, and it is especially easy to wrestle.

When the mother picks clothes, the top can be slightly larger than the actual size. It is more convenient to move; the pants are worn according to the actual size, choose the loosener as good, sports pants, trousers are preferred, don’t wear jeans, hard and tight crotch. When choosing sports shoes, according to the actual size, it is convenient, easy to wear, it is best to use magic stickers.

Third, when to reduce clothes

Spring clothes wear less children will catch a cold, “covering” will squat. When did you reduce your child, it is indeed a door.

1. Children will reduce clothes a few days later than people

. If the adult is not felt cold after a minor clothes, it is not too late to give your child.

2. Pay attention to the weather forecast in advance

. If the temperature is significantly increased, don’t wear more yourself when getting up in the morning, avoiding the cold in halfway.

3. Don’t wear too much

. Although the child is not as cold as adults, because most of the time is in motion, it is easy to sweat, while sweating is one of the causes of the child’s cold. In general, children are enough to wear a layer of single clothes than parents, and they cannot be divided.

The child’s growth requires careful care. Mom and Dad have to adjust the child’s clothes, diet, and lay a solid foundation for the child with a healthy body according to the season’s changes.

The new semester begins, let us join hands with the healthy growth of the child.

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Typical representative:

Typical representative:

Tips, parents: training children’s self-care ability at home