This versatile steamer Yan high value on steaming stew under especially convenient, one-stop staple food side dishes as well as soups


A few days ago to chat with friends, she asked me if I think life should look like, and I thought her answer: I used to think that two people three meals a house four seasons, now has a baby, I hope some more fireworks gas, ordinary the day could live a romantic and warm. Friends like to keep flowers, a big garden at home, her life is also very poetic. Because we all like food and strong, also runs his own in the ordinary and fulfilling life. I prefer to do the dishes or something after the baby from his first bite food supplement, now almost 3 years old to eat, I give all he has done, looking at the little man slowly grow even higher than the dinner table, eating very fragrant, and I am particularly happy to meet. So now spending more time cooking, cooking for nutrition and more research. Recent into a set of handy multi-function steam cooker north Ding Yan value ,, good read, with the North took the lead out of ceramic parts, perfect fit steaming stew pot, the stew steaming at a good convenient! Disposable dishes made three perfect – I find that good-looking vessel can stimulate our cook frequency, you are not this happen? North dingxin out combi cooker, double mass, food grade material, the reservation time can be adjusted, under the steaming stew, simple, longitudinally stretched, housing space saving, high quality color value ~ details are done extreme! After personal experience feeling really good today – use it for a staple food, my baby like to eat red bean porridge dates, a steamed zucchini with garlic, then ceramic large steaming pot of stew pot 2L mushrooms carrot ribs soup, multi-function steam cooker low water level will be automatically suspended, prompting add water, bilateral external water inlet, adding water directly without opening the cover, so no need to worry, the materials ready, let’s start doing it!


By fish fish fish beans, fruit dishes [people] official certification



Mushrooms and carrots pork soup

500 grams pork ribs

Mushrooms 3


1 carrot

1 tablespoon cooking wine

Ginger 2

Water amount


Pinch of salt

Red bean red bean porridge


Red beans 20 grams

Jujube 10


50 grams of rice

Garlic zucchini

Fans 1

1 zucchini


Garlic 5

1 tablespoon soy sauce

Scallops exposed spoon

1 tablespoon oil

Practice steps

1, North tripod multifunction steamer in place, ready food

2, do mushroom carrot soup ribs. Wash the carrots cut hob, wash mushrooms to cut, ribs boiled water, foodstuff in North Ding porcelain large slow cooker.

3, add water, not over the water ribs, a little a little bit more. Open function stew 2 hours, after the pan put a small amount of salt.


4, do red bean porridge dates. Red beans one night in advance plus blisters, red dates washed, pour the ingredients in North Ding Pig box, add the appropriate amount of water

5, then into the steaming saucepan, stew turn function 2 hours. This and ribs mushroom soup is almost time to get better.

6, do garlic zucchini. Fans will advance with warm water soaked, rinse, put North Ding Pig box. Zucchini slices, put into a box, was added garlic, topped with hot oil, adding soy sauce and seasoning exposed shellfish.

7, into the North tripod multifunction steamer, and steam for 7 minutes.

8, all the good steaming stew, pan – pot to get these three, there are a staple vegetable soup! Super sweet and delicious Oh, eat hot!



1, ribs boiled water when the water put 1 tablespoon cooking wine fishy. 2, red beans need to soak overnight in advance, will cook more soft rot. 3, please down to room temperature depending on the product prompts then rinse. 4, these three dishes with “stew” and “steam” two functions. Oh, time to make reasonable adjustments based on the actual amount of production! This time I used a tripod north BUYDEEM G56 multifunction steam cooker, large capacity, upper and lower levels, the use of steam under way on the stew, pot complete with a three-course, for me to Baoma He said it saves time and is very convenient. Multi-function steam cooker low-water level will be automatically suspended, prompting add water, bilateral external water inlet, adding water directly without opening the cover, security is assured! Ceramic accessories to upgrade high-value color is also very practical!

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!

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