Dragon Boat Festival: Amanne’s “Scorpion” warm police heart


On the afternoon of June 10, the Tonghua Public Security Border Management Detachment The Qingshui Police Station was staged in the middle of the room, and the Korean Auntie Ni Jin Da Niang took a light rain, and the scorpion full of her personnel went into the police camp. ” Son “Bring a gift of the Dragon Boat Festival.

The monitoring screen shows that the Golden Madai is afraid of bothering the mother, quietly putting the scorpion on the table, you have to leave, the police officer heard the voice came out, seeing Jin Mad Niang, a man, after a few people, I have distressed.

The cold water North Korea is a collection of minority township. Most of the youth labor will go out to work, leading to more old people, the old people lack their families all year round.

Over the years, the Cold Water Border Police Station has arrived in the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction, and sent the holiday blessings and companionship for the elderly. When the spring is harvested in the spring, it is active in the field and the old people have set up a long-term help pair, establish a health file for them, and send health regularly.

Golden Madai is the beneficiary. Gold Madai often said that he has a group of police “son” wearing uniform. Over the years, regardless of post adjustment is still a change in people’s flow, this group of “son” is concerned and care for the elderly.

“There are more people living in our jurisdiction and Golden Madet, so take time to accompany them to Lala home, dry some farmers, as long as the old people need, we will continue”. ” The guidelines of the cold water border police station have paid affectionately.

Jilin Daily Full Media Reporter: 二 龙