Most of the year, finally, tonight, she killed crazy.


“The grass flower” is final, and Wu Mozhen is already tearing.

At that time, she sat in the battle and looked at the stage of the stage.

Yang Yulin’s white yarn.

Yang Kun must make a white.

Shuangyang’s music form, performed a deep father and woman –

On the day of the big marriage, the little girl grows up, wearing wedding, red lips, will be married.

Since then, she is no longer a little daughter of her father, but his wife, his mother.

Thousands of words, surging in your father’s chest. But if you can’t say anything.

Only the song of tears sang:

“The end of the sky,

Open grass flower,

Every one, but I am worried.

Let it be waiting for you on the way home,


It seems that I have never left your side … “

Many people are moving, smashed tears.

Wu Mozhen is even more.

she says:

“If my father is in, he must be the emotion.”


The person who loves her life is two or her people, and this life is not met.

When the father left, Wu Mozhen was 18 years old.


It is a week before the college entrance examination. Four wolf smoke, people have time to confront, but they don’t dare to relax. She dreams, after the college entrance examination, returning home, seeing her father, everything is fine.

I didn’t expect it, waiting for her, it is a father’s bad news.

That a big tiger car that drives music, takes her a man in China,

That time she is a few years old, she uses a humble language. She regards her as a small guest, please go to the stage …

Never open your eyes again.


Since then, the father has two characters to become a hurt.

It lies in the depths of consciousness, do not affect her life, does not affect her rise and hustle.

However, it makes her dare not touch.

As long as I touched, it will hurt.


Every time there is, when, where is it, who talks, she mentioned her father, she is tearing.

She said to her: Don’t cry.

The face is backward, deep breathing, tears, can’t be self-controlled.

She repeatedly apologized to the people present: “Sorry, I am sorry …” “Sorry …” is shame.

I am afraid of being considered to be.

I am afraid that tears have plagued others.

Her care is very distressed.

This person, every velvet, I’ve been crying.

Everyone has recorded “it” and “have lost” in every sorrowful song.

She is lucky.

Father left music in her soul, leaving music. He church her art expression.

She grows in the melody.

Sing loudly when sadness came.

She took the father’s copy, lived, and sang.

In 2012, she appeared in “China Good Voice”.

At that time, Wu Mozhen, 20 years old, a white dress, long hair. The eye is tall, and it is still wild.

After singing, it was full.

Harlem asked her: “Who are you sing?”

She said: “Follow my father.”

Yang Kun did not know the internal feelings, asked in a question: “Do Dad still sing now?”

She suddenly laughed: “Dad is not singing now.”


“Don’t sing.”

“Dad changed me.”

A laugh at the scene.

I thought that her ancient spirits were satisfied, and the character was cheerful.

I don’t know, she laughed, but it is deliberately concealed, and laughs.

Later, she responded to this matter on another program.

“I don’t want others to know.”

Accompressed optimistic posture, it can be seen.


Later, Wu Mozhen’s story opened a new chapter. Relware is open.

She is famous almost a night.

Many people know her.

Knowing this music, the girl is full of people, the name is called Wu Mozhen.

She has become a daughter of tough and proud, picking up the father’s unhappy dream, with the heart of joy, perseverance, and all everything –

Regardless of gift, or the number of robbers.

Some narratives are external.

The plot of seeing, say clearly.

But some narratives, in the lagmate, when I said, I have a thousand miles, I have turned.

For example, her character.


She seems to be very crazy.

Music is mad.

People are also crazy.

For a long time, people think she is a gifted representative.

Songs are not good. The sound metal sound line, the provocative singing, the enchanting, and the inhibitory, which makes the ordinary audience feel that this is not singing, this is a monk.

Her makeup also walked in front of the sword.

There was a rumor and said her makeup scared crying.

Combine complicated rumors, thousands of interpretation, like the arrows of the straw boat, from all sides, with thousands of potential, Wushu.

She is confused and fearless.

She believes that people who understand are understanding –

Zhang Yang is because unmanned protection.

Strange is the defensive layer, personality is shell, pioneer is an artistic trial is also true for me.

Under the layer, it is a lack of heart.

Her regret has never disappeared.


Warm on your father, you can eager and cherish it.


In 2012, she met with Harlem. At the show, she became a member of the Harlem War, and the two interacted.


The rumors have once again begun.

This time, straightforce gossip and 闻.


She said: “No, no, no, we are a pure mentor relationship.”

He is 30 years old.

In her heart, it is more like a father.


She once said: “Because my father is not … I think Harlem teachers, just like my father.”


Cherish Harlem, more like a psychological makeup.

The emotion of the letter, Lianglong is also similar.

In the latest episode of “Flashing Band”, she and the letter and Liang Long partner.


A song “Last Dance” in May Day.

During the discussion, she sat in the middle of the two people.

Cancer and Liang Long are high, she is sitting in the middle, lining only a small one.

Her wear that day was also a daughter.

Pink sweater, dress long hair, quiet and well.

It is the same teacher as the father, she starts to spoilers.




Just like a child in front of his father.

Later, the stage of three cooperation, full of fantasy.

Through the mirror, through multiple images, and their superb singing and performance, a story of multi-time space shuttle and recalls interleaving.

Unfortunately, they didn’t win.


After the end, Wu Mo suddenly cried.

Did not win, means that the team is to disband.

She is sad.

Dessert and disappointment, let her lose control again.

Liang Long said: “This child!”

This name is more uncomfortable.

Until the letter promise: “We will go to the tour afterwards.”

She is better.

She attached to their attachment, and it was said to be an unscrupulous, it is better to invest too much trust and reliance on my father.

This emotion is so true.

Such deep.

Deeply, it is sad.

– Even if it is a father’s love, you will also cherish everything. Because she lost.

I hope that people have retained, and they will be lost. Many times, after people turn around, they will last.

There are so many days of life, only this place is in this manner, to accompany it.


This will also understand that the most important choice in her life:

Hollow entertainment.

After the father left, her life only had a mother.

The mother suffers from serious illness.

At that time she was red.

Business is constantly, a performance is one after another.


She woke up in one hotel, I don’t know where it is. Wake up is makeup, step, catch the plane.

“It’s hard to breathe fresh air.”

Life has been formulated.

She sang thousands of songs and said that they said thousands of times.

She feels that this is getting farther and farther than her.

Plus this time, mother seriously ill.


She made a selection of ordinary people could not understand: put down all the work and return to the northeast home. Accompany your mother.

Walking when walking.

I don’t leave my own way.

“I am discouraged … I didn’t think about it.”

It is said that she is not red, the market is not welcome, and the audience is lost.

In fact, it is not.

She also dismissed in explanation.

She just wants to go home.

Back to the mother.

Go back to the fireworks in the world.

Go for your mother, go to walk, sun, and live in real life.

This is three or four years.

In these three or four years, the market gradually forgot her.

But in the air of the unmanned, she is very incomparable in the cold Heilongjiang Xiaocheng.

“Very happiness, it is really happy.”

“Just like you are in the underwater, I have a long time, suddenly arrived on the water, I finally breathed.”

In the northern day, she walked on the road and recovered as a person’s sense.

Also because of this intra-rigid, non-mechanical life, the music tentacles are again awake.

She is curious about music.

Happy because of songs.


Mother’s disease has also begun to stabilize.

At this time, “China Good Voice” is just the 10th anniversary, has come to the tenth season. The boss of the Canter, is also called her teacher, just talk at this time:

“come back!”

She mounted on the stage 10 of “China Good Voice” in the identity of the assistant.

Everything is just right.

The light is ready.

Dance is ready.

The audio is ready.

All factors are telling her: can start again.

She returned again.

When returning, no longer a claw, no longer deliberately.

She reflects, seeing her own green and shortcomings. More understand, the road of music, how do she go.

She became more real, more fearless.


Music is.

People are also.

Set less, it is difficult to grow, and sincere.

In the “flash band”, Wu Mozhen sang a English song when he first settled.

“Dance for me, dance, dance …”

Sexy psychedelic and enchanting.

Ma Bo was shocked to his mouth.

A Duo, Zhou Jiqiong two eye light.

The stage still fell.

In addition to blowing, there are still things, through the rounded singing, rushing to the heart.


You will find that she is no longer her.

But still she.


It is Wu Mozhen’s breath, Wu Mozhen’s singing, but has been switched to Wu Mozhen version 2.0.

Stage flashes.

The band is Qi.

This time, my father did not finish, she re-sing.

This time, she can be more secure, telling that person:

“Dad, your hoe, has grown up.”

Author: Zhou Chong