30 pairs of winter shoes breeding! The last pair must buy


I feel that I feel in the winter overnight, and I still have a clear sky a few days ago. I started yesterday, Nanjing


Directly under the weekend!


When the frozen hand was frozen, he finally came, watching the single shoes in the family, I suddenly had a sense of crisis, it is

Hundreds of warm winter shoes


after all

Cold from the foot

There are more wear, as long as the feet are cold, the whole body is still cold, the feeling is really uncomfortable.


So today, you Mi will come to everyone to come.

Winter shoes


Many styles are


Plus velvet


Small white shoes

A small white shoes for the four seasons


! Hundreds of artifacts small white shoes, don’t forget this winter!

A lot of sisters like

A black


The little white shoes are too suitable. Whether it is a leather or sports, it can wear trendy.

I am afraid of cold sisters to take cotton clothes, and light shoes can be very good.

Balance the bloated feelings of the upper body



So, don’t always say that Xiaobai shoes “bad street”, small white shoes are not a trend, but similar to jeans, become

“Nail household” in the necessary shoes

, Buy it!

sports shoes

After saying that small white shoes, its good brothers’ sneakers are also extremely important, have to take it.

The first is the old man shoes of the self-tide people.

Advertising legs


Small children must have a pair.


Conventional styles of sports shoes are also very worthwhile to get drops, with coats, sweaters, cotton clothes are very



I have no problem to worn into the spring.

There is no more attention to the choice of falling.

Weather, jeans, half skirt

… Perfect and any piece of single item in your wardrobe.

Leather shoes

Here the small leather shoes

Low-spirited shoes

I don’t want a high-heeled shoes to see it ~

For example, elegant temperament is very popular this year.

Matching white socks

The domestic female star is so wearing so, and the trendy winds of Europe and the United States will pass through.


If you feel that regular Loyifiu shoes are a bit monotonous, you can choose


Fangdu Laofu Shoes


, More silk is delicate.


Metal buckle

It is also a classic choice, and the Celine2021 autumn and winter series still appears ~

Although it is not convenient enough to be more convenient than Lefu shoes, there is a lot of mature, more



And the thin star people are also very friendly ~

Woolen shoes

While hair shoes are poor practical, but it is it

Be too beautiful

How to calculate the winter?

If you have, you can choose

Thin bottom slipper


, Soft and comfortable, there is a good mood ~

Outdoor wear must choose a thick bottom, it will be more warm. However, it is only suitable for the fabrics and not clean, and it is only suitable.

Close distance

Not suitable for a long time.

It may be because of this, hairy shoes

Self-contained 气


, Gentle to the bones, put it on it, I feel that I am a rich, rich, rich, hahaha.




This winter, the female star wearing boots is wow.

After all, it’s too late to cool this year, and keep warm, you can do it.

Protecting the calf is not frozen

, Afraid that the cold star gospel!

Boots because there is a powerful, but the location is reached again, so

Not too conspicuous

Otherwise, it is easy to weigh the foot, black, brown.

If you don’t have the courage to wear long boots, or

With jeans

Let’s take a good leg, the sisters of the pear shape are OK ~


Martin boots

“When I don’t know what to wear, first come a pair of Martin boots.” Martin boots

Wear wild

I have been tired, saying that people don’t have a pair.

In the CELINE show, Martin boots have a honesty, and the routine is

Black Martin Boots + Direct Pants + Suit / Cotton Suit

, Very good imitation, you can also become

“人 人 Celine”

White Martin boots are also worth a try, compared to black, winter wearing

Light sense +1

I often have some sisters to buy a few Martin boots. In fact, if there is no special concave shape,

8 holes are the safest


It’s too worrying!

Chelsea boots

Martin boots different from the round head,

Papered Chelsea boots


More delicate and fashionable.

Black boots




It is completed with the same neutral suit, and it can wear a sweetener.

Black shoes are inevitable, brown chessi boots add more points

Gentle temperament

, Like a small skirt like a soft girl like a small dress!

It’s very hot in recent years.

Shoot boots

In fact, it is an upgrade version of Chelsea boots, the boots are higher and thin, the soles are also relatively thick, this shoe-type pair


Small child

Fried chicken is friendly, still tibble.

Fangtou boots


Fang head boots are mostly rough, very

French style

“French wearing bloggers” Yang Caiyi can love this pair of boots, ten sets of wearing six sets of wearing it.


Square shoes can be very good


Leap long

, You can also look thin, and don’t pick it up.

A and a again


Square shoe

It is a big big jacket with a suit jacket.

Light color


Literary elegance

, With jeans or sweater, exclusive form

Senior lazy

A second GET.

Today’s big grass is here, everyone must do a good job, wear a small work.


Health and health is the king!



Which pair do you choose in winter?