Xi’an men use olive nuclear engraving micro-shrinkable all-game torch


The picture shows that Huang Sheng is creating. Mei Taki

China Xinwang Xi’an September 2 (Mei Zhen Zhang Chen Hui) “This micro-shrinkable ‘torch’ is the olive nucleation as raw materials, with the torch of the National Games, the nuclear carving works of the creation, which is 4.5 cm long. 1.5 cm wide. Through this nuclear carving work, the 14th National Games will be boosted. “The representative inheritance of the nuclear carving technique of Non-legacy project in Xi’an City said.

The 43-year-old Huang is born in the woodworking family, and the family has begun to engage in engraving skills from the ancestors. Now he will inherit this technique and become a professional nuclear carving artist. In the weekdays, Huang Chengli also likes sports, table tennis, badminton, etc. in addition to nuclear carving creations, and it is his strength. The 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi. He is born with his own skills, and creates the idea of ​​nuclear carving works in the 14th Federation.

The picture shows Yellow Establishment and Nuclear Carving “Torch” works. Mei Taki

“This small fourteenth conference ‘nuclear carving works, sculpting a week.” Huang Shu Li said that in the process of creation, we must first draw a sketch, find the appropriate olive nucleus according to the sketch. creation. Since the requirements for the olive nucleus are very high, they should pay attention to the strength of the hand when they are under the knife. According to the difficulty of engraving the work, it costs from two or two days to one or two months.

According to reports, the olive nucleus used to create is the product remaining after pressing olive oil, which allows it to “re-get new students” through “scrap nuclei” of the olive nucleus. Huang Chengli said that a nuclear carving work needs to be used to design, selection, selection, embryo, intensive, grinding steps. In the process of creative, the most important thing is to embry the embryo. If the embryo is successful, this work has completed more than half.

In order to better reflect the spirit of the 14th National Games, Huang Chengli integrates its own ideas in the creation of the “Torch” process. “This core carving ‘torch’ uses three different engraving techniques. Among them, the flames located at the top use a hollow carving method, forming a digital ’14’ look, representing the fourteenth session Meaning. At the same time, the bottom of the bottom uses a relief technique, and the thumbs up, the meaning of being surpassing yourself, and is brave enough to compete.


The picture shows the nuclear carving “Torch” of Huang Chengli. Mei Taki

Now that Huang is plaguing, the nuclear carving technique is the same as many non-legacy projects, and it is also facing problems such as development difficulties. Huang Cheng Li said that with the rise of machining, the machine carving process gradually made the traditional handmade artifro’s time cost and income are not proportional, leading to the people who are engaged in professional nuclear conduct, there is a successful talent “lack” dilemma.

However, Yellow Tree is not discouraged. Next, he intends his nuclear carving skills into the classroom, cooperates with some kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, allowing students to learn and understand the basic engraving techniques from small. Through the non-legacy class, let more people understand and contact the nuclear carving, let the nuclear carving can better inherit and develop. (Finish)

Source: China News Net


The picture shows that Huang Sheng is creating. Mei Taki