No wonder 40+ women don’t love long coats, “Short Suit” is wearing this, not only elegant and significant


Long coats have always been “leaders” in the coat, no matter how old is a woman old, they are very popular, but this winter, “Short Suit” is popular, and the extent is faintly over the long coat, especially 40-year-old short children, more love to use short-range sets to highlight the beauty, and help to create a ratio.

Take a look at a set of shortwear and wear a demonstration. After reading this group, you will know that it is no wonder 40+ women who don’t love the long dress. “Shortwear” is wearing this, not only elegant, still significant, worth learning!

First, short-range sets whose winter must have

In the Wuli Winter Winter Single, I have to ask which better most fashion does not have a clear conclusion. After all, everyone is different, and the demand is different, like 40+ women who are not high, the short coat must be longer than long. Coats are more friendly, choose the short coat suitable for yourself and easier to wear good temperament.

1, woolen short coat

The coat is very good for warm and warm choices, not only the price is high, but also very practical, with a short woolen coat to replace long woolen coats, often help 40+ women shaped elegant and valuable winter LOOK, There will be no pressure, and it will be blind and swollen.

When this type of squirt is short. 40+ women need to choose the color of themselves, such as beige, cof color, khaki or red line here, relatively high-level.

2, small fragrance shorts

When it comes to the short coat, you can’t mention the small fragrant wind. It is more delicate than the solid color short coat. .


However, the small fragrance shorts are more convincing, plus the design of small circle collar, although the exquisite is not suitable for shoulder-wide 40-year-old woman.

3, short down jacket

This winter 40+ woman must have a short jacket is a short down jacket. After all, most people are more important than fashion, know how to health, short down jackets can help you taking into account warm and nephew, helping to create three seven ratios.

For example, like the waist line with the waist line, you can move the waistline position to make your body further appear.

Second, the child short coat matching demonstration

Of course, I have said so many short jacket advantages, I want to really play, I have to look at it, especially the short jacket, short down jackets.

1, create three seven ratios

For small children around 40 years old, the best match ratio is “three or seven points”, like four or two or two, in fact, there is no “three seven”, especially through the waist, short woolen coat Time.

Everyone can open the coat, not too bloated, but also present the A version of the passage, while presenting the waist of the high waist and optimizes the size.

2, learn to color

The short woolen coat is more important than the long coat, and it is necessary to focus on color matching, like the direct combination of long coats.

However, in the short coat shape, the high waist is more cost-effective, so it is necessary to pay attention to the coordination of color, if adopted adjacent color or colored line, it is best to put the light-colored system in the upper body.

3, woolen short coat + high waist, knee skirt + thick heel boots


A complete set of complete and elegant styles, the help of the inner, lower and shoes, most of the 40-year-old woman is used to shape the excellent nature, and you can consider the thin bottoming shirt.

This only needs to match a knee skirt and thick with ankle boots, and the charm of the whole person can be greatly improved.

Third, short down jacket with demonstration

Short down jackets are also our commonly used items, which are favored by 40-year-old women, and also pay attention to waistline and color in matching.


1, short down jacket + knee dress + thick boots


Compared with trousers, the light and romantic feelings with the knee are more likely to capture the public, and the short down jacket naturally will not be wrong.

But there is a pair of ankle boots or thick and beautiful boots.


2, short down jacket + small straight pants

The short down jacket is more fluffy than short coats, so in addition to following the short-term, you must follow.

Especially small children, choose small straight jeans, butt tube jeans to shape high-quality feelings.

Although the long coat is practical and elegant, it is a bit less than the short coat. It can also find that 40 + women love short coat is not reason. If you want to use short Coats to improve temperament, you can learn from the matching demonstration!

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