Household wireless 2 choice 1: ink jail or laser?


Many people want to buy a home printer, but often face a problem, choose inkjet or choose a laser? Today we will give you all recommendation, they have a thousand autumn.

Brother DCP-T425W

Let’s introduce you to the T425W of a brother. It is a brother’s home-oriented wireless connection machine, which is cheap, wireless printing is its characteristics, the key can print color.

Let’s open the model first, this product is the first series of four-word head in the company’s first time. This is an important symbol of the brothers to improve the product family. To the previous generation, the lowest model of the brothers’ home connection is T510W, while the T425W is positioned less than T510W, so the product is also cheaper.


However, from the DCP-T425W tag, W represents wireless functionality. The characteristics of this product are characterized by inexpensive price, but still standard wireless printing, and this wireless printing function can achieve remote wireless printing, that is, as a child, you can receive homework in parents, you can use your mobile phone remote WeChat prints out, very convenient.

Now the student has become a hot spot in the market, and the loop is very popular because of the extreme cost. Many models have a high meaning of boat, but the brothers insist on launching more close-up products, DCP-T425W is a very competitive model, Jingdong processing 999 yuan, and parents who have just needed to work in the children.

Brother DCP-B7535DW


What we want to introduce the brothers DCP-B7535DW. It is a well-oriented product. But now many companies are increasingly needed to work at home, and this may be an absolute mainstream, so there is an office to force wireless integrated machine, it is necessary at home SOHO.

Let’s first spend the speed, this is not an entry-level A4 laser integrated machine, but the product for the working group level, the print speed reaches 34 pages per minute, compared to a lot of entry-level products 18-20 per minute, this speed Almost double, quite awesome.

Take the model. DCP-B7535DW, can be seen from DW to automatically double-sided and wireless networks, which is already topped in the current civilian one. And this product is a 250-page carton, which is also the difference between entry and paper feed trays from the page.

Of course, it is most worth mentioning this product consumables. As a brother on-demand, the supplies of this product can print 2600 pages, as long as 99 yuan, as long as you have a difference, this is really playing! This feature allows DCP-B7535DW to get countless praise, one of the lowest cost of the current cost.


Brother DCP-T425W