60-year-old Joan Chen is very international norm, fur cape splicing dignitaries gas, middle-aged women in respect of such wear


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Joan Chen, a set of acting and temperament an actress. As a Chinese actress Joan Chen and her husband is also very good fit. In a certain brand activities at the meeting, Joan Chen, a black harness dress, accompanied by stitching fur cape, it is too expensive angry. Many users see this group of photos, have said that Joan is really the increasingly international scope. Whole suit of black as a background color, Joan seemed more dignified and generous.

01: Let’s look at this outfit Joan body

1: Analysis outfit


Joan Chen chose a sling inside dress, skirt V-neck design, in addition to lengthen the neck line outside, but also appropriate exposed skin, leaving space for reverie.


Harness dress wide straps design, both modified shoulder problem, while also lengthening the shoulder line.

The narrow shoulder of women, it is recommended to try to select fine harness design.

Strap dress at the hem, and flounced design, walking, swaying also give the whole outfit to increase the number sense of lightness.

Joan height itself is not high, so the choice of this fast drag Dress on the red carpet is easy to step on mine, but she noted the position of the waist, to create a high waist, his body modification Proportion

Let harness dress wear clothing with a fine and generous feeling.

Outside with a fur cloak stitching corduroy fabric, looks more luxurious.

Fur comes bloated feeling, so we choose the time, you can reference Joan of this cloak. As the fur embellishment, this can reduce the bloated feeling fur brings.

Corduroy fabrics relatively thick, with outside strap dress, it can play the role of warm. Plus

Cloak itself loose version of the type, corduroy reflective fabric, extra baggage female best to avoid such a version and fabric, easy to wear clothing pounds was fat feeling.

2: Analysis Accessories

Joan entire outfit is black as the background, although it seems wild, but if there is no bright spots for decoration, and very easy to give a sense of dull, so this time accessories played a key role.

Joan selected accessories as necklaces and rings, twinkling in the light, it is easy to set the lighting outfit.

02: Look at this body of knowledge Joan outfit

Joan Chen who this cloak coat was able to wear clothing temperament, the most important reason is because of her own temperament better, but as a man, there is no blessing temperament, which is how to find their own cape coat it? Then we have this outfit with Joan Chen as a basis for a simple analysis.

1: Select Height


Cape coat very seldom see a short paragraph, so little time in the women’s choice, first thing to note is that cape jacket dress length. Choose the time to consider whether they can control the height of the.

So, if you own height is not high, it is recommended do not choose too long cape coat, not only will the pressure height, but also let the people look no sense of presence. The best length is covered ass, both nicely decorated disadvantage of the lower body, stretching its height ratios, it can seem even more gas field.

2: Select the ride

Comes with its own bloated effect of the cape coat, the mix, it is best to carefully select the ride. For the girls neck lines have an advantage, in here I highly recommend high collar inside the ride,

You can play a visual effect was thin. In the choice of colors, I think it comes with white highlights thin, reducing the effect of a sense of expansion of the best.


Cape coat color is best not to be bright colors, you can choose dark colors, so you can white turtleneck and create a sense of hierarchy, so that the whole outfit looks a lot more temperament.

3: Panasonic tight outfit laws

Cape coat more relaxed version of the type, the time required for downloading is relatively high.

Before always stressed with everyone “on the Panasonic compact” outfit law, it is particularly important here.

In the choice of downloading time, it is recommended to try leggings, or boot-cut pants, wide leg pants like what’s what, do not think anymore.

After all, wear loose upper body, lower body also wear loose, then it is easy to feel significant fat will result in 20 pounds visually, I believe this is not everyone want to see is not it?


Women are more extra baggage is not to want to use the wide leg pants and cape coat to cover the meat, so not only will not play with the effect of cover meat, but it will also make the body look even more bloated.



After reading this issue, Joan temperament belongs to the type of dignified elegance, this time accompanied by splicing harness dress and fur cape coat, did not have any strange place, not middle-aged female outfit can look at Joan Chen, said Indefinite outfit skills will be able to find their own.

I am a small makeup, and I will update the dressing skills of different body every day. Here, you can not only learn from all kinds of clothes, but also help you have more deeper cognitions.


“Clothing is not in expensive” is a sequential class, helping the problem user resolves the choice of difficulties, and provides the account of the solution. Create its original intention because I believe that it is a kind of belief, and through methodology to treat various selection difficulties is a process of learning each other.

If you are not confident of their body, or want to learn about the different styles of outfit tips, welcome to my private letter or leave a comment below, I will give a summary and recommendations on a regular basis to solve, we would have been blazing the way in changing the United States.

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