Yi Yi Qianzhi with the same adidas ozweeg black warrior old shoes


I bought a new shipment again.

Adidas adidas ozweego water pipes summer a pair of breathable small black shoes are also very 吖

The real shoes are super-looking, the net shoes are very breathable, summer wear is very cool, don’t worry, 赞 赞 R

The sole is very soft, stepped on soft, feel hin

The shoes also have 3M reflective materials, flash ~ open photo super cool with a pair of brunette socks ψ →, then come to a small skirt small shorts, too profit leg, jeans sports pants are also very

Parked good shoes ~ Idequately suitable for office workers party ~

易烊千玺同款阿迪达斯 OZweeg黑武士老爹鞋

Men and women can wear, this pair of shoes is really awesome.

Hurry to start, really great!!