The former female royal man single Dana incarnation “trend goddess”, teach you sportswear Valentine’s Day


It is no longer a week from the Spring Festival.


“Nature” on the road is getting heavier

Wait a moment!

Are you forgotten there a holiday?

February 14th! Valentine’s Day is coming!


Is a gift ready? How do you think about it? Every year, the same style is not new?

Don’t worry! Today we please ask you how to teach you different trends in Valentine’s Day, show your different love! Even if it is “single Wang”, there is no relationship, girlfriends are also hin to grab the eyes ~!

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This time I was particularly invited.

Front women’s own country hand single Danna

As a guest, she dared to fight on the ground, but didn’t take it on dressing, and let’s see how she is “trend goddess”!


In order to find a better trend, we took San Dana to the sports trend of the Hangzhou Building D.

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Every year, the Spring Festival is a major brand. Adidas, as a sports brand giant, is also a strong, not only introduced NMD R2, EQT Support Adv, SuperStar and Campus four pairs. And classic foot-based “Fu Lu Shouyi” Chinese New Year CNY limited shoe, but also sold the series of “Valentine’s theme”.

“Fu Lu Shou Tu” overall coloring is based on pure white, very wild. The embroidery of the post-followed “Fu”, “Lu”, “Shou”, “囍” text direct theme, with the eye-catching Chinese red and gold makeup dot details, ever journey, whether it is New Year’s Day, or everyday Wearing, it is a pair of shoes worth starting. In the four shoe type, the middle of NMD R2 also has Adidas’s homework technology “Boost” blessing, so the feeling is very good. If you are a sports fitness fan, this shoe can become one of your choices. (Give boyfriend is also very good)

In the “Valentine’s Day Theme” series, the shoes are in the most classic SuperStar 80s “shell head” as the main body, and the signs of bright red “love” in the pure white shoe body, two feet are half a love. White belts are also eye-catching red, low-key hidden romance.


In addition to shoes, there is also the topic T-shirt, sweater options. The design of the T-shirt and sweater is roughly similar, which is based on pure white. It is equipped with half a red peach heart, and it will eventually synthesize a complete “love”. Whether it is between a couple or a girlfriend, this can be a brush street tool.

Daily trend Fan:


The lower body “shell head” small white shoes and classic small feet black trousers are the bottom, the upper body with love white short t bottom, the coat wears a red casual jacket, wear a black baseball cap, you can go out ~ The whole body is made of black and white, red dotted, simple and casual.


巧 淑女:


On the basis of daily, the T-shirt and jackets are changed to the bottom of the white long sleeve, plus a simple red silk scarf, the baseball cap is converted to the bud hat, and the style will become a lady.


Beautiful, don’t use P pictures!


Do you want the above trend?


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Come add a “red” to your Valentine’s Day ~

original title:

To see how the former female rivals, SLANA, how to incorporate “trend goddess”, this Valentine’s Day, you can also make people look bright.


Our reporter Jin Wanjun / Wen Ma Bi Ru / Production