Jamo Zunbao speaker under Danish sound, forming HIFI sound family Theater enjoy large shock


Do you experience the sound of the theater? The shock sound of the big fillet, the sound effect of the car flying is really too much God. I want to start a sound quality sound system with a unified sound, and the brand and reputation of the product, and the Cinemaster audio and video masters can meet the needs of enthusiasts. Cinemaster audio and video masters are the best high-end smart audio and video integrators in China. It is also a Chinese exclusive distributor company in many international famous audio brands.


In many audio brands, you have to say excellent products. From Danish’s well-known speaker brand Zunbao (Jamo) is the concept of main design and acoustics and conquered a lot of users with a superior sound quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Of course, a unique “Danish sound” is better, and the music penetration is better.


There are a variety of well-collected products, and the excellent performance of the appearance sound quality that has been carefully polished is really dazzling. Below the most representative two in the most: Zunbao (Jamo S626 HCS home theater set is a main view of the audio and video level, mainly including two S 626 floor-standing speakers, two S 622 surround speakers, one S 62CEN middle speaker, high-quality surround sound adopts low budget , Excellent acoustic design, so that this product is more optional. Users can choose apple color and black depending on the preferences.


What is the “Danish Sound” of Zunbao (Jamo) S626 HCS Home Theater Set? The blessing of the original four core technologies can restore the true voice, so that the user has an immersive feeling. High-pistol technology can be used in high school low tone, and the sound is high. DTT shock absorbing treble techniques can benefit from Zunbao Technology Suspension Trend Unit Design, which can effectively reduce tract. Let the treble thoroughly, restore delicate sound. HCC hard tape technology avoids distortion conditions caused by segmentation vibration, and of course, the design of the aluminum center phase plug can also enhance power processing to make sound balance.

Currently, the 20th Anniversary of Positive Treasures (Event Time: 9.4-9.10), order the order is sent to the treasure character, if you like users, you may wish to pay more attention. Zunbao (Jamo) S 803 sound is also a very good product, as a book-style HIFI audio product, occupying a small space. The product has a strong Nordic Science and Technology, a simple design and avant-garde modern design makes the product look very qualitative.


This product also shows the characteristics of Danish acoustic essence, especially the high-stroke of high-strokes highlighting the source of sound. The waveguide and the new tailbit technology ensure the effective output of the sound quality. The innovative contact interface of Zunbao S 803 sound is a new technology of its own research and development. The contact connector adopted can make S8 main boxes and S8ATM panoramic speakers wireless links, like one.

Thanks to the academic tuning, there is also a good sound quality, thus achieving a more shocking equilibrium feeling and true prevention. Under the current trend of the environmental protection, the environmental concept of Danish people can improve the level of home ornaments, and the feeling of the eye is not lost.

If you want to start the speaker to create your own hifi sound quality home theater, you may wish to experience the outstanding products of Zunbao, I believe that it will be your most accurate choice to create a comfortable view.