flairosol spray bottle


flairosol spray bottle

Jan 01,2022

The flairosol spray bottles available on Tradechina.com are an elegant and stylish hair spray bottle that helps keep the buyer’s hair moist. The hair spray bottle dispenses an aerosol-like spray naturally without using any pressurized containers or hazardous propellant gas. This makes the flairosol mist spray bottle an excellent option for customers who want to use a safe and healthy spray bottle to protect their hair. Its ultra-delicate mist spray pattern distributes water evenly, providing the right amount of water to mildly saturate the hair without getting it gunked.

The continuous spray of the flairosol bottle produces a sustained stream of mist that lasts a few seconds, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily. The spray bottle’s consistent spray makes it ideal for various multiple uses such as hairstyling, ironing, watering plants, cleaning and dispensing air fresheners. The flairosol continuous spray bottle has a 99% bottle evacuation which means that the spray bottle keeps spraying at a fixed volume of 1.25cc, utilizing up to the last drop of water in the bottle.

The mist bottle available on Tradechina.com has 360-degree spraying, which allows the buyer to clean those areas that are difficult to reach. The buyer can even hold theflairosol spray bottle upside down and spray without leakage or water loss, making the bottle efficient and convenient. The bottle’s ergonomic design provides ease and comfort with just a gentle squeeze on the trigger to release a fine stream of mist.

The flairosol spray bottles available on Tradechina.com come in different sizes and designs. The buyers have a wide selection to choose from based on their preferences and budget. Get the best flairosol bottle from reliable suppliers who offer the best deals on the site.