Hippocket brand top ten ranking Daquan


According to the netizen message, the rankings of the bag need, Xiaobian specially collected feedback from major netizens.

It can spend a lot of time, not much nonsense, the next rankings:

Women’s bags are generally scored in the country: short wallets, long wallets, cosmetic bags, evening packs, handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, Messenger bags, travel bags, and multi-purpose packages. Or according to the material: leather, PU skin, canvas, cotton, etc. Foreign classification is roughly: Wallet wallet, cosmetic bag, handbag (handbag), Tote (handbag), shouth, Shoulderbag, bucketbag, organize the international popular bag series:

First, LV (Louis Vuitton)

The status of LV is unquestionable, and it is also an embodiment of fashion and wealth. The world is recognized, whether it is shape or quality, has received unanimous praise. Founder Louis Vuitton founded Louis Vuitton brand in 1854. The designated handbags quickly became fashion trend. After 42 years, his son used his father Louis Vuitton’s first letter LV to be famous. The world’s world brand is now affiliated to the Moethennessy Louis Vuitton Group of France’s high-grade luxury supplies.


Second, Chanel (Chanel)

CHANEL (Chanel)’s perfume is famous, most people only know that their perfume products are unique, but they don’t know that their handbags are also irreplaceable. Founder: Gabriellechane, Schanele: France Paris (1913) Designer: 1913-1971, Gabriellechanel (Gabrier Chanel) started 1983, Karllargerfeld Brand: Chanel Chanel

Third, DIRO (Dior):

Dior’s name “Dior” in French is a combination of “God” and “Gold”. Brand Christiandior (CD) named after Dior (Dior), since found in 1947, has always been synonymous with elegance. Whether it is fashion, cosmetics, perfume or other products, Dior (Dior) has always been rooted in the fashion hall.


Four, gucci (Gucci):


Gucci is an Italian branch brand, founded in Florence in 1921 in 1921. Gucci’s products include fashion, leather goods, leather shoes, watches, ties, silk scarves, perfumes, household items and pet supplies, Chinese translation for Guji, Gucci, Gucci.


5. Dambolo (Danimino)


Dambolo (Danimino) handbags integrate music elements into brand adjustment. With the first-class designer team from Japan, adhering to the posture of “We don’t sell products, we sell life attitude”, and enter the Chinese market. It has the temperament of aristocratic blood and artists. It is one of the admirings of the young generation fashion audience.

Sixth, Fendi (Findi):

Founder addle.casagrand and edoardofendi, designed products include fur and fashion, leather and leather, ready-to-wear, knitted casual clothing, beach dress, swimwear, jewelry, watch, perfume, etc., of which product style is variable, sexy, noble High quality fur.

Seven, Prada (Prada):

The founder Prada founded the first boutique in the city center of Milan, Italy, started with high-quality leather, and the fashion of the fashion and excellent handbags, suitcases, cortical accessories and cosmetic tanks were obtained from royal family and up. Social love and sought after, it is always favored.

Eight, Armani (George Armani):

Armani is a world famous fashion brand. In 1934, he was born in Italy. The company founded the garment industry, and the product introduced into the box after the product was expanded.


Nine, Valentino (Valentino):

ValentinoGaravani Valentino Garlavani was born in Italy in 1932, and in 1960, Valentino has established Valentino.

Ten, C & T Gu


C & T Ku: It is the Italian brand to China. The perfect combination of traditional and innovation, from Europe’s fashion culture, designed for all 20 ~ 35 years old, love life, pursuit of fashion urban women, combines Italy’s art and Chinese culture, inheriting the excellent blood of the European royal family .