Kappa sports fashion series China’s first show interpretation movement x fashion unlimited advanced


May 21, 2021 – Kappa Sports Fashion Series China’s first show in Beijing is amazing, the big show is based on the “binary style system” as the theme concept, aims to decode contemporary Chinese youth group, call on youth group to explore the aesthetic choice of thousands of varieties, looking for Self-exclusive personality style.

This big show is both the first debut of the Kappa sports fashion series, and Kappa entered China for the first time in the past 20 years. At the scene, there was 25 stars, more than 200 media, fashion bloggers, and nearly a thousand hiders participated, and witness the new classic clearance of Kappa. Daxiu Synchronous opens online live broadcast, and the whole people share the most popular fashion festival in Beijing in the first half of the year. Taking this as the beginning, Kappa will further combine fashion and sports to create a more diverse fashion sport model for young groups in new upgraded brands.

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

Star all-in-style sports wind unlock red carpet new posture

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

Kappa sports fashion first show’s red carpet link star, all kinds of stars red carpets are not one, quite a bit. Before the official start of the big show, well-known singer, actor Guo Caijie; new generation strength female singer SUNNEE Yang Qingqing; Pioneer music people Zhu Wei; popular singer ONER Yue Yue; Youth actor Shi Shi Chen Bi; top flow electrical reconciliation WAWA, etc. Covered with star guests in different fields, and they show their fashion sports models in the red car.

Guo Cai Jie is in the Kappa Off The Field Skirt, the red carpet is unveiled, subvert the convention, visual series football print

Sunnee Yang Qing is browning the red carpet, exploring the future

Sai Bo Future Scene Unveiled Second Binary Style System

As early as 1978, Kappa observed young people to interpret freedom of freedom through apparel, and took the lead in creating “sports equipment”, injecting passion and pioneering spirit. Today, Kappa will first publish sports fashion series to respond to style multi-cultural youth groups. The first quarter is inspired by “binary”. This computer language is made up of two simple numbers, which is shaped, recorded, and spreads the human experience. Conceptually deconsive around “binary”, Kappa consists of “least rules, the most diverse expression”, and constructs free equality, full of imagination.

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

Seasonal Kappa Sports Fashion Series invited design Theorette Xander ZHOU is the first Chinese designer, the official schedule of the official schedule of London, named the BOF 500 list. Under his hand, kappa classic elements back to back Omini logo and string Banda, completed a new round of evolution in the sports fashion series. Some identifiers are pixelated, and the designer’s observation of the designer and the future imagination. The cracks were first placed in the center of the silhouette, reflecting the Pioneer of Kappa from the details. In addition, Xander Zhou converts the string Banda with a color gradient back ring, and writes the concept “United Unique”, intended to create a sense of belonging through the design, and join those who cannot be defined.

In order to further present the concept of “binary”, Kappa’s show is full of Future. The show space is embedded by three-sided ring, accompanied by the compact energy output of electronic music, the model is in the new season design, and the T-model is connected to the three-sided projection, creating an infinite cycle superimposed vision. The whole show shows that there are more than 60 sets of LOOKs that have changed, and the burst will continue.

Oscar, Lin Zixuan is the Kappa sports fashion series T

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

Thai music kappa football print series set, interpretation of moving X fashion unlimited advanced

Sports Leopard and Sports Set Retrofit, Explore Motion Fashion More

Chen Ruifeng Interpretation Kappa Sports Fashion Series Campus Baseball Jacket

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

Electronic communication + game interactive cross-domain strength out

After Show, Kappa carefully planned the energized communication part until the pioneer attitude. Brand special invitation four young DJ residents – DJ Ruiho, DJ Warmchainss, DJ RVE, DJ HAO, will show the show of unpredictable music fields, gathered in the capital youth, with sound and waves, ignite the first summer Beijing night.

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

From the population of the popcorn to the Kappa game hall, the guests are simulated into the time shuttle, and immediately transferred to childhood, and immediately rushed to the future. Activities Limited back to back Omini Game Coin Starts Battle Crossing, Dancing Machine, Taiko Daren, Table Football, Simulator, VR Aircraft, VR Ski and other items. The chip music in all kinds of games, the size of the size of the size, the size of the screen, flashing the Saibo.

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

The dynamic, retro futuristic arcade challenge, and the unlimited drinks of the arcade, and the unlimited drinking is unforgettable.

In the future matrix of newly launched sports, Kappa jointly broke the world in the future matrix of backhand Omini, Kappa jointly broke the convention, creating extraordinary, to unlock hundred change personality, and excited unlimited fashion Potential. Enter your type of code immediately, log in to “Binary Style System” together with Kappa!

Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

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Kappa运动时装系列中国首秀 演绎运动x时尚的无限进阶

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