JBL Studio6 home theater series innovation to pure sound quality professional audio and video experience


[PCONLINE Talk] Give you a mobile phone and never continuous Wi-Fi, how long can you not go out? There are countless people to practice this sentence during the epidemic. It is a joke. Long house life has proved that mobile phones and Wi-Fi do not meet the needs of modern people for rich entertainment life, and the home theater gradually enters more people’s vision. Home Theater High Quality Sound Treatment Systems and Set Movies, Listening Music, Karaoke, Game Entertainment is equivalent to provide users with shocking audio and video enjoyment and rich entertainment.

Whether it is with your family, I look at a movie in the home theater system, or about the three or five friends, I am using the home theater K song in my home, and the JBL Studio 6 home theater can be fulfilled, it relys with professional speakers. Products, helping people carry rich audio-visual life into their own home, providing more convenient, more professional audio and video experiences, and becomes a must-have magic weapon of high quality life.

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

JBL Studio6 home theater actual use effect

The high-fidelity to the tide audio brand JBL was founded in 1946. In the past 70 years, JBL focuses on music enthusiasts and professionals to provide a pure legend, with colorful fashion style and rich multivariate products, constantly interpret contemporary trend connotations. Also constantly innovate products that meet the needs of the times, and innovate the trend of the speaker industry. Whether it is design or sound processing, JBL home theater system has been in the industry’s leading position. It has improved home entertainment and personal enjoyment to unprecedented levels, is the quality of the speaker enthusiasts and audio and video enthusiasts.

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

(From left to right) Studio 680 floor speaker, Studio 690 floor speaker, Studio 698 floor-standing speaker

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

JBL Studio 6 home theater speaker, under the current increasing speaker enthusiasts, pursuing the market trend of family listening experience, very well, and is very good to look forward to people’s expectations for home theater speakers. Technical First JBL Studio 6 Home Theater Speaker Equipped with many high-quality hardware, let the music of the music, the enthusiasts, can enjoy the level of concert levels and strong sound effects in the family without leaving the house, bringing a wonderful family Listen to the experience.

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

JBL Studio6 Home Theater Speaker (left Figure), (right) STUDIO 660P low-wave speaker, STUDIO 650P low-wave speaker

Combination shock sound, high performance presents perfect sound quality

JBL Studio 6 Series products have both traditional wooden box-form products, also available embedded models that provide consumers with more choice space. The entire JBL Studio 6 wooden box series consists of ten speakers, which presents a shocking JBL iconic high-fidelity sound effect for users; the products can be divided into floor boxes, surround boxes, hin boxes, subwoofers, corresponding to solve different occasions of users The demand of sound quality;

Floor box: Studio 680 floor speaker, Studio 690 floor speaker, Studio 698 floor-standing speaker Download Adobe Reader

(Picture from left to right) Studio 680 floor speaker, Studio 690 floor speaker Studio 698 floor-standing speaker

Surround box: Studio 610 Wall-mounted surround sound speaker, Studio 620 bookshelf speaker, Studio 630 bookshelf speaker;

(Picture from left to right) Studio 610 Wall-mounted surround speaker, Studio 620 bookshelf speaker, Studio 630 bookshelf speaker

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

Sold box: Studio 625C Central speaker, Studio 665c in the sound speaker;

(Picture from left to right) Studio 625C Central speaker, Studio 665C in the sound speaker

Subwoofer: STUDIO 650P overweight low-sounding system, Studio 660P overweight low-sounding system;

(Picture from left to right) Studio 660p overweight low-sounding system, Studio 650P overweight low-sounding system

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

In order to ensure clear and delicate, people intoxicated sound performance, JBL provides 5.1 channels and 7.1 channels, allowing consumers to choose according to their own apartment and use area.

Take more than about 90 square meters, the living room is generally 20-25 square meters, which is more suitable for use 5.1 channels. This set of 5.1 channels includes a central speaker, a pair of front speakers, and a pair of surround speakers, both in line with the traditional 5.1 channel configuration, but also gives full play to their advantages.

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

Studio 698 floor speaker

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

5.1 Home Theater Surrounding systems use design, distinctive personality, and its appearance is as pleasing like his sound. STUDIO 698 floor-standing speaker adopts 6 “intermediate frequency poluplas unit, which makes the intermediate frequency sound is smooth and nature, ensuring the accuracy of the theater and on-site recording; double 8” Polyplas bass unit rich and low low frequency response brings JBL iconic real Bass performance. STUDIO 698 is equipped with a high-frequency compression drive, released the sound energy of the intestine, using the post-outable inverted phase hole to add a dynamic impact effect of the entire home theater system, and the powerful surrounding sound, especially the hot gun battle It is full of death.

Studio 630 bookshelf speaker

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

STUDIO 665C in the sound speaker

The Studio630 bookshelf speaker uses 6.5 “(165mm) Polyplas low frequency low-profile speakers, can send a smooth and natural full range of sounds, which can be used as the main speaker of the home theater system, and can be used as a high-performance rear speaker in the JBL surround sound system. For the middle speaker, the restore voice contamination of the white and medium band is the key, and the STUDIO665C has a rigid and light PolyPlas material pronunciation to restore voice in an amazing accuracy.

5.1 Sound version of JBL Studio6 layout

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

A large-family house with more than 90 square meters, even such as a house, such as a house and a self-built room, and the area of ​​the living room or dedicated audio and video room is generally 30 square meters. Since the space is more sufficient, you can consider adding a set of surrounding speakers to form a set of 7.1 channel systems to ensure sound energy and detail performance, and construct more comprehensive and delicate sound performance.

7.1 Sound version of JBL Studio6 layout

In order to further ensure the use effect, both 5.1 channels or 7.1 channels of Studio6, each component has multiple models for consumers to customize in-depth selection according to different home improvements. The refined model ensures that sufficient sound power output, the physical division switch on the product can also adjust the auditory experience that is more suitable for yourself according to the different auditory habits of consumers.

Equipped with high quality hardware, showing a wonderful listening experience

JBL Studio 6 is undoubtedly one of the most excellent home theater speakers in the market. It is necessary to enjoy the wonderful sound effects at home. You can also experience the Supreme Sound Effect.

Polypals cone unit

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

The Polyplas cone with JBL Studio 6 is capable of bringing a high-quality sound effect of concert levels for speaker enthusiasts. The PolyPals coating used by JBL on the suede unit can effectively enhance the organic fiber structure of the medium and low frequency vibration membrane, and effectively eliminate the internal resonance generated during operation, so that the amplitude of the entire unit is more average. At the same time, the use of the PolyPals coating does not significantly increase the weight of the diaphragm, and does not bear the drive. The advantage of these two points makes the low frequency density of the unit, the sound is positive, the line is clear, and it is not easy to produce the deterioration of the sound quality, and the performance of the intercourse of the hanging people is also beneficial.

High-definition unit with high-definition mirror waveguide technology

JBL Studio 6 High-Definition imaging waveguide technology and high frequency compression drive driver can reflect good appendix and more details. Typically, high-frequency compressors are used for speaker systems of concert halls or cinemas to achieve better energy conversion to ensure the efficiency of sound propagation, and minimize distortion in the sound propagation process. Based on the 70 years of the cinema / concert hall acoustic technology precipitation, JBL is based on this, and the high-frequency compressor has been technically upgraded, and HD mirror waveguide technology is developed and applied to Studio6 systems. This technology guarantees that the treble is not interfered with other frequency band speakers, and the sound transfer is more direct, and minimizes the sound distortion that may be generated when playback of the treble.

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

Embedded theater system, a harmonious home experience

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

In the case of the development of electroacoustic technology, it is not difficult to start a home theater system. It is difficult to integrate with home environment. In order to maintain the consistency of home, it is in line with its own aesthetics, and more and more people began to target embedded home theater systems.

JBL Studio 6 combines the trend of the times and also provides customizable embedded models, and the price of the series is only half of the traditional program. In recent years, the more acceptable consumers are welcome. Studio 6 is equipped with white net cover, ensuring that the speaker can be integrated with the common white wall when embedded installation, and does not cause an abrupt impact on home. If you have an idea of ​​wall design, you can also coat the net cover through JBL customization, which can also keep the consistency of home style. At the same time, Studio 6 high-performance incoming speakers can make strong JBL iconic sounds throughout space. The Studio 6 embedded model uses a professional JBL compression drive unit, integrated with treble and bass controls, ensuring a perfect audio and video experience, perfectly adapting to the user’s residential environment.

Embedded JBL Studio6

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验


JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验

For Studio systems, it provides a diversified home cinema assembly mode that provides an audio-visual experience to different users. JBL Studio6 is equipped with top Polyplas suedas, high quality compression drives and high-definition imaging waveguides and high-frequency compressed drives that allow users to enjoy the extremely shocking sound experience, which greatly improves family life quality.

JBL STUDIO6家庭影院系列 创新至纯音质 专业影音体验