43 years of cashmere sweater: 1 piece = 4 mountain cashmere, light like cloud, warm


Xiao So’s deep winter, a cashmere sweater brings it to the body, only people who pass through.

Just as the American Woman, Fran Lebowitz said, “

A good cashmere sweater, better hug

. “

The cashmere shirt is born, it is


The synonym, one degree is

The royal family is dedicated.


Audrey Hepburn


It is also a straightforward: “hope

Can have a cashmere sweater with a cabinet.


All national politics, stars, and nobles, etc. are soft, warm, and the daily private service is less.

But have you found it, it seems to have it, praise it, most of them are foreigners?


In history, the production process of cashmere has been monopolized abroad, we clearly


Master the world’s 70% cashmere resources,

But only provide raw materials for Hermes these big names.

Don’t do a Chinese cashmere sweater.

Until 1965, there is such a call

China Brand of Xuelian

Actually broke through the key technologies of the cashmere combing of the whole foreign countries, producing Chinese Di, a cashmere sweater!

It is soft and comfortable with luxury, but the price is more close, it is

“Ordinary people wear cashmere sweaters”.

I have brought a generation of warm memories.

Maybe I love fashionable grandmother, and there is also one thing in the wardrobe.


Snow lotus is still one of the important units of formulating the national standard of cashmere national standards.


嫡 嫡 brand

Cashmere shirt quality parts reach national standard.

The most famous is the red lotus cashmere.

Good quality, you can often see it and luxury in the domestic counters,



“The Light of China”.

Over more than 50 national regions.

It is also chasing the trend in design. After many reforms, it often appears in the high-definition fashion show leading the national tide!

Even the Factory of Honglian,


COS, Quiin, Marks & Spencer, Republic Clothing … These luxury models,

Yes, it is a good quality of Honglian.

Today, this red lotus cashmere shirt will continue to have a consistent standard of red lotus:

Fabric is a pure high quality Inner Mongolia Allang League goat

, Feel smooth, not skin.

The high collar and circular collar are two kinds.

The style is simple, but it is not dull.

The design is fine-tuned in the extracted version of several decades.

The old master with 30 years of experience, stylish and hiped.


Painting, like being embedded in a warm embrace, the plush fleece is the soft part of the heart.

In order to cooperate this

Red lotus autumn and winter fashion cashmere sweater

, Honglian brand also specially invited us to go

Honglian Factory in Jixian County, Hebei Province conducted visits.

When I go, the red lotus is not only given.

Pure cashmere material, let us rest assured

. I also took me to see the production process of the whole cashmere sweater: becomes a garment from the gine, and nearly 100 processes.

The light is a comb, the picture is particularly cured:

The cloud-like gland will be out of the machine’s rhythm, like the production of clouds, or marshmallows.



Technical person in charge tells us,

These high-quality cashmere, all from the Allang League of Inner Mongolia. It is the world’s best cashmere production area.


The cashmere produced, not only

The suprests are full of gloss, and they can resist the cold 30 ° C.

▲ The fiber is more than 34mm or more, and below 15.3 microns (less than one-third of the hair).


Such raw materials are extremely rare. A goat every year


About 300 grams of original population, after selection, cleaning, loss,

Only about 50-80 grams of cashmere left.


Each piece

red lotus

The cashmere sweater did 180g, equivalent to the cashmere of about 4 goats, extremely precious.

In addition to the precious selection, the production control of the yarn is strict.

The yarn determines a cashmere sweater

Square and whether it is durable

The finer the yarn, the woven cashmere sweater is also tired and tired.

Our cashmere sweater is used

2 / 26nm goat yarn

More thin, more flexible.


The upper body will immediately feel the difference, light, soft, warm.

This yarn is available

Export and Honglian flagship store

Exported to foreign countries to sell them to other brands, the price has risen more than ten times.

Because it is directly working with the brand, we will give you the ex-factory price directly.

Each piece is as long as 458 yuan

It’s cheap than the flagship store of official website!


Two items will be more favorable.

The only disadvantage is that the quantity is limited, and it is not completed, and it is earned.

I believe me, a high quality cashmere sweater, wear the temperature and the wind, it is also a thousand people, and it will not regret it.

Don’t think that it is an old name, I feel that the design is old.

Red lotus cashmere sweater is subject to simple and low-key, very



The version is

Fight for decades of upgrade

. Body

The package is better, and it will not be bloated, and it also shows the body.

And invited


30 years of experience in the teacher weaving tailoring, craftsmanship. A needle is more close to the appearance of cashmere sweaters in the mind: pure, introverted, comfortable.

This autumn and winter fashion cashmere sweater

There are two: round collar, high profile.

Each has


5 classic colors

Pearl red, white, black, dark ash, this purple


Pure hill cashmere, feel smooth, not skin.


It is like being embracing a warm embrace.

Wear or give the elders yourself,

Both are elegant gifts.


One choice two more favorable.



| Round collar |

Classic wild, clean and neat

Round collar cashmere sweater

, Slim but not wrapped,

It’s been slim.

The cuffs use a tight knitting method, the threaded port is good, not only beautiful, keep warm and lock temperature.

Single wear generous temperament,

Excorps the high-end and gentle gas field.


Whether it is equipped with any coat jacket, pants, or skirts, it is very fashionable.

Style 2

| High collar |


Elegant and high, highlighting temperament

Highly collar

Keep warm,



Modify the neck line.

Give people feel

Temperament, gentle,

Sitting quietly, there are

Lazy elegance

It is the avatar of Hepburn.

The neckline is very flexible, and it is fully unplealed.

Especially the north wind, the high collar can warm the neck in any time, not afraid of being cold.

The weather is cold, and there is a windbreaker outside, it can be beautiful.

Five colors optional. Especially say

Pearl red



Very advanced dark red

Color, it is really very



, I will have a New Year, I am very happy.

White: giant giant temperament, temporary.

Black: Something, all of which are on-screen,

How to wear it will not be wrong.

Basez and dark gray:

Mid-color tones with point grayscale,

Brighten your skin color, I will not feel dull in autumn and winter.


A high-quality cashmere sweater will never live,

It can hold all kinds of autumn and winter in Hold, which is not inferior in many big-name wear.

Precious fibers, plus unique fabric texture, bringing a low-key high-level feeling.

If it is entry-level cashmere, this is also the best choice, a pure cashmere sweater, and give himself warm and gentle care.


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Red lotus autumn and winter fashion cashmere sweater

¥ 458




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