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Today’s headlines:

“Double eleven sales amount exceeded 10 billion 96 seconds.”

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

It seems, then economic environment is not good, people always want to buy buy buy basic necessities.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

“National Sales”, which in itself is a very interesting phenomenon.

We all learn to plan carefully, surrounded by some high-income groups who are increasingly trying to embrace the little red book, a lot of fight.

After all, even the last scene S8 gaming competitions, frequently eat hot dogs on the team boss who trending, they were limiting the consumption of ……


In short, any industry, you need a good product, you need to purchase the high-frequency behavior sale to support.

Although the industry sports industry has its particularity, but the fundamental principle of operation, perhaps no different.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

And on the current situation, the sports industry, the most promising one of the areas of fermentation the “explosion models”, is that the two words:

“work out”

More and more people begin to exercise on overweight consumer. Go for a run after get off work, plastic molding, with friends about a “Fitness Board”, has become a regular option socializing.

Among these, especially women groups, has become a

The main consumer areas.

From wearing sports underwear, pants, sports shoes; scales to home use, said body fat, yoga mats, treadmills; large and small, and then all kinds of fitness classes, gym …… every scene, both in the creation of the birth of the “new consumer” in.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

But micro-channel open with Baidu, there are too many people know, “You need what kind of lipstick and facial mask,” but knows “what you need sportswear style” people, but very few.

We decided to sit still, and we work together to do something fun content, becoming in the sports industry, “Silvia and Li Jiaqi.”

Even the slogan we want a good look!

Column name, we did not really sure yet, for the time being to direct, first called “Golden social krypton ECO” bar.

Because the only thing we care about is that we can not use such a large number of live-action review, just to be contacted by real products and sports consumption to help people “thinking mind, krypton at hand,” know better sport to do a man’s life .

Sports a new life, I see krypton Kim said.

let us start!


Sports underwear buy buy buy – why sports bra?

Sports Bra Reviews

Sports consumption, from the inside out.

So, ECO social krypton gold first topic, we decided to start from the “sports bra”! (Solemnly nonsense

However, this issue, but stumped ECO krypton body newsroom of you are straight men, but their own topics, even if disguised as women chiefs have done …… Ahem cough tears.

Fortunately, at the time of emergency, there is our good friend Rose to come forward, enthusiastic help.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

In Rose’s call, several of the same love of sports and fitness sisters, spend real money to buy hundreds of different brands of sports underwear, spent nearly a month’s time, through different dimensions, wrote a series about sports underwear intimate buying guide.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

We are curious, we asked Rose venture in order to buy these clothes, how much was spent, thinking about how much support what.

The results, Rose apart from anything else thrown over a piece of drawing ……

Well, as we …… poverty circle brother or edit articles right at ease.

The following, shown as Rose and friends of sports underwear evaluation content.

First issue,

We start with the most basic “fabric” talk.

Hi! Hello everyone, we are good friends ECO writer who krypton body, but also the assessment of the topic of this sports underwear, Rose.

Many beginning fitness sisters all know, to choose a good pair of sneakers began to do cardio, it is equally important is the need to buy buy buy a sports bra. After all, everyone move, want to create the perfect body, vest Bottom line certainly be accompanied by tall breast shape.

So the question is, for the sister who love sports is, why buy a good sports bra is a very necessary thing?

Because there is no breast muscle and bone, attached to the top of the pectoralis major muscle, fat in our daily breast tissue play a supportive role in breast suspensory ligament, and all other ligaments on our bodies, once damaged, it It will inevitably sag. By that time the United States in addition to doctors, it seems there is no better way to save.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

All in all, do not buy sports underwear to sports, the consequences in one sentence:

Once sagging, lifelong regret!

Figure shows a sports bra for breast conservation

According to statistics, the trajectory of daily low-intensity exercise chest 4cm, while the high-intensity aerobic trajectory will reach 14cm

Visible, large chest sisters choose a daily basis, you should choose the support of sports bra, and put under high support during aerobic exercise.

In addition, it is recommended to the sisters

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

ShockAbsorber official website

The trajectory of each cup, you can see different sports. Would you buy underwear as well as understand their breasts breast shape, with good help.

Sports underwear support level table


Sports underwear buy buy buy – dimensional models show & Reviews

Well, about the importance of buying sports underwear, I winded here. Next to introduce active participation of this evaluation model and sisters, we can according to their movement status and size, condemnation time of purchase.

This evaluation, there are four sisters involved in the shooting.

In addition, there are nearly 10 sisters gave evaluation feedback, from the beginning of the entry to the fitness of people, all are super love to buy and love to practice, sports also covers yoga, line and iron, spinning, crossfit, running and so on.

Models show links

No. 1 players

Apple-shaped body has been shouting on the way to lose weight

161cm 54kg

Around 78cm 93cm bottom bust

Finally moved up three months of regular exercise

The main contents of daily training: strength plus aerobic exercise bike

No. 2 players

Movement of people love outdoor trail from EBC to Nansha

167cm 54kg

Around 73cm 81cm bottom bust

Usually exercise outdoors is to go out to stroll the basis of their own play

After six months Levin US more than a year to concentrate on Crossfit

No. 3 players

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

Pear-shaped body to eat the goods do not move to a natal fat heaven

Sports hall explore shops try enthusiasts

163cm 51kg

Around 69cm 80cm bottom bust

All kinds of sports enthusiasts, pitcher Trey

The main contents of daily training: strength training and boxing a year and a half

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

No. 4 players

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

There are only very small material

158cm 44kg

Around 68cm 82cm bottom bust

Daily yoga dance love

The evaluation of our products, mainly based on the following three dimensions:

Athletic performance, comfortable skin-friendly, stylish appearance.

· Athletic performance:

The basic operation through yoga, weight training jump 20 Bobby, 30 seconds running sprint motion, etc., obtained the chest displacement evaluated.

· Comfortable skin-friendly:

The degree of skin-friendly products, breathability, moisture management, parcels, and so the degree of wear off easily.

· Stylish:

Sizes, color printing, design features, and is not significantly thin chest bumps and the like.

Product Reviews dimension

Three dimensions is essentially made of fabric, workmanship and design a comprehensive decision. Each dimension will follow the “five-star” system for scoring, the highest five-star, the lowest one-star.

Eventually, through a comprehensive score for the product is classified into three levels:

★ “Star” sign is highly recommended.

Comprehensive evaluation score, good athletic performance, cost-effective, good fashion degree.

⭕️ “circle” symbol to be bought.

Product athletic performance in line with the identification, with the edge of the eye and may select their own lucrative purse.

▲ “triangle” symbol is not recommended.

Product athletic performance can not be achieved identity strength, or have significant shortcomings, standard step on mine section and so on, it will be classified as such.

Athletic performance test – Strength Training

Athletic performance test – high leg

Athletic performance test – jumping jack


Sports underwear buy buy buy – on fabric

Workmanship and design, usually sisters buy buy buy first impression impulse, fabrics feel unless the store to try on, often not able to determine when online shopping.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

So in the first part of the evaluation, let’s look at the basics of science “fabric” of.

Fabric composition sports underwear, basically three: spandex, polyester and nylon.

· Spandex

Sports underwear essential components, providing high elastic fabric, usually with polyester or nylon blend, the three co-blended fabrics are available but rare. We are more familiar with some of the names of spandex, it should be a commodity Ming Laika Lycra, there are marked as elastic fibers / polyurethane fiber / Spandex / Elastane in the identification.

Usually spandex fabric content sports underwear range of 10% -20%, the higher the content of higher flexibility and ductility of the fabric.

· Polyester

Currently standard washing generally designated polyester / POLYESTER, moderate ductility, moisture regain of 0.4%, and moisture permeability is poor, it is necessary to remedy this defect through the fabric weave, but the fabric of good shape, deformation easily washed easy to fold, the light resistance of the fabric is also good. Polyester spandex blended fabrics feel more smooth, compressed stronger, more quick-drying. Relatively more suitable for outdoor sports or swimsuit, also used extensively for sports shoes.

NIKE Adidas currently used polyester fibers and fabrics, are recyclable plastic products manufacturing is more environmentally friendly choice.

· Nylon

More commonly called nylon Nylon, aka polyamide fiber / Polyamide, 4% moisture regain, better than polyester in moisture absorption and permeability, feel more biased in favor of skin-friendly cotton, wear resistance, resilience is also good , but more wrinkled, as stiff polyester material, and fixing in general, so some nylon underwear blended fabrics first washing easy to fade, such as Lorna Jane will remind in the dark underwear to wash salt fixation. Daily more for underwear, stockings and other intimate apparel.

Summed up a different brand of fabric choices, they have their different preferences.

Different traditions within and outside the label side of the fabric stitching sports section to see more, more others such as lululemon yoga win and so one piece of money.

aim’n unique knitted fabric feeling, from nylon, polyester, spandex blend three blend

NIKE stitching design, fabric, lining, mesh parts, are made of different materials webbing

In addition to fiber ‘fabric’ of sports underwear “weave” also has its own uniqueness.

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

Comparison shows that manufacturers who have their special fabric patented process, such as the Adidas Clima technology, NIKE’s Dri-fit, Lorna Jane’s Excel, lululemon’s Ultralu etc., has its own unique, these will stay to us specific to share it when the evaluation of each brand.

Today’s share on here!

In the “two-eleven” to “Double Twelve ‘This month, we will from finer granularity, launched our sports underwear evaluation, so stay tuned!

Next Issue

“NIKE vs Adidas: giant brand sports underwear Competition”

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

* Special: full text relates to their own products are purchased, does not involve any brand sponsorship.

“work out”

运动内衣怎么买?百款产品健身少女来实测!| ECO氪金社Vol.1

Sports Bra Reviews

Sports Bra Reviews