Temperament of Tang Yan, a single-drill lock bone chain, the best investment TOP1


Digging treasure | Square little sister loves single diamond lock bone chain

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Necklace the most worthy investment TOP1

Compared to an exaggerated complicated necklace, a thin belt flashing single diamond cartilage strand is not only more refined and elegant. And especially good, who wear beauty.

In addition to the four seasons, the single diamond lock bone chain is also a hundred of the daily LOOK: You can make you more woman taste in the serious workplace dress, can also match the dress skirt, low-key in the light of the light, slightly smashed.

The t-shirt of the casual style can be taken.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Sexy sling can be taken.

A slight formal goal can also be taken.

So a good textured single diamond kid chain is very worth investing. The style of the style is also a single diamond lock bone chain fan. Whether it is a good look, or the trendy private service outside the play, a single diamond cartilage chain is a plus.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Tang Wei, this is Cartier

Cartier / Cartier Diamants Légers 18k Yellow K Gold Diamond Necklace / Clavicle Chain

¥ 6685

Dairy is wearing the 18K gold, plus a 0.04 carat of the ultra-small diamond, and the exterior of the drama is 18K white gold.

Cartier / Cartier Diamants Légers 18k White K Gold Diamond Necklace / Clavicle Chain

¥ 7175

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

K gold + diamonds can say genuine goods, which is worthy of price compared to Cartier, 1W +. Can be used as a “first Cartier”. The same paragraph is also available in 0.09 carat a small number of small drills.

In addition to classic diamonds, there are pink, blue two-color gem, spring and summer print, candy color dress or shirt especially good.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

[Tax] Cartier / Cartier Saphirs Légers de Cartier 18K Gold Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Necklace / Clavicle Chain

¥ 7754

Yuan Quan, Ma Yizhen is also a single diamond lock bone chain fan, and two people choose Tiffany. Compared with the choice of Cartier, Tiffany: Not only is aligned from 0.03-0.17, but also the golden K gold chain optional, meet a variety of wearing needs and golden enthusiasts.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

0.03-0.05 Cla

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Tiffany & Co./ Tiffany women’s new S925 silver insee-in-setting 0.03 gram drill pendant necklace 16 inches

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

¥ 3056

0.07-0.08 Cla

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Tiffany & Co./ Tiffany women’s new 18K gold inland 0.07 carat diamond pendant necklace 16 inches

¥ 8333

0.1 Carat

Tiffany & Co./ Tiffany women’s new S925 silver insee 0.10 gram diamond pendant necklace 16 inches

¥ 7833

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

If you want the golden chain, you can choose Circle. It is a young Japanese Light luxury, and the Japanese lantern and other Japanese issues have been playing Call, 18K gold + natural diamonds, and some of them have a little bit a little bit.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Circle / Circle Japan Jewel 20 Split Circular Drill Pendant 18K Gold Diamond Necklace Branches [Classic Bai]

¥ 4999

In addition to the two jewels worth collecting a life, I recommend several cost-effective brands. First of all, it is of course Swarovski, as a big name that I don’t want to buy a hand, or is quite qualified.

Swarovski / Swarovski Angel Kiss 18k Golden Necklace 1800045

¥ 616

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

There are two options for BCK and 18K Platinum, all Austrian crystals with a diameter of about 0.5cm, a small one very delicate.

There is also a fierce model, suitable for the gardens or want yourself to take a little girl. Also equipped with square crystal earrings, formal occasion can wear a set, very shiny.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Swarovski / Swarovski ATTRACT Square Shining White Set (Necklace × 1 Earrings × 2) 5033022

¥ 965

Recommend a single diamond chain of Givenchy home, material is alloy + Swarovski crystal, can be said to be very conscience, three colors optional.

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Givenchy / Givenchy Circular single diamond necklace 60136909 170605

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

¥ 543

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Occasionally, the single diamond is monotonous, and you can mix and match a few fine chains.


气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

Dior / Dior Clair D Lune Series New Gold Plated Metal White Crystal Necklace

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

¥ 2999


Tiffany & Co./ Tiffany 925 Sprinkler Simple Fashion Small Ring Necklace 21771961

¥ 588

If you like the color drill, you will recommend the Korean brand Stylus, all the gems of olivine, Jinshi, etc., according to your own birth quarter.

Stylus WashingDlight1 Series 14K Gold Olife Necklace 251600011

气质小姐姐唐嫣都爱的单钻锁骨链 项链届最值得投资的TOP1

¥ 1892

If the financial resources are enough, it is recommended that everyone can buy Cartier or Tiffany. After all, the single-diamond lock bone chain is really wearing a lifetime, the cheap brand seems to be low, but relatively inevitable will always have a certain extent, often sell It’s really not cheap in the new year.

Finally, I wish you all a happy summer!

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