Pandora Ocean Heart Necklace How much is Pandora Ocean Heart?


Pandora’s heart bracelet and necklace are very nice, then

How much is Pandora Ocean Heart Necklace?

? Pandora’s heart necklace counters price? Let’s take a look!

潘多拉海洋之心项链多少钱 潘多拉海洋之心项链专柜价格

First, how much is Pandora ocean?

Every bead in Pandora Pandora has its unique meaning, which is also a popular reason for the Pandora bracelet. Pandora’s heartbar is divided into three parts of safety chain, pendant and fixed clips. The three parts are slightly different. Overall is 925 sterling silver, 14CT gold, leather and jewelry. The role of the safety chain is divided into two, one is that it is attached to both ends of the bracelet opening. The material of the safety chain has three, 925 sterling silver, 14ct gold and leather. With global sales in Pan Dora, the silver bracelet is the most popular, the reason is that there are two bumps on the silver bracelet, and they play a vital role in the collection of the link. The link is the pendant on the bracelet / bracelet, which can be described as the soul in the Pan Dulai. The material of the ocean is divided into 925 silver, 14ct gold, gem, etc. Fixed clips and tinctions are very similar, but it can be sandwiched on the bracelet and divide the sea bracelet to 3 parts. The material and pendants of the retaining clip are similar, usually the price of the fixed clip is higher than the general link.

Second, how much is Pandora’s heart necklace?

Brand: Pandora Pandora

潘多拉海洋之心项链多少钱 潘多拉海洋之心项链专柜价格

Name: Pandora Note Necklace

Origin: Austria

Price: 946 yuan

Third, how is the Heart of Pandora?

Pandora Pandora’s heart is mainly blue rose cutting crystal, and there is a hollow heart shape around. It is sure that girlfriends are very happy. No matter which angle looks so beautiful, you can put it on the bracelet, also Can be treated as a necklace pendant. Everyone in the multirace chain represents the unforgettable moments of lucky and hopes, in a beautiful way, won the favor of consumers around the world. Every girl must have a string Pandora bracelet, and each bead has a different meaning, because it represents kind, fortunate ~ just like Pandora’s magic box, it will bring you more and more surprises …. Each worthy of commemorative days is wearing a bead on the bracelet, wearing a full string, meaning full.

Pandora was given everything talent, assumes huge responsibility, and the place where God stores the elves, but Pandora’s seventh son lives with God, and lives with people in this place called paradise. The combination of Pandora bracelets have a perfect personality reflected, expressing personal different styles and images, showing the Pandora bracelet has a unique enthusiasm, so wearing Pandora bracelet can react a kind of nature, happiness, free personality significance. Pandora’s dark blue cat is called the heart of the ocean, because the color and gloss are very advanced, there is sapphire texture. Pandora’s workmanship is comparable to the jewelry, although the price is small, it can buy gold jewelry in China, but the people of the people are beautiful! Yancheng can’t extricate! In addition, there are recent popular starlights, simple and generous, cost-effective high.