Henan Village Branch was reported to be corrupted, and his son took the knife to beat the reporter. In the confusion, the court was killed, the court recognized the intention of murder


The old house of Zhangjia has been defeated.

The owner of the house is not in the room: the men are closed in prisons, they are the father and son, the court recognizes them deliberately homicide; the women have left, the young change marries, and the elderly is rushing everywhere in prison.

Zhangjia Old House and his hostess

Qinghe Yuncun, Cao Gang Township, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, and the peasant woman often returned again. This is a place for her life for many years. Later, there was an intrudator, a weapon, blood, and police, that was called “home” place, no home.


11 years ago, the son of the village book Xu Xiangjun was touched, and he brought a few people, and also brought a stick and a machete; some people smashed, some people came into the wall. Chang Wi Yun’s husband Zhang Hao Feng, recently participated in the economic issue of the village support.

After the mix of the darkness, Zhang Yifeng and his son Zhang Haibin were shroud; one of the intruders Xu Zhenjun, was cut in the cut, and the blood loss was too dead.

After the “anti-killer”, the Xinxiang Middle School and the Henan High Court of the Xinxiang, the Henan High Court believe that Zhang Haofeng’s father and son deliberately kill, and the final two people were sentenced to death.

Since July 19, 2009, the case has been called 4,126 days. When the family was arrested, Chang Wei Yun was 47 years old. Primary school only thought of a year, and she could write her own name; in order to write a complaint material, she started literacy since then, and also learned to go online.

The police “can’t find”

17 days before the blood case occurred, on July 3, 2009, many villagers were insulted and beaten.

The leader is called Xu Zhenjun, 31 years old, is the employee of the Xinxiang Hongqi District Urban Administration. He opened an Audi, bringing five or six people from the city: “You will return to my home. Someone tells me, you and I will knock on him.” In the trunk of the car, I put a few wooden sticks.


On the morning, 9 villagers in Qinghe Village went to the corruption of the Fengqiu County Discipline Inspection and jointly reported on the corruption of the village. That night, Xu family received a message and accurately knowing the name of the reporter. Xu Hongzhen’s three child Xu Zhenjun came.

Whether Xu Hongzhen is corrupted and there is no clear conclusion. However, Xu Hong Zhen said hello, the county discipline committee once found that there are too many “eat and drink”, gave him a warning.

Recalling the things of the old branch of the year, the many villagers in Qinghe Village told Hongxing Journalists, in the village relocation, repairing the embankment, land distribution and other matters, “a little greedy, many people have opinions on him, many people Go to the superior report. “

Xu Jing Zhou is the first person who is hit there. In the case of the inquiry record, Xu Jingzhou said, “Xu Zhenjun entered the door, just played a punch toward my head. My wife went to him, and he hit me a few punches. I ran to Dongwu, my mother took the door. He opened the door. My mother stopped not let him enter, and the other four or five people smashed the window glass. “

Another reporter said that Xu Zhenjun came to the family to retaliate five or six times. Every time, he hid his family, let the other person, how to smash things, and do not dare to come out.


From Xu Jingzhi, a group of people went to Zhang Haofeng home. According to the police investigation, Xu Zhenjun and others smashed from Zhang Yifeng’s house, and he went in. Zhang Haofeng’s wife Changwei Yun was beaten into blood flow.

Chang Weiyun is “replacing the husband and fighters. She recalled the Red Star Journalist. After the other person entered the door, she started to be quite polite: “Ye, no you. Zhang Hao Feng, you come out.”

In the early morning of July 3, 2009, it was beaten and injured.

Zhang Yifeng came out of the house. Body; she pushes the opponent to the other side, and they die to stand the door.

The hostess of this home rushed to the forefront: “I am afraid, I have no way, I have to save my family. If they kill my husband, what should I do?” Chang Wantun said, after being pushed to the door, Xu Zhenjun The others continue to smash the door, throw bricks in the hospital, and stop after ten minutes.

When Xu Zhenjun told the police, when Xu Zhenjun did take a wooden stick; he also said that after the “fighting”, a group of people opened the car in Fengqiu County, sitting, ate some buns, then Xinxiang walks.

When the sky was bright, the police came. Chang Wiyun was sent to the hospital for hospitalization in Fengqiu County; she won’t think about the ambulance, that is, she is so far, with her husband, his son at home last day.

Cao Gang Township Police Station was processed. At that time, the “proven” issued by Xu Zhenjun’s delivery unit showed that Xu Zhenjun was on July 2, not in units; Qinghe Village Committee also said that Xu Zhenjun is not at home.

After the occurrence of the incident in the early morning of July 3, 2009, the police sent to Xu Zhenjun issued

In 2009, the relevant certificates issued by Xu Zhenjun’s delivery unit and Qinghe Collection Village Committee

Not at home, not in units, the police have never found Xu Zhenjun. Where did Xu Zhenjun have?

Connecting 27 alarm

Xu Zhenjun was finally found by the police and was on July 19, 2009. He is lying on the side of Zhang Haofeng’s home, and there is a lot of blood on the ground.

Not long ago, he also brought a dragon and lived, with several people, smashing the door, squatting wall, using violence into Zhang Yifeng home. Dramatic door sound, screaming, village at night, is particularly harsh. The villagers of the Qinghe Village witnessed this process.

There is a villager recalling that it is a forcibly entered room that is clearly eye-catching, and the only conception is only dimless night.

In September 2020, Chang Weidun was in front of Zhangjia Laojiao.

The villager Pan remembered, that night, he was alone at home, heard someone knocking. Pan got up and saw it. Three or four people have went to the south, one of them shouted “not this home”. Pan returned to the house to sleep, the next day, he heard that Zhang Haofeng’s family had an accident.


A villager played in the small selling department heard the news of “fighting”, rushing over, he saw that there were a few people who were ignorant, and some people turned around, and the door opened, and several people saved. . He said that there are many villagers on the scene, but the sky is too dark, he is far away, did not see the appearance of the Qing Dynasty and the onlookers.

The 80-year-old old man Xu Kunliang confirmed these details. “There are five or six people come over, and the door to Zhangjiamen will start the door, and some people have the wall … I only hear the sound of the door and the wooden stick, I don’t know how. … I saw that five or six people came to Zhangjia, and then heard a slap in the courtyard. “

In September 2020, the Red Star Journalist saw that after eleven years, Zhangjia’s traces were still damaged.

The traces of Zhangjiamen were destroyed by the enemy.

The intruder taken after the incident, staying on the door of Zhangjiamen

At this time, when the other party is still in the door, Zhang family has reported a police. “Xu Zhenjun’s home, quickly killing people, come here!” According to the description of the police officers at the Caoogang Township police station, at 9:20, the police station received a call from Zhang Yifeng daughter.

Zhang Haifeng’s son, Zhang Haibin, 22-year-old, said, “The last time to come to my family is coming again. I went downstairs, I saw my father and my sister, I asked the alarm; my father said, I let my sister A few times, but the gate was always in the door. “

Chang Wei Yun also received a phone call: “The family is coming again, in the door!” 17 days ago is beaten, the injury is not good, Chang Weiyun is still treated in the hospital; daughter-in-law is in September, will be brought up, and She lives in the hospital together.

That night, Chang Weiyun did not look at it, she worried about her family’s safety. After hanging up a daughter’s phone, she began to call alarm crazy, “playing hundreds of phone alarms.”

A call record obtained by Red Star Journalist shows that at 9:38 to the middle of the night, at 12:00, within 144 minutes, Chang Wiyun has allocated 27 alarm calls, including 110, Cao Gang Township Police Station, Cao Gang Township Police Station Zhao Yunfei mobile phone, etc.


“I want to go home, but my legs have been soft, I will not stand.” Chang Wi Yun always does not know the family’s situation, after the dawn, there is a neighbor to call her, let her “don’t go home.”

The chamber is rushing to be “anti-kill”

In addition to the parties, no one sees the fighting situation in the evening. Although the villagers of Qinghe Village, the villagers in the Qinghe Village, near Zhangjia, but no one goes to see.

Xu Zhenjun who has already died can’t open again. In the volume of the Red Star Journalist, Zhang Haofeng’s father and son tells the things that have occurred in the hospital.


Zhang Haibin said that after the bedroom in the second floor, he let the 21-year-old sister alarm, hide in the house; the father and son are standing in the yard, each hand holding a wooden stick, “waiting for the police.” Have a “lesson” last time, no one dare to go to the gate, “I was worried about being hurt. I don’t know if the other person came.”

The door opened, and the people of the door came in. Zhang Haibin recalled that the other party saw his father, “I took the knife to cut my father, I took a wooden stick. I haven’t come to play, I was cut, I was cut on the ground.”

Zhang Haibin said that he picked up a watermelon knife with his hand from the pig’s circle. He was cut to the opponent. Fell. “

Zhang Yifeng also said in the confession, after the other party came in, he wanted to find a place to hide, have not hide, and a stick on his head and fainted.

In a chaotic, Zhang Haibin thought of his wife and the upcoming child, struggling to ran out the door. “I can’t die here, I can’t let my child have no father.” Someone chased him, but did not catch it.

In September 2020, Chang Wiyun turned out of his son from his son in the old house, and the photo of the daughter-in-law

In the yard, the onlookers did not see, but Zhang Haibin escaped, and the picture of the people was chased. According to eyewitnesses, Zhang Haibin ran out, and four or five people behind, and several people did not catch up. Some people said, “Go back, and packed the one”, and entered Zhangjiayuan.

Zhang Haibin escaped arrived in his uncle to help. A eyewitly said that Zhang Haibin pushed in, the whole body is blood, the left hand takes a knife, “there are more than a dozen public, the front is the pointer, the knife is tie.”

Zhang Haofeng is still at home. After being smoked, he just stood up. On the house. “

Didn’t run a few steps, I heard Xu Zhenjun shouted a “It’s me.” Zhang Hao Feng did not dare to come out in the house until the son came back, and found that the hand was not stick, but a sickle with blood.


The father and son said that there was no one in the hospital, and I didn’t know when the other party left. I am afraid that the other party will return again. They hide the second floor until the police of the police station in the Caoogang Township came.

Sitting a police car, the father and son went to the clinic, and he did not step into the house. They were brought to Fengqiu County Public Security Bureau from the police station in Cao Gang Township, and later entered the detention center, and then entered the prison.


After the case, Zhang Haibin wounded in the clinic

“Sitting in the car waiting”

The police station in Cao Gang Township said that after the arrival, they sent Xu Zhenjun lying to the hospital; on the road, Xu Zhenjun also breathed weak breathing. When went to the hospital, it was no longer possible.


After the blood case, the two companions of Xu Zhenjun Zhao Wenjie, Li Qiang, provided them to the police.

They said that at 8 o’clock that night, three people dinner together, after drinking, Xu Zhenjun said that she had to go home, three people drove to Qinghe Yuncun; arrived in the village alley, Xu Zhenjun got off alone, let two people in the car Wait.


Subsequently, they heard the sound of Hutong, and two people got off the bus. Li Qiang took a knife. When someone ran out from the hospital, he chased two knives, “When he turned over, just entered the door, I didn’t know who was cut with a knife.” The knife is always in the car, they say that it is the knife of Xu Zhenjun.

The courtyard of the year

Zhao Wenjie denied participating in “fighting”, he said, after the past, he saw someone to take things with mess, Xu Zhenjun swayed and couldn’t stand.

Zhao Wenjie, Li strongly said that did not see the process of Xu Zhenjun and Zhangjia people fight; when they arrived, Xu Zhenjun fell to the ground, and two people helped him out and called alarm and emergency call.

Zhao Wenjie also emphasized in the transcript. A watchman didn’t have a watch on the scene.


Red Star Journalist Sigs, Zhao Wenjie, Li Qiang, the dynamics of the night, except for the two statements, don’t have no card; but the two have a large statement, after the Xinxiang Intermediate “trial,”, it is identified as The facts of the case.

For example, Xinxiang Intermediate People’s Hospital said at 21 o’clock that night, Xu Zhenjun drove with Li Qiang, Zhao Wenjie, when Xu Zhenjun is nearby, and Xu Zhenjun get off alone, walk to Zhang Haofeng’s door, shout and use hard to play good peak Home door.


This description is inconsistent with a number of witnesses in the volume. In the description of witnesses, Xu Zhenjun is not “going off the bus alone”, five or six people take the door, and turn into the wall into Zhangjia.

Many witnesses have seen several people to step on Zhangjiamen, some people go over the wall

The judgment always emphasizes that the Xu Zhenjun is only three people, and only Xu Zhenjun enters Zhangjia; what kind of way to Xu Zhenjun uses “into”, the judgment is not described.

The survey content shows that the bottom of the handle on both sides of Zhangjiamen has an external force to destroy traces; the back door of the door, there is a deformation and bending, “Xu Zhenjun uses enough external forces, it can enter Zhang Yifeng home.”

“After listening to the voice, Zhang Haibin, Zhang Hao Feng came to the hospital from the house, and the inside the light was off, and each person held a stick in the hospital.” Xinxiang Intermediate People’s Hospital said in the judgment, Xu Zhenjun entered the hospital, and the two sides had fighting, Zhang Haibin handheld a knife , The head of the dynasty was chaotic, and Zhang Hao Feng held a knife, and he went to Xu Zhenjun’s half-body.

Xinxiang Intermediate People’s Court does not recognize Zhang Haofeng father and son constitute a legitimate defense

This part of the court recognizes the “facts”, which makes Chang Weiyun feel more angry. She said that there is no witnesses to see the situation in the court, and Xu Zhenjun’s companion also said that he did not see, his husband, his son’s supply, except for “turning the light, stick to the hospital in the hospital”, the rest and this section The description is inconsistent, and she questioned what the court is so recognized.

After the “trial”, after hearing the fight, Li Qi, who was waiting in the car, holding a machete, and Zhao Wenjie also rushed to Zhangjiamen, Zhang Haibin and Li Qiang slashed the other side.

The contents of the volume show that many witnes said in the testimony that Xu Zhenjun waited for five or six people to break into Zhangjia, Zhang Haibin escaped from the hospital, and several people also chased it from the hospital, no one saw Li Qiang, Zhao Wenjie ” I have rushed to Zhangjiamen. “

These testimony have been stored in the volume and has not appeared in any of the effective legal instruments. The courts at all levels of Henan did not say to have a letter, nor did it say that they did not ask, only the words were not mentioned.

“Does not constitute a legitimate defense”

“Blurred things we can ultimately see clearly, but to see what is obvious, it takes us to take a longer time. I can’t tell him someone.”

On January 27, 2011, the 555th day after the blood case occurred. Zhang Haibin, which has been held in prisons, and write these words in the complaint letter. After the sudden change, the twenty-year-old youth discovered that it is really difficult to be seen, it needs to be seen, it is precisely those “obvious things.”

Zhang Yifeng’s father and son wrote some complaint materials in prison

Two days ago, the Henan High Court has just made the first final judgment, and he sentenced Zhang Hao Feng in the intentional murder.

The father and son believes that in the face of five or six migrants, it is a kind of self-defense behavior for the wall.

The Henan High Court did not recognize the legitimate defense.


Henan High Court did not recognize Zhang Yifeng father and son legitimate defense

Xinxiang Middle School made a judgment on June 25, 2010, said that Zhang Haofeng’s father and son were waiting in the hospital in the hospital. After the lamp was pulled out, Xu Zhenjun entered, the two sides had a fight, and Xu Zhenjun had multiple wounds, “Zhang Hao Feng father Subjective deliberations with murder. “


“At night, enter” Zhang Jia’s victim Xu Zhenjun, was identified as “fault”, but “Zhang Hao Feng’s father and son especially cruelly will let Xu Zhenjun killed, Xu Zhenjun’s fault, is not enough to affect the evaluation of Zhang Yifeng father and son criminal responsibility.”

In 2012, Henan Rail Law Firm Lawyer Changboyang was involved in the case, and it was still helping Zhang Fengfeng’s father and son.

In his opinion, 17 days before the incident, Xu Zhenjun and others have caused Changwei Yun, and the second half of the night, people will be extremely panic, “the residential is a private place, natural shelter, the other person forced into the other , The right holder has the right to conduct legitimate defense. “

Chang Bo Yang also said, “Know that the other party smashed outside the hospital, it is necessary to implement harm, do not allow people to pull the lamp, prepare the defense tool? How do you have no preparation ‘? “

After a night of breath, Zhangjia Lao Hao has lived in many years, and it is a broken.

“Defense people predict the risk, do a good job, so it is not recognized as justified defense, this is not reasonable.” Chang Boyang said that people have the self-protection of self-protection, with this reason to identify Zhang Yifeng father and son do not constitute a legitimate defense This is not in line with humanity.

Zhang Haofeng’s death penalty was not approved by the Supreme Hospital, and the case was sent back to the retrial.

On March 21, 2013, the Xinxiang Middle School, Henan High Court made a new trial, final judgment, once again identified Zhang Hao Feng’s father and son behavior does not constitute a legitimate defense, the reason is still “Before Xu Zhenjun entered, prepared in advance”. However, Zhang Yifeng was revised and restricted to limit the sentence.


When the father and son were sentenced to prison, Chang Weixun did not stop the appeal, and she handed the material to the highest law. On June 29, 2018, the highest law dismissed the appeal.

The highest law said in the “Refuting of the Competit Notice”, “This case Zhang Haofeng prosures Xu Zhenjun’s father, the father of Hong Zhen, causing pollution, accepting bribes, etc. For Zhang Haofeng’s report, the local discipline committee has not yet made a clear conclusion. Not long before the case, Xu Zhenjun took people Breaking into Zhangjia, it will be slightly injured, the case is the night, and Xu Zhenjun once again broke it, and there is a significant error in the cause of the case. “

The highest law also believes that when Xu Zhenjun is in the door, Zhang Haofeng’s father and son hiding in the hospital. After Xu Zhenjun broke out, the Xu Zhenjun had not yet caused irritability to them, and the purpose of its intrusion is not clear, so The act of two people does not meet the time conditions required for justified defense; after the two people hold sickles, sharp knives, and make Xu Zhenjun, which ultimately leads to Xu Zhenjun to death, have obvious attack, report ahead, not the defense intention, there is no confirmation For the precious defense.


“I can’t sleep, I have a heart.” Chang Wei Yun often sent information to Red Star Journalists in the middle of the night.

In the past few years, she has two breaths that can’t be swallowed. One is for her husband, her son complained for many years, and the second is two people who have strong Zhangjia in July that year. All people have died, others have not been subject to law justicfication.

Chang Weidun interviewed Red Star Journalists, talking about it, can’t help but tears

“What hurt she thinks, what is hurt, I have nothing to do with me. Chang Wi Yun 诬 我.” The volume showed that Xu Zongyi was injured in July 3, 2009, but when the police gave it “Chang Weiyun’s When he was slightly injured, he denied it.

Xu Ziyi said that he has never been interacted with Xu Zhenjun; after get off work on July 2, 2009, he returned to the residence, he didn’t go through the door.

Chang Wi Yun was injured, and it was only possible after the death of Xu Zhenjun’s death will be recorded after 18 days. In a “situation description”, the police station said that Chang Weiyun was injured, there was a family of four, but Xu Zhenjun was dead, his criminal facts could not figure out; Xu Zongyi’s workers confirmed, Xu Zongyi At that time, it was not in the case.

Due to suspected intentional injuries, Xu Zongyi was detained; after 15 days, the Fengqiu County People’s Procuratorate did not approve the decision. The reason why it is not arrested is that only the victims often deficit cloud statement, no other direct evidence confirm, and there is no other indirect evidence that Xu Ziyi participates in intentional injury behavior, the fact is unclear, the evidence is insufficient.

There were two companions of the end of the blood, and Li Qiang.

At first, the police took mandatory measures for Zhao Wenjie, Li Mou, who was suspected of intentional injury, and the case has become “suspected illegal invading residential sin.”

Fengqiu County People’s Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with illegal invasion of residential sins, and believed that Xu Zhenjun has two people, illegally enters Zhangjia, Zhang Haofeng’s father and son discovered, and the three people fight, leading to Xu Zhenjun to die, Zhang Haofeng father and son were smashed. According to the injury appraisal opinion provided by the police, Zhang Yifeng and his son Zhang Bin Bin body knife.

During the Trial of the People’s Court of Fengqiu County, the Henan High Court made the first finalized ruling, identified “Zhao Wenjie, Li Qiang rushed to Zhang Yifeng’s door”.

Subsequently, the Fengqiu County People’s Court recommended that the prosecution had to have a complaint. Since the case did not continue to trial: Since the upper court recognizes Zhao Wenjie, Li Qiang only arrived at Zhangjiamen, did not go in, how is it “illegally invaded the residential”?


Zhao Wenjie, Li Qiangqiang illegally invaded the residential case, the prosecution finally withdraws

This case, it can’t be separated. Chang Weidian believes that Xu Zhenjun and others broke into Zhangjia twice, the police did not find Xu Zhenjun, and did not investigate in time, leading to the relevant evidence, the situation of the murder case, “no clear restoration,” there is dereliction of duty “.


In September 2020, the relevant person in charge of the Fengqiu County Public Security Bureau said to the Red Star Journalist, the police have not in the original position, and the volume is not in the Public Security Bureau, and the specific situation needs to be verified. “If the public security bureau exists, there is nothing, existence Dead duty, who is responsible for who is responsible, there is a problem, it will definitely not protect it. “

“Only Chinese Pinyin”


A rusty lock, did not have a wild grass with a knee, full of furniture and electrical appliances, and the house had no people in a long time, and it is the breath of the decline.

In the eleventh year, in addition to receiving the media reporter to return to the case, Chang Weiyun almost no longer returned to Qinghe Village. Also came back, walk from the hospital to the house, walk from the daughter’s room to the son room, Chang Wei Yun tears.

Frequent Yun Yun, who is organizing a complaint material

The past spills from tears. Chang Weiyun recalled, before, she raised 4,000 sheep in the Yellow River Beach, raising pigs, vegetables, seeds, and a family’s life well, “After graduating from my son, I have been working in a tire factory in Shanghai; my daughter is good High, good skin, I am very satisfied. “

On the third day after the murder case, a baby-in-law had a baby. I heard that Xu Zhenjun was dead, worried that it was retaliated, and Chang Weiyun took a daughter-in-law, her daughter, and her granddaughter, “Huang Huang fled”; halfway was in Jiaozuo, and went a pair of old couples.

A long-born granddaughter, a daughter-in-law sitting on the moon, a daughter who is stimulated after the mental disordered daughter, always worried about her husband and son, Chang Weiyun said, “I have to collapse, cry every day. My daughter-in-law said ‘you are also If you don’t save your son, you will know how to cry.

After the daughter-in-law, Chang Weiyun’s daughter married people. From then on, Chang Wei Yun began to go for her husband and his son. She said, “They were attacked at their own. I have a reason, I have a thousand confidence, be sure to go back to fairness.”


Chang Weiyun Primary School only reads a year, the big character does not know a few, the knowledge of teaching, the only remember, is Chinese Pinyin. If you don’t know, you can’t write an article, write an appeal letter. Chang Weiyun uses the pinyin input method, knocking out a word on the mobile phone, “Most words will not write, the light will pin up.” Gradually learned the dictionary, the word won’t write, “I don’t know It’s wrong, just write. There are more and more words, and later will be slow. “

Occasionally, she still looked at the poem. “There is no one asking the poor street.” Chang Wi Yun said, this is her experience over the years, whether Zhang Hao Feng’s relatives, or her own mother’s relatives, no People dare to speak Zhang Yifeng’s father and son complaint.

“I don’t blame them, I understand that they are afraid of being retaliated.” Chang Weiyun said.

There is no job, wandering around, Chang Weiyun’s economy is difficult, life is constant, in recent years, Fengqiu County Related departments have also taken care of her, every month, Chang Wi Yun can receive a 1,500 yuan letter visit to help, and also invest She built a 20 acre of Taoyuan, and there were hundreds of peach trees in Taoyuan.

Local government investment helps Chang Wei Yun built a Taoyuan

Things are changing. Red Star Journalists learned that, at present, the Henan Provincial Procuratorate is reviewing the appeal of Zhang Haofeng’s father and son deliberately homicide, and has been revised.


“The current judicial environment is definitely better and better. If the review will definitely have a result. Now there is more increasing cases that have been reported.” A person in charge of the Fengqiu County Public Security Bureau said to Red Star Journalists, ” If the (Zhang Yifeng Parent Sistel) is not guilty, start the state compensation, start the relevant personnel accountable. After the investigation, there is a conclusion. If it is fine, others are still a clear. “

This allows Chang Weiyun to see a shower. This farmer who likes to plant, pigs say that if you can wait until the day of the loved ones, she will shovel the weeds in the hometown of the hometown, repair the broken glass window.

Red Star Journalist Wang Jianqiang Henan Xinxiang Photography Report

Editor Li Binbin

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