The underwater pipeline will be repaired in time, otherwise the smell is plagued by the whole family.


The use frequency of the kitchen throughout the home is very high, basically in use, so the water leak in the kitchen is a serious problem. Not only will it affect the kitchen use, but the dirty water that will be leaked will also produce stench, so the water pipes in the kitchen need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Before resolving the problem of water leakage in the kitchen, what is the reason for the water leakage caused by the water pipe? Generally, there are two main water pipes: First, the faucet is leaking, the other is the joint of the faucet and the water pipe.

1. The water dragon head is leaking:

If it is water leak water, it is also necessary to judge what is the reason for the faucet, in general, because the faucet is broken, so it is necessary to open the faucet to change the tailor. Of course, there is a very small number of situations because there is a sand or crack in the faucet. It can only replace the new faucet.

Maintenance method:

1 The water dragonhead water leakage: generally leads to this water leakage because the axial gasket in the faucet is worn, so it can be removed and removed using the pliers and removes the shaft gasket, and then changed with the clip. The new axial gasket is OK.

2 The faucet is leaking: generally leading to the leakage of this situation because the triangular sealing cushion in the cavity is maintained, so the screw can be transferred down, then turn the compression cover, then The side triangle sealing pad in the embossing cover is taken out, and it can be replaced with a new side triangle gasket.

3 The water leak water leakage is generally caused by the leakage of this situation because of the cover cap, so it can be re-tightened or replaced with a new U-type gasket.

2, the washing basin water pipe leaking:

It is also more common to water leakage in the washing basin, because many


Materials will be aging damage after long use, and if you hit the water pipe, the solution is actually simple.

1 Washing Potted Water Water Leakage: Go to the market to buy two hoses and a seal, with a suitable wrench to remove the damaged old hose, replace the new hose; the valve seal, if yourself If you don’t do it, you can find a professional water pipe maintenance personnel to replace you.

2 Waterproof pot water pipe leak: You can purchase a set of water parts underwater dishes, and then replace it according to the instructions after purchase.

In the kitchen, the water pipe is leaked, please repair, otherwise it will harary the whole family!

Maintenance method: