Car hairdryer, can also blow snow


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The car palette hairdryer is based on the advantages of a road cleaning equipment, low work strength, which is developed by the current road edge angle. The advantages such as low work strength have solved problems such as difficulties in highway corners.

Road blower

The daily cleaning of the road on the left side of the highway lane and the right side of the emergency lane is difficult. Using the cleaning wheel, the cleaning speed is less than 5 km / h, 40-50 liters per hour, which has a large influence on the normal driving, and the cost is too high.


Car palette hairdryer


The purge machine is designed with a high-voltage fan, configuring four-cylinder diesel engine drive, has a compact structure, low noise, fast operating speed, low fuel consumption, etc., can reach 30-60 km / h, consumption The oil volume is about 7 l / h.

Main applications: 1. Daily cleaning of road emergency lanes; 2, snow fluttering in the occasion;

Road hairdryer

Product Structure Features: 1. Design of low noise high pressure wind turbines, form good matching 2, configured automatic clutch, protect engine, adjustable angle blowing port, adapted to different job requirements blowhead adjustable, lit purge efficiency. Equipped with an inlet interface, using airflow to inject water, dust. Product Structure Features: Designed low noise high pressure fan, forming a good match with the engine to configure the automatic clutch, protect the engine adjustable angle blowhead, adapt to different job needs blowing port adjustable, high purge efficiency. Equipped with an inlet interface, using high gas flow to flexion, dust.