Buy bags and heat: 10 bags that are suitable for young people


Good object recommendation


As a senior online purchase, the following brands are my different phases, this time I introduce it to everyone. First introduce myself, usually more in the style of retro style, literary style, and the extremely simple bag, but occasionally fry the cat girl, choose a Makaron.

First, Milk Rose

Milk & Roses is a famous original designer brand, pursuing fashion and personality, focusing on fashion increasing shoes and MINI backpacks. Near harsh original design philosophy brings different, self, and casual style to the exquisite creative deductible “street new fashion” for every exquisite, self-cultivation of the exquisite, self-cultivation.

Milk rose

My backpack experience:


This package is more similar to the locust, there is a rivet element, but it is not extensive, and some have the effect of washing.


Overall, it is relatively high, but the band is treated very well, and it is very comfortable.


Going out to install a small thing is suitable, and the long door is not suitable.


Water purification

This is suitable for back shopping or class, you can install books or pad.




Black brown gray is the main color of its home, compared to wild.

Creative wind


Rinkyrose is a brand of VentianNi, famous trend magazine.

It is a fashionable woman with a psychological age of 18-28. With fashion, avant-garde, leading the trend and popular market, in the fashion world as the wind direction of the trend of women’s shoes.

Pinky Rose

Its family’s bag is more classic, and the color is based on rice white and pink.


Elliptical bag


Because the style is simple, it is also more suitable for the young people in the workplace.

Chain bag

Third, strawberry fields

StrawBemy Fields is a famous Japanese brand.

The brand stems from the “strawbemy Fieid Forever” commemorating the British Beetle Band 1967.

Represents children with dreams in youth and confused, also husted to miss the years and those who have never completed their dreams. Brands advocate a new attitude towards innovative dreams.


My user experience:

Black and white simple wind is the main star of its home, bought a backpack, there is no Milk Rose home comfort, it feels a bit hard. However, there are many fans of this brand. Yesterday, I met a Master of the Northern University of Peking. The back is also the brand. We have still hit the bag, and the micro signal is reserved, and the sky is changing, haha!


Geometric style

Black background plus geometric cutting sensation, fashionable and concise. The capacity of the package is also relatively large, suitable for placing some files.

Striped style

Simple European and American wind, go out to put a mobile phone wallet to make enough.

Fabric stitching


The fabric splicing gives a fashionable feeling, the handle design is very good, the cortex used by the interface is durable.

Four, ggirl


Ggirl originated from the Japanese Movuato Magazine “Ggirl”, is a brand that guides us to transform from Youth Campus to colorful workplace, expressing the nostalgic of the students’ era, the future of beautiful life, including hope for society For the desire for personality, the pursuit of superior charm.


This brand is in the tide, the color style is more fashion, the main shopping style, is not suitable for work, but it is the standard of travel.


Cool Lady


Literary style

Girl’s style



Five, premiere


The premiere is the tidal brand women’s brand in Guangzhou Premier Gardening Design Co., Ltd. According to the independent designer, I recall in Xiamen in 2006. Relocated to Guangzhou in 2011, with the “original” spirit and “art tide” brand style has quickly become the brand of well-known women’s materials.

Premier language


In fact, the premiere is to be a woman, but also sells a shoe bag. Overall, the literary breath is full, with the ideaous logo or slogan looks full, and it is more suitable for Sen.

Most of the canvas bag is less than 100 yuan, but the work is really super good. When I read research, I like her home bag and often spell a single.

Special like a sentence on their pricing:

The world is what you think.


Literary fan


Living home


And wind series, big love


Sports and casual wind

Sixth, Yinman

Inman is born in the Internet in the Internet, the brand includes women’s clothing and shoes bag, designing materials from Jiangnan water towns, Chinese paintings, ink, printing and other Chinese cultures, let consumer groups Experience with the world’s unbounded out of the city, advocating the brand of natural “slow life”.



Simple, beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, there is elegant and soft, there are sweet retro far, her cortical is very soft, the needles are fine, it looks more texture, the price is below 500 yuan, the price is very high, Shopping will go to work in many occasions.

Retro hollow




Deer skin





Fan Qiqi with the canvas shoulder bag


Canvas shoulder bag

Seven, horse

Mark Makko was founded by Mr. Chen Xin, Hong Kong Leather Master, and has been elegant, noble, and fashionable temperament since its creation, and became a popular leather brand.

Marco M • A • K • K • o English name represents Maternal, Attractive, Knowledge, King, and Overwhelming.




The price is relatively high, occasionally some new, still give people a lot of surprises, the style is mainly divided into two categories, one is the classic series of wild, the other is the young tide series.

Deer fleece series


Stripe control


Black and white


Country style

Eight, Azu

This brand picks fresh and fashion elements into our product design, actively designing the current tide bag, determined to play a world of A-ZA in a more blank fashion hand bag industry in China. Through the fashion, leisure, simple epidemic elements, emphasize the individual design concepts that the accessories given people.


The essential items of the gantry girl, elegant retro, extremely rich oriental aesthetics, integrate Chinese painting, embroidery and other elements.


Peacock green


Python gray


Finale powder



Nine, kissing cats

Kiss Kiss Cat has created the image of a cat’s general magic, beautiful, wisdom, fashionable, independent female, a unique brand concept.

Kissing cat

The price is a little more expensive in these brands, some are 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan, the classic black and white series of this brand is already able to Hold, so it is worthy of value.

Ink black


Classic back shoulders



K-SWISS (NASDAQ: KSWS) is a US company headquartered in Los Angeles Westlake Village, Calif, California. South Korean spokesperson is a red actress ginger.


There must be a must-have for the tourism, the favorite of the virgin. The most important thing is that the capacity is large, the texture is light, the shoulder strap is not leg, simple atmosphere, is suitable for.


Oxygen red

Business blue

Literary blue

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My user experience:

My user experience:

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