Guanyin Bridge popular manual fried ice cream, eat more and more beautiful, sister super like


Every time you pass the Guanyin Bridge, you must come to Star Square to find food. Today, I saw a super hot ice cream shop, and the sisters were queued, expressed particularly surprised. Why start queuing in spring? The store is not big, a small shop, but there are so many fans, attracting so many young sisters, must explore.

Coconut with raspberry ice cream

It was found that each girl was holding a cup of ice cream, and their logo is very cute, and yellow looks particularly appetite. Ice cream is like this in the spring, every day, it is queuing. If you are in the summer, is it not hot?

Ice cream

The shape of ice cream is also very interesting. It is actually a volume, it is really a rhythm of the posture. Is this the trend trend this year? ! Finally, the top of the ice cream will embellish cream and coconut fragrant, chocolate. From the shape of the shape, it will feel particularly appetite. In a cup of ice, it is not only delicious, but also a smooth enjoyment. At the moment of receiving the coconut vanilla raspberry ice, it is attracted. Cream, coconut, four strawberry flavor ice cream, can’t wait to eat immediately.

I feel that there is no matter whether it is a male or female, I also like this cup of ice cream. The door of the store is a long team, I am waiting for a dozen minutes. First of all, I feel that their ice cream is very smooth, and the milk is rich in flavor, and there is strawberry particles. Just ask why your taste is very good. It turned out that they were in ice cream, they have joined the Netherlands’s breasts, and natural taste is much smooth. It turned out that the secrets of the sisters liked were in the choice of milk. They must be imported, and the goods can be achieved before they can make more delicious fried ice cream. Each ice cream is about 4 minutes. It must be hand-made, and it can’t be sloppy. I also test your hand. I feel that it takes strength to do it. Absolutely also technical work, a fried ice cream, nor is it as simple as we think.

The secret of their family is that the first is the raw material, strawberry is freshly purchased every day, ensuring raw materials, every strawberry is also visible when making it, milk is the Quality of the Netherlands. Secondly, there is creative, in line with the selection of ice cream tastes, in design, chose yellow, especially the desire to eat, the process of making it is clear, absolutely delicious.


Mince, taste more uniform


In order to make the taste better combination and integration, you must be uniform minced, then stir it to have such a delicious feel. Their machine is very interesting, and you can set a piece of ice cream. . . . It seems that it is coming from Taiwan because the store is traveling, seeing this machine, taste this ice cream, introducing Chongqing.



A fried ice cream, from the first time I developed to the final product, I also spent a lot of time, using a lot of time, now I have become a super popular snack in Guanyin Bridge, because of his taste and taste. A delicious ice cream naturally got everyone’s favorite and recognition. Today, this strawberry coconut ice cream is really great – fresh fruit, with a smooth taste experience, let sister who have become more and more beautiful.


Address: 3-61 Blonds, 3rd Floor, Sundi Square, Tuanyinqiao Bridge, Guanyinqiao


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Per capita consumption: 9 yuan