Bedroom single product water mattress is talking! Is the water mattress? Know if you look


If you want everyone to feel strange to the mattress, they are accompanying us every night. But everyone knows that the mattress is a cotton, you know, in fact, is there a mattress called a water mattress? Water mattress, as the name suggests, it is to use water to enrich the inside of the mattress, put warm cotton mattress No, why Do you want to use a water mattress? This is of course not not based, the water mattress is very convenient to clean and maintenance, but more importantly, the water mattress is very necessary to exist for some special conditions. So which type of water mattress is suitable? What are the harm of water mattress? How should the water mattress buy?

In order to teach everyone to understand these problems, Xiaobian specializes in teach

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Part1: What is a water mattress

The mattress is an important product in our home improvement. So what do you know about the water bed mat? Do you know what the water mattress is? Do you know how to know the price of water mattress products? Let’s introduce you to the water bed. Introduction to the mat, I hope to know the water mattress to help you! Let’s take a look at Jinan decoration company!

1, what is the water mattress?

Wasp, durable, but also pay attention to usual maintenance and cleaning, let it duine, why not? Washes the maintenance of water mats to prevent the bed or bed racks or thorn, etc. Second, when the water is unspeakable, wipe it with a dirt and clean water, do not use strong acid, strong alkaline cleaners. Consumers should pay attention to the timing to wipe the water pad with water and rag, erase the dust, and wipe it clean, then dry with the water over a period of time. The total return, the water pad is better, and the maintenance must be followed, and the king said.

2, water mattress price

The mattress is one of our very important furniture. You can choose according to your own needs! I hope that Jinan decoration company will help you understand the water mattress. You can go to the market. I hope everyone can buy it. Going to the right price products!

3, water mattress applicable


Water mattress products do you know? The water mattress is one of the mattresses, then everyone knows how much is the water mattress? How should the water mattress match? How to do water mattress maintenance? Next Jinan decoration company Just introduce the information about the water mattress, I hope to help everyone, let’s take a look!

1, poor spine, people who are often backache insomnia.

2, loving couple, experience the romantic sentiment of fluttering, enhance the interesting of the bedroom.

3, there is a need for patients with a bed in a long time to prevent acne.

4, asthma, people with skin diseases, due to the cleaning of the water, dust-proof Egyptian mites, non-stains.

5, pregnant women, leather gout, prevent baby childcry.


6. The blood circulation is poor, prevent the stroke during the cold wave.

7. Adolescents in positive development period, have a role in preventing health, and is advantageous. Sleeping accounts for one-third of life, you can sleep well, which is mainly a healthy mother than sports and diet. In your water bed, you will sleep more sweet, worry, worry, you are thrown behind your mind.

4, water mattress

Water mattress know? The water mattress is one of our home improvement, everyone knows that the water mattress is not good? So everyone knows the harm of the water mattress? Let’s introduce you to the water bed. The relevant information of the pad, I hope to help everyone, come and take a look at Jinan decoration company!

The escap is high, and it is not easy to move when in use, and the demand for water, add water, this process is required.

Since the water is covered with water, it has a certain degree of softness. When we are waiting, it will have a certain degree of depression, which cannot carry our bones, and the long time will make the skeleton and deformed, Especially children who are long.

Washes are suitable for casual and rest, and the shortness of the mush will make us feel comfortable, but it can’t be used as a long time to sleep, which will affect our sleep quality, and you will feel back when you wake up Sour pain, weak limbs. Sleeping on the traditional mat, everyone in the supine, more than 70% of the human cervical spine will send a cervical spondyl, while the side is lying, the spine of all people will send a side bend, if you sleep on the water, Whether it is supine, it is still the case. Since the buoyancy environment of the water mat is uniform. According to a hospital for a hospital, a person who is sleeping in the sleepwater and sleeping usually, sleeping usually the person who is cool overnight is 50-60 times, but sleeping on the water pad, usually only turning over 10-15 times, there is, it is visible, Sleeping in the water cushion can reduce the number of people’s turnover, thereby adding a deep sleeping moment to ensure sleep quality.

5, water mattress

1. Regardless of which home personality is allocated, the color of the water is light.

2, able to give full play to the strength of the elegant personality fabric beautiful picture, will be superimposed with the fabric of the different color, and then select a different pattern, there will be a better visual role.

3. Try to choose a fine texture and exquisite drawing plan to reflect elegant personality and grade.

Part2: Jinan decoration company detailed the purchase and brand of water mattress

1, purchase: water bed mat purchase skills

With the advancement of the times, many families use water mattresses to decorate bedrooms. So, how should we buy it for water mattresses? What are the skills?

Let’s take a look.

What are the purchase skills of the water mattress?

(1) Look at the brand

When you buy a water mattress, we must first look at its brand. Generally high quality water mattress, its brand is well known by the public. So consumers can choose some well-known brand water mattresses when they purchase, so they don’t buy inferior products.

(2) see hardness

When you buy a water mattress, we have to look at its hardness. The general quality of the water mattress, its hardness is moderate, so consumers should pay attention to its hardness check, so as not to buy over soft or high mattresses, thus causing our body s damage.


(3) Look at the price

When I buy a water mattress, we still have to look at its price, generally high quality water mattress, its price is more expensive, so consumers don’t want to be greedy when they purchase, and choose Inferior products, there is only our own life in the future.


(4) Watch quality

When I purchasing a water mattress, we have to look at its quality, which is the key to judging the quality of the mattress. In general, the better quality mattress, the longer its service life. Conversely, the worse the quality, the shorter its service life. So consumers should pay attention to its quality check when they purchase.

Ok, the above is what is related to the purchase skills of the water mattress. Do you have to hold these content? I hope that Xiaobian collects information, I can give a friend who needs it.

2, water mattress brand


In recent years, many brands of water mattresses have occurred in the event of a water bed, and consumers have seen their eyes, and the functions of different water mattress brands are not the same. Let us go to the Blue View Mall to see a few of the most popular water beds.

Mattress brand – Yishengyuan

German version of the buoyancy furniture water mattress heating line is a high-tech carbon fiber heating line, low power consumption, with an average of 21 hours power consumption of 0.8 degrees. The sponge is added at the bottom, and the effect of stabilizing the water insulation, moisture or moisture, and wet. The top is 2.5 cm pure natural latex, which can antiquate anti-mite, better bonding human body curve. The outer cover material is soft, high temperature, easy to clean. The carcass consists of two separate water faders, strong stability, and the space of the two people do not interfere with each other, which is beneficial to sleep. Suitable for a variety of people.

Water mattress brand – easy thinking


Yiisha brand a water mattress is a sauna gas water two-purpose pad. The main body of the mattress is a water chamber, which can be filled, or it can be inflated. Using new high-power machines, imported cold-resistant, wear-resistant, high-elastic environmentally friendly PVC materials, water bed winter warm summer cool, realize the bed in the human body, cervical, lumbar vertebrae, leg wrist is not suspended, help to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible . In the middle of the bed, the liquid / gas flows in the bed, which acts as a massage. Yi Shiji also offers a repair package, with a repair package, although you are a lively child, you don’t have to worry.

Water mattress brand – Zunma

The water bed sleeve uses specially designed high-density fabrics, strong tensile, good gas permeability, not easy to wear and deformation, and combined with detachable processes, exquisite and beautiful and durable. Washable. High-density, high-density, high-density, high-replenished, long-lasting. The role of the leak-proof water, the water repellent film is: in case you accidentally tied the water bag, you can ensure that the water will not flow out, so it will not make your bed frame, the floor is wet. Special quality water bag special materials, compliant with the international N6P export standards, using unique environmental formulations, no harmful substances, non-toxic, odorless, non-pollution, anti-tensile, anti-aging, strong pressure, impact resistance, etc. The water bag is more than 2,000 kg. Normal use for more than 10 years. The water bottle buffer cotton and the water bag have been improved, even if the cotton inside the moving water will not disturb the unrest. Water-quality cleaning agents of the water bed professional formula, the long-term high purification of water quality, with a period of more than 7 years. European imports, using the current world advanced intelligent constant temperature electronic technology manufacturing, safe, stable, durable, through international CE certification, normal use period of more than 15 years.


Each water mattress brand has its own advantages, after reading these three brands hope to help you buy a water bed.

Part3: Water mattress installation and precautions:

Water mattress use and installation method

Prepare items in advance:

(1) Two towels (one pad under the exhaust port, one pad under the injection port, preventing water from spilling the wet bed).

(2) Footing (in the door installation is installed).

(3) Water pipe, water pipe card, bottle screwdriver, pliers.

Installation and precautions


(1) Take the bed cover, pull the zipper, lay on the bed (one layer of bedding under the bed cover, and the second is protected).

(2) Remove the capsule tile inside the bed cover, two water ports, and adjust the position, put the temperature controller and the waters of the calf (line on the streets of the line in the bed cover Outside), place the probe below the capsule; lift the injection port with the exhaust port.

(3) Insert one end of the water pipe into the inlet and start the water (the water pipe head is inserted firmly, so as not to cause the water pressure of the water pipe to get the water and the ground); at the same time, insert the exhaust pipe into the capsule The pores start exhaust (check whether it is ventilated).

(4) When the water is slowly injected into the bed, a part of the water droplets from the water injection exit is wiped with in advance.

(5) Try to clean the gas in the pocket during sleeping, and can be rushed to the gas in a method of extruding the exhaust hole from one end of the upper end, and there is still a lot of gas in the capsule. When you can conflite the water, press the water, press the gas to drive it out as much as possible, then continue to press it. When the flush exceeds usually, the exhaust colleague is to extrud the in-flap side to the flush side, prevent the soft crystal from gathering. When the problem reaches a certain hardness, it should close the faucet, fold the water pipe head and pull it out, put the spare bucket, put the injection port with the plug of the exhaust hole and press it (pay attention to wipe the water droplets left on the capsule) .

(6) Take another capsule in the bed cover, pay attention to align the two capsules as much as possible.

(7) After the two capsules are completed, turn on the thermostat power supply, check whether to energize, confirm that the water bed is warmed up, pull the zipper zipper.

(8) After the installation is completed, put a layer of quilt on the soft crystal water mat, and put the four weeks to achieve the ideal insulation effect.

Part4: Clean and maintenance of water mattress


Water mattress cleaning

1. Gently wipe it with water with water and rag, erase the dust.

2, separation with soapy water, then dry.


Water mattress maintenance

1. Ensure that the floor or bed frame is not staple or thorn, etc.

2, if you accidentally tighten other beverages such as tea or coffee in the water mattress, you should use towels or toilet paper to dry with a heavy pressure, and then blow them with a hair dryer.

3. When the water mattress is not carefully contaminated with sludge, it can be scrubbed with soap and clean water, do not use strong acid, strong alkaline cleaners to avoid damage to the mattress.

4, can’t expose in the sun. To avoid weathered, reduce its service life.

The basic role of the water mattress includes temperature control, weight support, and other extensions such as dynamic sleep, physiotherapy, etc.. Bed mattress features: utilize buoyancy principles, buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, winter warm summer cool, heat therapy, etc. Another comfortable water mattress is very helpful for our health, and you can increase sleep quality.

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