Spring must give yourself a high waist shorts to feel the breath of spring



After so long, I finally ushered in the spring, I finally arrived when I was a big show.

High waist pants is undoubtedly the standard of long legs. Don’t believe you try it. . .

Let’s take a look at this style you want to say today.


Is there a feeling, the chest is below the legs, hahaha. . .


Share the cutting of the XL number, don’t ask why you always have a big size. Because I have never been thin. . .

The cropping of high waist pants, so the pendant will be deep than the usual

Estate deep calculation formula: h / 4 + 8cm

There is another number of types, which can be pushed according to the length of 4cm length 1cm.


After loading the contact zipper, pay attention to the position of the zipper to go to the hip line

Crop chart


Complete cropping, this is a set of inserts.

Clothing craftsmanship


Fabric selection, cotton, polyester, can. The kind of not thin, don’t use too much fabric, no bomb or micro-bomb.

Measure your net body hip circumference plus 4cm loose amount

Please take shrinkage before the fabric is cut.


This style is no waist, so Libu should use a waist sticker. Waist stickers should be glued, sew it with a net version.

When sewing the waist, the waist is facing the mouth liner. Prevent the waist and the larger, deformed.

Preferred waist in the middle position slotted strap decoration, the line should be wide and narrow


After loading the contact zipper, install the single-bid presser foot, the edge of the single side presser foot must be adjusted to the edge of the needle to make a more invisible

The zipper after being installed is consistent. After being installed, zipper flat invisibility

The foot is directly connected to the inside. Worried that the Librane can be invisible on the side seam


Ok, today’s share is here.

I like to install the top, cutting it yourself try yourself.

If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private letter to the comment area.

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Spring must give yourself a high waist shorts to feel the breath of spring