Coffee beans, meteorites, jerseys … From murals to actual mounting artist, he said that everything can be mounted


Coffee beans, meteorites, jerseys … From murals to actual mounting artist, he said that everything can be mounted

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It is as small as coffee beans, seasonings, stamps, computer chips, as large as cameras, vinyl records, star jerseys, and even kites and bicycles. The young man from this mural was named Fan Wehao, and he was nicknamed the “mounting brother”. He has a mounting studio in the Donghu High -tech Zone, but rarely mount calligraphy and painting. Recently, Fan Weihao also received an order from Peking University to mount 39 precious stamps into a series of works.

Fan Weihao’s mounting computer chip.

Stamps for Peking University

On the morning of June 3rd, when a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily saw Fan Weihao, 30, he was taking out a pair of neatly stacked professional black gloves from his pocket.

When mounting, Fan Weihao carefully fixed a stamp together with the base in the “small window” reserved by the PVC (generally refers to polyvinyl chloride), and then use the special dumplings to take the burr on the edge of the “small window” part of a root root. Remove it, finally put on the photo frame, and a physical mounting work is initially completed. In the entire mounting process, he did not use nails or tape to help fix.

This mounting work is the first of a set of 10 mounting works. The ordering is Peking University. Not long ago, Fan Weihao received an order from Peking University and needed 39 precious stamps provided by the school into a series of works, and finally placed on the wall of Peking University as a whole for people to visit.

Fan Weihao’s mounting meteorite sample.

“The design of this photo wall is the most troublesome. It is necessary to take into account both beauty and convenient fixation.” Under Fan Wehao’s guidance, the design plan of the designer Wang Aoqi was finally recognized. These stamps will be mounted into 10 different styles of works. A full set of works are named “Peking University on the Stamp”, which shows the history and style of Peking University through old stamps.

According to the plan, one of the “100th Anniversary of Peking University” issued by China Post will be used as a “finale” work, which is the work that Fan Weihao mounts on June 3rd. Essence On July 3, 1898, the Emperor Guangxu approved the earliest outline of the modern school, “Playing the Study of the Beijing Normal University”, and was founded in Beijing. This is the predecessor of Peking University.

The reporter saw at the scene that the pattern on the stamp was extracted and printed on the paper. A postmark was added with a small window below the postmark to place stamps. With the help of professional machinery and artistic knives, Fan Wehao prepared the card paper and PVC board used in mounting in advance, and the most critical fixed work could only be handmade.

As a precious item, the area is very small. Fan Weihao finally decided to give up the use of nails or tapes, and used other methods to fix the stamps. The purpose was to achieve “no loss”. This is a talk. The core of “non -destructive” is “reversible”, that is, fixed items can be completely removed afterwards.

According to the mounting standards recommended by the British Fine Arts Trade Union (FATG), mounting from low to high can be divided into 5 levels including the lowest level, economic level, appreciation level, protection level, and museum level. Fan Weihao attributed his current technology as protection class.

At each time the mounting, the mounting division needs to design a beautiful and operable solution according to the customer’s thoughts; more importantly, each mounting must be fixed to the photo frame under the premise of minimizing the damage to the item.

After the size of the day, Fan Weihao cut two PVC boards with a artist knife and bonded into a small block for stamps. He put on his gloves to avoid the skin from the skin on the paper. Take a stamp from a envelope and dip a little bit without acid glue. He lay on the workbench, and a trace of a trace of PVC block until the sewing of strict silk.

In order to ensure the flat surface of the stamp, Fan Wehao pressed the stamp gently with a mule to ensure that it would not fall, and it was convenient to remove afterwards. Although the Peking University did not require acid -free glue, Fan Wehao felt that he must be used. The long time of ordinary glue will cause certain damage to the paper itself, and it is not easy to clean up afterwards. “Even if the exhibition time is short, we are unwilling to see a trace of damage.”

A staff member of the Propaganda Department of the Peking University Party Committee told reporters that they were introduced by people, and after many inspections, they finalized with Fan Wehao’s studio. These stamps were issued in various periods after the founding of New China, and the content was related to Peking University. The staff member introduced that the design plan did repeatedly pass the ditch through multiple times, and the school expressed satisfaction with Fan Wehao’s concept and technology.

The video of mounting jersey is hot

In Fan Wehao’s studio, the walls are full of large and small photo frames, which are mounted on jerseys, sneakers, car models, photos, rackets and other items. There is no calligraphy and painting.

Fan Weihao filled with red wine.

“Our original main business is to mount calligraphy and painting, and now we can’t receive orders in this area.” Fan Weihao said helplessly.

Fan Weihao is a Cantonese. In 2009, he was admitted to Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and specialized in the creation of murals. Since 2013, he and his classmates have begun to start a business, invest in a mounting shop, and later built factories and opened online stores.

With the use of imported mid -to -high -level wood and traditional Chinese tenon -and -mortise technology, the mid -to -high -end photo frames they designed and processed are very popular. The size of the company has now developed to dozens of people, and the annual operating income has exceeded 10 million.

Fan Weihao’s high -end lighter.

In 2017, Fan Weihao began to come into contact with foreign mounting concepts and study abroad. In April 2021, he established his own studio to provide development support for the company’s photo frame factories and e -commerce platforms, while exploring new industrial projects.

During the European Cup in 2021, Fan Weihao tried to mount a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. After a foreign netizen saw the relevant video online, he also sent one of his own jersey and asked to mount it into the same paragraph. Convenient to hang at home as a memorial. This is Fan Wehao’s first non -calligraphy -painted physical mounting order.

The jersey mounting is very tested by people’s patience, and can only be fixed on the card paper by hand. When the lower needle, you must pass through the small hole of the fabric. The needle eye should be uniform and the interval should be kept at about 2 cm. Key areas such as bilateral and two armpits are more dense. The end of the end of the needle should be hidden in parts that are not easily found. A jersey completes mounting, which requires a full day.

Fan Weihao’s mounting jersey.

After the video of the mounting jersey was released, netizens “blew up” and sent the items they wanted to mount to Fan Wehao’s studio. The reporter saw that many netizens left a message under Fan Wehao’s social account and asked if they were operable. There are many categories of these items, including bachelor’s clothes, suits, cross -stitch, sheep prenatal, and even some people want to mount laptops and Apple mobile phones.

“In fact, from the perspective of benefits, it is more cost -effective to mount characters.” Fan Weihao said, but the recognition of netizens made him determined to insist on physical mounting. Wang Aoqi said that it is relatively simple to mount characters and is much more efficient, while the time and energy of physical mounting cost more. “Physical mounting is most worried about not inspiration.”

According to the company’s regulations, the designer must take out 3-5 solutions for the first time for customers to choose. If you are dissatisfied, continue to communicate and modify it. The company’s up to one order has been modified for nearly 30 times, which takes more than a month.

“We are also crossing the river by touching the stones.” Fan Weihao said that the orders received by the studio every month are about 50, and the monthly income and expenditure are basically flat. Although each mounting consumes a lot of energy and time, and the income is not high, Fan Weihao feels that this matter can be persisted. Every time he takes the mounting process into a video and send it to the Internet.

Fan Weihao’s mount vinyl records.

In addition to shooting specific items mounting process, Fan Weihao also shot some short videos introduced to mounting. Among them, the series “I am a mounting division” series has been launched for 7 issues. In the video, he introduced the relevant knowledge of the mounting industry and the mounting master in detail.

Fan Weihao said that there are two purpose of doing this: one is to let more people share the emotional memory of the owner; the other is to popularize the concept of “all things can be mounted” to more people, so that the mounting really enters everyone’s life Essence

Eye -opening mounting

Someone sent a bunch of conch shells for mounting. One of the largest conch shells is 2.5 kg. It is difficult to fix the conventional way. Customers do not agree to punching on the shell to fix the fish wire. Fan Wehao finally fixed the conch shell with glass glue on the cardboard.

Someone sent a copper Ruyi to mount. Different sizes at both ends of Copper Ruyi are difficult to fix. After many tests, Fan Weihao took people to buy materials from the hardware market and made a clamping by himself to solve the fixed problem.

Fan Weihao’s old -fashioned film.

Someone sent the relics of the late father for mounting. The father was a retired meritorious pilot. Fan Wehao received the required mounting items including flying glasses, six points, shoulder chapters, medals, etc. These items were finally mounted by Fan Weihao cleverly. The client hangs the mounting items at home in order to remember his father at any time.

A racing driver sent the racing license plate and various racing medals to mount, hoping to use this method to never separate from the beloved racing car.

A mother sent a pregnancy test stick, the bracelet at the hospital, the B -ultrasound of the child’s pre -birth photo, and the newborn birth certificate. These items were finally mounted into a complete work to commemorate the birth of new life.

A restaurant owner sent more than a dozen common seasonings such as peppercorns and dried peppers to mount it, and then placed in the newly opened restaurant lobby, which pinned the boss’s love for cooking.

Fan Weihao’s mount coffee beans.


“Except for living things and easy rotten items, everything can be mounted.” Fan Wehao said confidently. “Every time I encounter an item that has not been mounted is a challenge.” There is no standard answer to mounting, and he can only explore by himself.

Jiangsu netizen “Little ChaCha “‘s evaluation of Fan Weihao’s mounting is” very special, the details are in place “. Wang Aoqi also was also convinced by Fan Weihao’s thoughts, “there is no difficulty in him,” with him. “

“I actually failed.” Fan Weihao said that when a seasoning was mounted, he tried to divide the frame into a small cabinet, and then put the seasoning in the door. In the end, you can only choose to fix it with glue.

Fan Weihao’s mounting seasoning.

Zhang Zhiqiang, the director of art space art, has been involved in the mounting industry for 20 years. In addition to mounting traditional calligraphy and painting, he has also been engaged in non -calligraphy mounting in recent years. In his opinion, what Fan Wehao did was very meaningful and very innovative. Regarding all things can mount the concept, he agrees that if he wants to reach the degree of cognition of foreign countries, he still needs to be continuously cultivated.

“Live -like mounting and traditional mounting are actually two industries.” Tang Zhengan, a master of arts and crafts in Hubei Province and Secretary -General of the Wuhan Han Han Mongling Association, introduced that the core subject of the traditional mounting industry is Chinese calligraphy and painting works, and physical mounting is the mounting industry in recent years. The product of extension development will not have a impact on the traditional mounting industry.

Fan Weihao’s mounting tennis racket.

Tang Zhengan told reporters that there are currently more than 100 stores engaged in traditional mounting industries in Wuhan, but there are more than 800 mounting stores and companies in the broad sense. There are currently more than 10 stores like Fan Wehao who provide physical mounting services.

Tang Zhengan believes that the welcoming of real -object mounting is the result of social and economic development. With the development of people’s aesthetic needs, this kind of innovative mounting works in form and concept can provide new options for the market. At present, physical mounting is still exploring. There are not many practitioners in Wuhan. To what extent will it be observed in the future.

“Mounting is not to put items in the photo frame. It actually needs to be protected.” Fan Wehao said when he talked about the understanding of the physical mounting.

(Shi Qiang, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily)

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