Smart shoe cabinet, capsule beer machine … new products from Berlin Consumer Electronics Exhibition come out


Smart shoe cabinet, capsule beer machine … new products from Berlin Consumer Electronics Exhibition come out

According to the Spanish “Pioneer” website reported on September 3, after being forced to suspend or change to a virtual exhibition due to the popularity of the new crown virus, the Berlin International Electronic Consumer Products Exhibition finally resumed offline physical exhibitions on September 2 this year. After the epidemic has increased the purchase volume of remote home network equipment, the manufacturer of the industry is undoubtedly facing a crisis.

The mainstream new products in the year have often been revealed from the beginning of the year, but there are always surprising innovations at the Berlin Consumer Electronics Exhibition.

Like the previous physical exhibition, Samsung still occupies one of the largest exhibition areas of the Berlin Consumer Electronics Show -the city Rubik’s cube, showing the brand to the world covering all kinds of products in all consumer e -products categories. The strange products displayed by this Korean company include an oven with a camera inside. This kind of oven can identify the food put in, and from the moment the food is put in, the most suitable cooking method and time make a feasible suggestion to the user.

The camera of this Samsung oven uses artificial intelligence to identify dishes to be cooked. Not only that, it can also show the cooking process. In this way, users can follow up in real time through smartphones, not just observe the cooking process from the outside. In addition, it can make delayed videos for users to view the cooking situation at a certain moment.

The LG exhibition hall of the Berlin Consumer Electronics Show shows a lot of novel products. The most attractive is the smart shoe cabinet. Users can put their shoes into disinfection, drying or glowing. The device also has a powerful disinfection mode, which is particularly obvious for sports shoes.

At this year’s Berlin Consumer Electronics Show, a staff member is showing the smart shoe cabinet of the South Korean LG Group. (Reuters)

LG also showed a small temperate room called Tilun. With it, users can plant fresh vegetables in the kitchen. It is similar to a small refrigerator, and the front door and the shelf are made of glass. Users can plant small vegetables such as lettuce on the rack. In this small temperate room, plants can enjoy LED lighting, and the irrigation conditions and humidity are controllable.

Tilun also has a mini version, which looks like a small plastic basket with a lighting device on the handle.

Another Innovation of LG is a capsule beer machine similar to Naspai Capsule coffee machine called Homebrew. The device includes a water tank that can accommodate 6 liters of water. After the user puts two capsules, up to 12 kinds of beer can be made. Just wait for 9 days, users can taste fresh fermented beer. The device is about to be available for sale, with a price of about 1,500 euros, and the price of each box of beer capsules is 28 euros.

Among the new products of the Berlin Consumer Electronics Show, there is also a computer from ASUS, namely Zenbook 17 FOLD OLED. This is a 17 -inch foldable laptop. If it is folded in the middle, it can be transformed into a very portable device. It can use an external keyboard and work in a full -screen state. It can also be folded into two parts and use the lower half as the keyboard.

China TCL has brought a different glasses that can even replace a large TV screen. This glasses are named NXTWEAR S. From the appearance point of view, this glasses seem to be different from ordinary sunglasses, but if you look closely, you will find that it has no lens, but is equipped with a small Micro OLED screen. Wearing this glasses, the user is equivalent to watching a 130 -inch full HD screen at 4 meters.

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