There are so many pads, which one is suitable?


There are so many pads, which one is suitable?

Car cushions are already essential tools for most car owners, but the cushions purchased by many users are purchased from 4S stores or randomly selected on the Internet. In terms of durability, environmental protection and health, they are often omitted. The market is not very transparent. Therefore, this article will tell you which material is most suitable for you, including pad materials, purchase points and product recommendations.

Plastic foot pad

Plastic foot pads generally use transparent PVC materials, which is also the cheapest compared to other materials. In most cases, the plastic feet are universal and do not adapt to the model alone, so there is a balance between the fit with the floor and it is easy to slide. Over time, the PVC material will also become yellow and color, which will affect the beauty. In addition, in summer, some inferior plastics will also emit a pungent smell seriously affecting health.

Plastic foot pads have no other advantages except for cheap and easy to clean up. Unless it is temporary use for emergency use, plastic feet are not recommended for long -term use

Rubber foot pad

The rubber foot pad can be said to be an upgraded product of plastic feet, which also has the advantages of easy disassembly and easy cleaning. The surface of the surface and the rubber itself have good friction, which can provide a certain non -slip ability. However, due to the characteristics of the rubber itself, it will often appear or arch deformation in the summer when it is cold in summer. If the deformation position is the position of the throttle brake pedal, it will seriously affect the safety.

The price of rubber feet is very large from low to high, and the difference is in terms of materials and crafts. Most of the low -cost products will use inferior materials, and at high temperatures will also emit harmful gases. You must not be greedy to see whether environmentally friendly materials are used to buy rubber feet

Fabric foot pad

Most of the cushions sent by the 4S shop are fabric cushions. The original car matches the floor high, and the feet feel soft and comfortable. However, the thickness of this cushion is relatively thin, the quality is very light, and the non -slip ability is average. The fabric material is easy to absorb water and vacuum, and can clean the surface within a certain period of time, but it is more troublesome to manage. Poor sex.

Wire cushion

The wire cushion has been hot in recent years. The product is divided into two layers of the bottom of the two layers. Most steel wire cushions are adapted to the model. The computer scan is used to accurately cut the same consistency with the steam floor car, and there are multiple colors to choose from, and the visual effects and comfort are good. In addition, due to its structural advantages, the dirt and water stains are adsorbed inside the foot pad due to their structural advantages. It can still be kept on the surface without cleaning up for a long time. However, it is not as convenient as expected to take care of the steel wire cushion, but it is not as convenient to rinse with water. It cannot remove hidden dirt inside. It needs to be shot hard.

If the cleaning frequency in the car is usually not high, but there are certain requirements for the environment in the car, the wire cushion is the best choice. The price gap between similar products is very large. Because the silk circle is also made of PVC, some low -cost products have abandoned the user’s health in order to reduce costs, so they try to choose well -known brands without seeing the appearance.

Leather foot pad

Most leather pads use a fully enclosed structure designed for special vehicles. It has good fixedness and wrapping, and provides the most comprehensive protection for the floor of the car. Such pads usually have a multi -layer structure. What is more common is that the internal cotton material is filled with external leather, which makes the feet feel comfortable. In addition, because most people have aesthetic preference for leather products, leather foot pads are also considered high -end products and are very popular among users.

Leather mats are relatively expensive and have prominent disadvantages, such as dirt to resistance and waterproof, especially in rain and snow. The cleaning method cannot be rinsed directly with water, and can only be wiped with a wet towel. The advantages of the leather foot pads completely surrounded can provide comprehensive protection for users who often walk on the muddy road but need to clean it often

What are the precautions for buying foot pads?


The thicker the foot pad, the better, the foot pad is too thin, which will affect the foot feeling, and the durability is average; too thick the foot pad may cause the card to the throttle brake pedal, affecting driving safety. It is more suitable for 15-20mm in the steel wire cushion. Taobao also has a steel wire cushion with cheap 100 yuan, but the thickness and quality cannot be guaranteed

Environmental protection

Most foot pads contain PVC materials, and environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly PVC itself is not toxic. However, the processing steel wire cushion will use plasticizers to use glue and other products. These substances may contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde due to process cost problems, especially in the summer Under high temperature conditions, it seriously affects the health of the person in the car. If it cannot be distinguished, the easiest way is to smell the smell. Most of the strong pungent taste contains toxic ingredients, try to avoid choice as much as possible. In addition, there is a TPE foot pad, which will be introduced in the product recommendation.

Suitable for

GM pads cannot be completely suitable for the bottom of the car. If it is too small, the shift will occur. If the area is too large, it is easy to stuck the pedal. Both situations will affect driving safety. Therefore, when buying a foot pad, try to choose a special style for your own model. It is not only more docile, but also has a better visual effect.

Cleaning method

Different materials have different anti -pollution resistance, and the cleaning methods are different. It is also mentioned above that those who often go badly can choose full surround leather. Those who are too lazy to take care of them can choose silk circles for a long time. You need to combine your driving habits and environmental conditions before buying the foot pad

Introduction: After reading the introduction of materials and preventive measures, you should understand the overall thinking. The characteristics of different materials, different advantages and disadvantages, can be selected as needed. The price of each product can meet its own quality. If the price is lower than the market average, you should consider where these costs are saved and the principle of “one price, one price”.

Foot pad product recommendation

Yuma steel wire cushion

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Suggestion starting price: 530 yuan

Yuma has proposed a special car concept for a long time, creating a car pad market segment, which mainly attacked the steel wire ring pad. The product is made of environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly PVC materials. The thickness is between 16mm. There are anti -slip contacts similar to nail shoes at the bottom. Compared with the method of inferior glue in the market, the hot -melt technology of Royal Horse is not only environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, but also not easy to fall off.

As Royal Ma’s foot pads rose all the way, the price rose along the way. The minimum 680 yuan steel wire cushion was indeed expensive and many overflowing ingredients. There are often preferential pushes of Royal Malaysia wire pads in the station. The price of about 530 yuan is also very common. Last year, Double 11 or even had a history of 480. Valuable friends could choose to buy according to the needs.

Qiao’s car special car custom steel wire cushion cushion

Recommended index: ★★★★

Suggestion starting price: 298 yuan

The main product of Qiao’s car products draws the advantages of leather and silk, and divides the foot pad into the upper and lower layers. The bottom is a full -siege leather foot pad dedicated to the special car. It is fully protected by the car floor. The upper layer is the steel wire cushion more dirty, and the two are connected by fixed buckle. If it is just the dirty layer of the silk circle, then remove the silk rings directly, eliminating the tediousness of cleaning the leather foot pad. The product also chose environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly PVC and XPE non -toxic materials, which are guaranteed in terms of health.

At present, the landlord is using this foot pad. When buying, he mainly focuses on the right price, and it is a double -layer fully closed structure. The upper silk rings are very dirty. Basically, there is no problem with washing every few months. You only need to remove the silk ring to rinse. The leather at the bottom can be wiped and vacuum.

When you encounter an event, you can also receive a full -scale full reduction of 100 yuan. You can buy a full surround steel wire cushion in such a discounted price. It is really cost -effective.

3W full TPE car anti -slip pad

Sugged price: 699 yuan

Recently, my friend’s family gave birth to a baby particularly important to environmental health. Even the car pads of the car were replaced with TPE foot pads. I did n’t understand the product before I learned this product under the other party ’s Amway. TPE is a thermoplastic elastic material material, which has high strength, high -return elasticity, characteristics of injection molding, wide application range, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, non -toxic and safe and safe, and is mostly used in the mother and baby industry. Environmental protection and environmental protection should be the highest among all foot pads.

At present, there are not many brands that produce TPE foot pads. The more well -known is WeatherTech, but the price of its foot pads is a few thousand yuan. This is not recommended. The domestic 3W highlights sufficient cost -effectiveness. It has won the Red Dot Award and passed the SGS environmental protection and certification. The product shape is simple and generous. However, the current 3W foot pad adaptation has not been fully covered. Some mainstream models have not yet fully adapted, and even if the price has been achieved within 1,000 yuan, the penetration rate is not high. Friends can consider buying.

in conclusion

The above is the entire content of the pad purchase strategy. Considering environmental protection, environmental protection, convenience, and durability. The big names recommended above are naturally not wrong. When buying, you only need to adapt to the model according to the material. Among them, there are also some high cost -effective products of 100 yuan. If you think these are still too expensive, it does not matter that Aunt Zhang often pushes 19.9 plastic feet in 19.9, but occasionally goes to the countryside to step on, it is also possible to use it as the main product to work together. Essence

There are so many pads, which one is suitable?

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Product Recommendation: custom universal rubber car floor mats