Put on one press, lock fresh, Bruno multifunctional fresh lock machine experience


Put on one press, lock fresh, Bruno multifunctional fresh lock machine experience

In our usual life, I believe many people will pay attention to the preservation of ingredients. For example, there are leftovers in the family who wants to save, or it has just bought fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dried fruits, etc. For these foods, you should think about the fresher the better, so how to save is the key. If the preservation is improper, the deterioration and damage of the ingredients will cause great waste.

所以今天我就给大家安利一款针对万千美食的锁鲜计划,这就是BRUNO多功能锁鲜机,这款产品具有智能真空,干湿通用,灵活点抽,外抽真空,30cm长封口, Freedom cutting and other integration can be said to be a must -have multi -function lock machine for home. Let’s take a look at how this product is preserved for our ingredients.

First of all, it is still a conventional unpacking. When I received this Brano multi -function lock machine, it was still very surprising. Why did I say that? I thought that this product would not be very large. I did n’t expect to receive the product. It is quite large, it is still a two -layer packaging, a box outside, inside is a color box packaging, and the packaging is also very delicate. The side of the packaging box and the back are marked with the relevant parameters and related information of the product, which is very comprehensive.

After opening the box, you can see that the inside package is very good, which can ensure the safety of the product during its transportation. From the perspective of the packaging list, there are only instructions, the lines of the line, and the body of the product.

In terms of appearance details, the shape design of the Bruno multifunctional fresh -lock machine is still very exquisite. There is a minimalist style. The overall feeling is like a bag style. From the perspective of the product size, it is 382*159*78mm, the product of the product, the product The weight of 1.4kg is not too heavy. The color is sea salt blue. I like this color, and it can be regarded as the home style versatile.

The upper part of the front half is designed with a roll box, which is a vacuum bag placing warehouse. It uses a pushing design. It can store a 3 -meter -long vacuum bag. It is not easy to lose it.

This hidden cutting knife is also particularly exquisite. It looks like a button on the front, but it is a sharp cutting knife. It can cut the size freely and use it very convenient.

The keys use a full -touch button on the button, with a total of 6 keys, which are sealing, point pumping, outer pumping, dry pumping, wet pumping, and the power button. It is still very convenient.

The vacuum cavity has a 60kPa suction power, the 10-20s speed vacuum, the design style is long, with a length of 30cm long seal, which can be encapsulated at the same time.

Below is a detachable droplet box with a magnetic design. It is simple to remove the effusion and residue after wet pumping, and it is also convenient to clean up.

The bottom is very flat, and a non -slip pad is also designed to ensure the stability of the product during its operation, and it is also suitable for the use of different home environments.

Take a look at the side. On the side is a hidden external pump function component, which hides the external pumping joints. I think this design is pretty good, hidden and high, and convenient to use.

The outer pump function component is a pointed mouth connector and a round hole connector. It can be vacuum for vacuum tanks, vacuum bags, and love bento.

It is also simple to use. As long as you screw it, you can turn it on, and then pull it out. The same is true for installation. After you align, you can stuff it inside. Then you can install it back.

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Let ’s take a look at the actual experience of the use. Brano multifunctional fresh -lock machine can be said to be a product specifically for ingredients, oxygen, removing freshness, and moisture. The advantage of this is that it has been placed for a long time, it is not easy to deteriorate. When eating, it is more fresh and the taste is more beautiful.

You need to pull out the vacuum bag in the storage bag trough before using it. How big it takes? It depends on your ingredients to decide. When the length of the pull is almost the same, then pull the product’s cutting knife This cutting knife is really sharp, you can cut it as soon as it pulls, and the mouth of the bag is neat.

1. Seal

BRUNO multifunctional lock machine has five functions, namely sealing, point pumping, external pumping, dry pumping, and wet pumping. Each function is kept fresh and sealed on different ingredients. Then let’s talk about sealing.

There are two types of sealing, one is to seal the vacuum bag, and the other is to seal the food bags, such as potato chip bags, biscuit bags, milk, etc., and separate water vapor to keep dry.

In the seal, the sealing of the Bruno multifunctional lock machine is very good and the sealing is strong. I also did a test, which was directly encapsulated to the water, packed the water in the bag, and then seal it with the fresh lock machine. The seal was completed and completed. Later, I poured the bag back and forth without leaking out a drop of water. This shows that after the bag was seal, the sealing was quite good. It also confirmed that after the food sealing, it could ensure its original freshness.

Generally, we have an endless snack. The usual sealing method may be clamping the bag with a clip. Secondly, the sealing is not effective, and there will still be air entering, especially in winter. Moisturizing and moldy phenomena, and the sealing function of the BRUNO multifunctional lock machine can directly put the bag in and then seal, which is very convenient, so that the next time you eat, you can open it.

2. Pump

Pumping this function, this is a vacuum operation for fruits, vegetables, and pickles for free control. It can also be said to be a flexible operation.

First put the food into the sealed vacuum bag, insert the vacuum bag into the vacuum cavity from the entrance, and then press the point pumping key. It is very simple to use.

When the pump is almost the same, when you reach the degree you need, you can release the point pumping key, and then press the seal button. At this time, the other party’s food is seal. After finishing the completion Simple and convenient.

Note: In the process of drawing the product, it is recommended not to continue to use the point continuously for more than 1 minute.

3. Wet pumping

The wet pump is mainly aimed at fresh, pickled fruits and juice, such as too much meat bought at home. You can put the meat directly in the vacuum bag, and then click the wet pump to make the wet pump. This process is fully automatic. There is no need to intervene. After the wet pump is finished, it will automatically enter the seal mode. After the seal is over, take out the bag directly, so that the entire wet pump is over.

Note: If a large amount of liquid or pure liquid is encapsulated, please freeze it into a solid before moisture.

4, dry pumping

The principle of dry pumping and wet pumping is similar, but one is to pump vacuum with food with water, and dry pumping is a vacuum sealing for some dried foods, such as beans, medicinal materials, flower tea, etc. It is similar. First put the food that needs to be encapsulated into the vacuum bag, and then click the dry pump. The whole process is fully automatic. You do n’t need to interfere with the operation. After the drying is completed, it will enter the seal mode. Just take out the bag, so that the whole drying is over.

The drying ingredients after drying can ensure the original freshness, and the sealing time is also long. When you need to use it, just open the bag and remove it. If you can’t use it at a time, you can choose the dry pumping key again to dry the ingredients to dry the ingredients. Pumping.

5. External pumping

Compared with several other vacuum functions, the outer pumping is mainly targeted at other products, such as vacuum tanks, vacuum bags, or love bento. The method is also very simple. Choose the right connector to operate. Click the outer key to fully remove the outside. After the external drawing is over, it will be automatically stopped, which is very convenient.

In the actual experience of Bruno multifunctional lock machine, I think it is still very powerful. First of all, it is very convenient to use it. The five modes are sealing different ingredients. The second is that after the vacuum is completed, it will automatically enter the seal mode. (Except for point drawing mode), the entire process can be completed without manual intervention. Finally, it is simple operation. Both the elderly and the children can easily complete it without any difficulty.

Overall, Bruno multifunctional fresh -lock machine has a lot of surprises in this experience. Whether it is design or product use, it is very satisfied. Recognize, and this is the case, the conventional fresh -keeping and sealed storage can be completed by pressing the operating key. It is particularly convenient. For people who often need to use ingredients at home, the BRUNO multifunctional lock machine can be completely possible. Meet your needs, put it one by one, lock it fresh.

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