Come! Go to a passion for ice and snow …


Come! Go to a passion for ice and snow …

When the first ray of sunlight passed through the Hillary Temple, a group of ancient Greeks rushed across the white line paved with quartz stone, taking the first step of the Olympic sprouts.

At that time, more than 2700 years later, the same warm sunshine took the “double Olympic city” of the only warm sunshine in Beijing, China, the only summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games.

“2008, Beijing opened his arms to embrace the world; 2022, we invited the world again!” Yu Zhongqi, a doctoral student of Tsinghua University, had an unforgettable city volunteer service experience in 2008. In 2022, he will once again become an Olympic volunteer. He is looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Dedicating a wonderful winter Olympics for the world is a solemn commitment to the world when applying for bid in Beijing more than 6 years ago.

For more than 6 years, more than 2,000 days and nights, countless hard -earned sweats turned into everything. Beijing, ready!

Look, the ice and snow covenant with the original intention of “green, sharing, openness, and integrity” has opened his arms to the world.

Green Covenant

14 kilometers north of Tiananmen, the “ice ribbon” of the National Speed ​​Skating Pavilion circulated.

The “Ice Ribbon” is the only new ice project venue in the Beijing Winter Olympics. It has the largest all -ice design in Asia with an area of ​​12,000 square meters.

Here, it is also the world’s first Winter Olympic Speed ​​Skating venue to use carbon dioxide cross -critical transactions. This technology is one of the most advanced, environmentally friendly, and most efficient ice -making technologies in the world. Carbon emissions are approaching zero.

In the Yanqing Division, the small Hailituo Mountain, the national alpine ski center track, diarrhea from the end of the mountain.

Shanlin venue, ecological winter Olympics. Here, “sports facilities are harmonious with natural landscapes” have been perfectly interpreted. “People can enjoy the infinite charm of ice and snow sports, but also enjoy the beauty of nature.”

However, more environmental details are hidden in high -tech -the national high -grade ski center construction uses surface soil peeling and recycling technology, reducing soil and soil loss in the competition area, maximizing the introduction of guest soil to the area, protecting native seed libraries, reducing the native seed library, reducing The probability of foreign species invasion; the competition track of the national snow car sled center is the first overall track of the sedan shed in the world. The sunshade can effectively reduce the impact of climatic factors on the ice, thereby minimizing the energy of the track loss……

“The construction of the Winter Olympics venue reflects the Green Olympic Games everywhere.” Ding Sheng, deputy director of the Beijing Housing and Urban -Rural Development Commission, introduced that the new venues of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games use high -standard green design and construction technology. Adhere to “building energy conservation, building land, building water, building materials, and protecting the environment, all new venues have obtained Samsung green building design logo.

Tangible buildings are built with green; invisible light sources are passed on with green. Through the construction of the world’s first 500 kV Zhangbei Flexible DC power grid project, the Beijing Winter Olympics innovatively introduced the rich green cleaning power of the Zhangbei area into Beijing, making the Beijing Winter Olympics the first 100%green in the Olympic history. Clean Energy Winter Olympics.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Village is a warm home for athletes of various countries during the Winter Olympics. Here, for the first time, the interior shear wall design is used to recycle the recyclable building materials to meet the needs of the space from time to time from time to time to change from time to time.

“After the game, the athlete apartment will soon be converted into Beijing talent public rental housing, facing the lease of talents that meet the strategic positioning of the capital city. All furniture also uses the lease method. Li Bin, a resident service manager of Beijing Winter Olympic Village.

The green Olympic Winter Olympics and the “Green Olympic Games” in the Beijing Summer Olympic Games are inherited. “Creating a generous Winter Olympics heritage, bringing long -term and positive returns to the host cities and the general public, is an important part of the Beijing Winter Olympics.” Essence


“I don’t know who the flute in heaven, blowing off Qionghua’s full world.” The poet of the Yuan Dynasty Wu Cheng “Yongxue” has a cloud.

The silver wrapped in Beijing’s winter is the best memory of Zhou Xuetao’s childhood. His family lived by the heavenly altar. In the winter season, after the snow, when the lake was frozen, he would noisy adults to take himself to North Sea skating.

“Robbing ice hockey, looking at people”, skating, ice, ice bumper cars, ice bicycles, whether adults or children, can find infinite fun in this silver ocean.

Zhou Xuetao, who is in his early 20s, has a new hobby in winter, and it is flying on the snow. “As long as I have time, I will go to skiing with my friends on weekends.” In recent years, Zhou Xuetao played a large and small ski residence around Beijing. The blessing of the Winter Olympics, the facilities of each snow field are becoming more and more complete, and Zhou Xuetao’s strength to ski.

“Strive to drive more people to participate in the ice and snow sports.” The Beijing Winter Olympics uses ice and snow as Cambodia, inviting guests in the eight parties to go to a silver appointment.

In recent years, the number of people participating in Beijing each year has reached about 4 million. The 7th Beijing citizen’s happy ice and snow season was held, and more than 20,000 activities at all levels were carried out, attracting more than 31 million people to participate.

Old Beijing advocates ice games. A “Ice and Hope” during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty is now hidden in the Palace Museum. In the “Three -Nine” days, thousands of “good ice” capable watch -like skating and ice acrobatics were presented in front of people. These ancient ice athletes have different attitudes, each showing skills, and the fish goes through, forming a dragon, winding and turning, which is spectacular.

Today, all kinds of ice and snow sports venues and facilities in Beijing have made more people fall in love with ice and snow sports, just like reproducing the ice and snow in the year.

Since the successful bidding for the Winter Olympics, the pace of “Southern Exhibition West to East” has accelerated significantly. The ice and snow industry has flourished, and “300 million people participating in the ice and snow sports” are gradually becoming a reality. Especially in Beijing, in the strong atmosphere of the Olympic Winter Olympics, more and more people go to the silver appointment.

The ice and snow sports should start with the doll. The Beijing Youth Zizhao, who had just been in the second grade, has trained for 8 years. He still remembers the scene of interaction with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “shoulder” 4 years ago. In 2020, he was also selected as the Beijing Youth Ice Hockey Team. “Grandpa Xi encouraged us to practice ice hockey. I want to be volunteers at the Beijing Winter Olympics and introduce ice hockey to everyone.” Guan Zizhao said.

In September 2021, the Beijing Ice Hockey Grand Prix attracted 103 teams and more than 1,300 athletes 6 to 18. According to statistics, Beijing Youth Ice Hockest has exceeded 4,000.

The ambassador of “300 million people participating in the Ice and Snow Sports” has excited the International Olympic Committee President Bach, which is regarded as a milestone in the world’s winter sports project. “You can imagine what this means for winter sports, which will become it. The great opportunities for ice and snow sports and even the development of sports. “

A piece of ice heart, pure and clear. Since the successful application, Beijing has adhered to the Olympic Olympic Olympics, strictly budget management, controlling the cost of Olympic Olympics, strengthening the supervision of the process, and striving for “the Winter Olympics is as pure and flawless as Ice and Snow.”

In order to save funds, the National Snow Cartoon Center gave up high -paying foreign teams, independent innovation, and sprayed a 1.9 -kilometer concrete track.

“We strive to simplify the competition plan, strive to achieve the unity of wonderful handling and frugality; strengthen the audit supervision of each project operation to ensure that the work is clean and efficient; adhere to the principles of saving, do not engage in waste, and undertake winter in the most frugal way The Olympic Games. Han Zirong said.


Blue, yellow, black, green, red, colorful Olympic five -ring, Mr. Gu Byan conceived design in 1913.

“Five different colors of rings are connected together, symbolizing the unity of the five continents, and symbolizing that athletes around the world meet with a fair and frank competition and friendly spirit at the Olympic Games. “Olympic Charter” said.

From the Great Wall of Herra to the Great Wall, from the Olympia Mountain to Mount Everest, the Olympic spirit shines. The intertwined colorful circles are tightly connected to the people of the world.

Drive the jade, the five rings of the same heart. On October 26, on the occasion of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics for a hundred days, the medal of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games came out.

The medals that originated from the image of the jade circular jade in ancient China, expressed the Chinese cultural connotation of “Heaven and Earth, the same heart”, and also symbolized that Beijing was open with an open attitude. Color covenant.

“In 2022, athletes all over the world will come to the Beijing Winter Olympics. They will use hundreds of different languages, but I think they will use sports as general languages.” Norov said.

The Laos Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying that Laos cherished the important contribution of sports to peace and development, and firmly believed that under the leadership of sports spirit, the Beijing Winter Olympics will strongly promote international peace, development, friendship and mutual understanding and tolerance.

There are diverse things in the world, and drumming urges to stabilize the boat. In today’s era, human beings are suffering from a century -old episode of the century -old epidemic … The world faces many tests, and human beings need to be more united than before.

Bach has commented on this: “We need to unite to deal with the huge challenges facing humans. The Beijing Winter Olympics strives to reflect the spirit of human unity to fight the crisis.”

Human beings were originally fate. “Sports has the value of unity and the whole mankind, the chairman of the Olympic and Sports Commission of French Island Olympic and Sports Commission, said, and it is a symbol of peace and friendship that surpass the national borders. The spiritual connotation set. “

No one will forget the exciting summer in 2008.

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, 29 giant “footprints” fireworks stepped through the night sky, blooming from south to north along the central axis of Beijing, and eventually turned into five rings in the “Bird’s Nest” to ignite the Olympic dream. At this moment, the gorgeous colors were amazed and intoxicated by the world.

More than a month later, the Olympic flame will be burned again in the “double Olympic city” in Beijing. The Olympic spirit of “faster, taller, stronger, and more united” will stimulate people’s stronger unity and peaceful dreams.

Green, silver, color, all colors are guests. Beijing will dedicate the world’s unparalleled Winter Olympics, people from all over the world are full of expectations.

Source: Guangming Daily

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