Summarized the 13 small creams that have been fried recently, the right medicine!


Summarized the 13 small creams that have been fried recently, the right medicine!

1. Metolona gel -mites blackheads

Ingredient analysis: metronidazole: Treatment to prevent infection, interfere with bacterial growth

Metronidazole gel is used to treat red and swollen pimples, pustules, and leisone nose. Because metronidazole can kill mites and slow down the inflammation caused by mites, it is also effective for mite -type blackheads, but for acne, but for acne Concertic acne such as closed mouth is invalid.

2. Fu Xidi acid cream -pustules

Ingredient analysis: Fu Xidi acid: anti -inflammatory and anti -infection

Fucidic acid is an ordinary ointment for acne. It is mainly used for bacterial skin infections, such as pustules and 曩 曩, so Fuzyidic acid is not effective for all acne. And Fuciidic acid is an antibiotic ointment. If it is used for too long, the effect will have a certain impact. It can easily cause contact dermatitis on the face for a long time.

3. Symarkin hydrochloride eye ointment -wheat enlargement

Ingredient analysis: risticillin: antibacterial and anti -inflammatory

It is completely no problem to remove wheat enlargement with chlorein eye ointment, but it is easy to stimulate acne if it is used in the cymbal period. But fat particles are not possible, fat particles need to go to the hospital, or let the fat particles be metabolized over time.

4. Vitamin A Arame Cream -Chicken Skin

Ingredient analysis: Vitamin A acid: Promoting cell renewal, loose keratinocyte cells

Vitamin A sterile ointment can promote epidermal cell update, which has a certain effect on chicken skin and acne, but it is invalid to closed mouth. The toxicity of vitamin A acid is relatively large, and it is easy to cause skin cracking. Do not use it during pregnancy and pregnancy, which can easily lead to fetal malformations.

5. Klimrin phosphate gel -inflammatory acne

Ingredient analysis: Cylinin: antibacterial anti -inflammatory inflammatory

Cylinin gel has a good acne effect on acne caused by endocrine disorders, but it has no effect on non -inflammatory acne such as blackheads. Kyrcin is antibiotic. If it is used alone, it should not be used for more than a month, otherwise it is easy to produce drug resistance.

6. Vitamin B6 ointment -rosin nose

Ingredient analysis: Vitamin B6: Promote the absorption of protein and fat

Available enzymes that promote skin metabolism, the treatment of rosacea and seborrheic eczema are very good, but it has little significance for the treatment of acne and blackheads. Vitamin B6 does not produce dependence but it is not recommended for long -term use. It is best to add more from food.

7. erythromycin ointment -anti -inflammatory

Ingredient analysis: erythromycin: prevent skin infection

The role of erythromycin ointment is sterilization and anti -inflammatory! It can be applied to the puppet acne with a white head, but there is no effect on what acne black head closed acne marks! Can be used for burns and trauma infections

8. De composite acetic acid dexamethasone cream -dermatitis

Ingredient analysis: Cyysthic acid ground: Anti -inflammatory and anti -allergy

What is relatively controversial for dermatan is hormone issues. Derotics does contain hormones, but don’t be so scared. Hormone skin drugs are the most effective way to treat skin diseases at present. As long as it is used as required, there will be no side effects. Tuo ointment is a pure Chinese medicine component, and the effect is also very good.

9. Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid paste -hemorrhoids

Ma Yinglong has gone out of special eye cream, so don’t apply hemorrhoid cream to his face anymore. The skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile. Even if the hemorrhoid cream is mixed with the eye cream, the irritation is still very large. Ma Yinglong contains musk daily. It is not recommended to use Anmei pregnancy hemorrhoid cream for pregnant women during pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation during pregnancy.

10. Ou Muru -Acne removing acne

Ingredient analysis: Carpom Gel: Anti -virus slowing inflammatory mineral salt: anti -allergy soothing red mold alcohol: anti -inflammatory bacteriostatic

The main effect of Ou Mumu is anti -allergy and anti -inflammatory and inhibit bacteria. Therefore, it has an effect on a red and swollen acne, one inflammatory acne, and acne, because the medicinal properties are mild, all skin can be used. But there is no effect of closing and acne marks.

11. Ada Palin -closed mouth

Ingredient analysis: Ada Palin: Anti -inflammatory

Adapolin’s price is around 35. The role of the brand components to buy is the same, but the difference between domestic and imported. Adapin is only effective for closed acne. It is effective for acne. It can be used for a long time but cannot be used too much. Pay attention to avoid light when using.


Ingredient analysis: shell polysaccharides: repair cells and promote new metabolism

Papuchi scar removal cream has a good effect on the repair of acne marks. Both red and white acne marks and stretch marks can use Barfopping scar cream, including general surgical scars and bumper scars. However, scar hyperplasia and burns are invalid X. SARGE such as scars and scarring scars and scars.

13.SARGE ——Sark removing scars

Ingredient analysis: Imported silicone: Promote healing, scarring and anti -scar

This is a very cost -effective scar removal product. It is the same as the component of Bark in the United States. It has added imported silicone. The price only requires Bark’s five -minute. It has a very good effect on hyperplasia scars, burns and scarring, but the repair effect of body pattern such as growth pattern, obesity patterns and stretch marks is not as good as Panfu Pingping

Quality product recommendation: acne cream