Boxing Meitu Sharing: Leibo V500PRO-87 + VT960 Key Mouse Set


Boxing Meitu Sharing: Leibo V500PRO-87 + VT960 Key Mouse Set


#Zealer public test#

Unpacking Meitu Sharing: Thanks to the Zeale App for giving away the experience of “Riebai V500PRO-87 + VT960 key mouse set].The layout of the Lie Bo V500PRO-87 key is relatively compact, the shaft body and the button suspended arranged, the keycap uses the ergonomic design, it is more fitted with the hand curve when used.It also has a keypader, which is more intimate; the Leibo VT960 “Subao Poch” mouse is designed with a hollow streamlined sports car, high -strength aluminum alloy material process, and surface matte paint process.The mouse’s left Sai Bo Penp mechanical relief pattern not only raised the grade and recognition of the product, but also played a good anti -slip role. The product logo is RGB light effect, comes with 0.66 -inch OLED screen, red and black on the far left side.The keys can customize the function according to your own needs.The packaging comes with data cables, receivers, and extended transiters. It can be described as home games.

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