The most beautiful Italian concentrated coffee machine in the world


The most beautiful Italian concentrated coffee machine in the world


I am a pure coffee fan. I often browse various Italian concentrated coffee machines on the website. One day I accidentally discovered a complete coffee brewing equipment written by Enricomaltoni, an encyclopedia, which records the classic Italian concentrated coffee machine he has seen and repaired in the past 20 years.

Erik also held an exhibition with the theme “Italian Coffee Machine: 1901-2010 (Espresso Made Initaly 1901-2010)” exhibition. You can go to Milan, Milan, Italy to see the style of traditional Italian coffee machines. The inspiration of this exhibition comes from this Italian concentrated coffee. Although it is a limited edition book and expensive, I still did not hesitate to buy one.

Among the many coffee machines, my favorite is the Italian concentrated coffee machine designed and manufactured by Bruno Munari at the beginning of this article. I even think that I should write an article for this outstanding coffee machine maker. Let’s first appreciate some of the exquisite Italian concentrated coffee machines in this book!

Lapavoni, Milano Model Concorso 1956 Design Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari

FAEMA, Milano Model Marte 1950

Ducale, Parma Model Duchessina 1955

La Sanmarco, Udine Model 75 FCS Export 1975

FAEMA, Milano Model Metodo 1972

Lapavoni, Milano Model Lilliput 1955

Cambimod. Olimpic – Gruppi Uno –anno 1956, Modena

Universal – Mod Serie Fortuna – GRUPPIDUE -Anno 1958, Milano

Disclaimer: All pictures are from Enric Maltony’s work

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