Sanmu unlocked a new way of wearing, over -the -knee coat+high boots, elegant and advanced


What shoes do you wear through the knee coat? Look at the new way of wearing Sanmu blogger, elegant and advanced.

Recently, Lily has shared several articles about coats. I wonder if everyone has learned the essence of it? If not yet, then this one -knee coat is introduced today, but you must learn it well.


Cross -knee coat is one of the styles that must be defeated every autumn and winter every year. Moreover, this length of coats can be worn even a short girl. So, what kind of shoes should be matched with knee coats? ▼

Seeing this, there must be a lot of little fairies who will say that it is not appropriate to choose a pair of small white shoes or short boots? Indeed, whether it is equipped with small white shoes or short boots, but in winter, these two methods seem to be a bit wrong, because it is really cold!

Recently, when Lily was strolling online, I just saw that Sanmu blogger updated the latest dress. In the picture, she appeared with her mother. Come and match, it is very elegant and advanced.


I have to say that this method of wear is really good -looking and showing the field. The most important thing is that it is very warm. The legs are long and high, and it is especially suitable for small children to wear.



This over -knee coat worn by the Sanmu blogger has some biased robes. This waist adds a lace -up design coat. Body proportions. There is also the color of the coat, low saturation, and no one to wear at all, and the yellow and black skin can also be controlled.


She chose a pair of dark brown fluffy boots under her feet. This kind of boots that are close to the legs, put on the legs that can modify the legs, make her legs look thin and long.

Moreover, the collar of this coat is also relatively special, which is not the same as the collar of the basic style. This collar is a bit like a scarf. It can protect the neck in the cold winter and let it be invaded by the cold wind. Full warmth. The black hat worn on the head has a good embellishment effect, and the whole shape looks more elegant and atmospheric.

More other styling analysis:

If you are also interested in the dresses of the “over -the -knee coat+high boots” of the Sanmu fire, then follow the footsteps of Lily to see the other related styles of Sanmu!

Black knee coat+black boots

Having said that, in the fall and winter of this year, the Sanmu blogger seemed to like to wear knee coats with boots. This kind of warm -up and elegant dress is really good. Looking at this black dress, although it is somewhat boring, I have to say that it is really good to wear such a thin effect! More importantly, the materials of these black items are different, so it does not make people feel boring visually. Instead, it is a combination of single products with different materials, which is more advanced.

Color -colored knee coat+black long boots

Whether in late autumn or early winter, the knee coat is a very good choice! Especially for the little fairy in the south, even in winter, a coat is enough to cope. The black -knee coat worn by the Sanmu blogger, the design of the color matching, made the original monotonous coat instantly outstanding.

There is also a leather belt around the waist. Don’t worry about wearing a bloated feeling, or a fat, put on a high -necked bottom shirt, and then tie the belt. You won’t feel cold when you wear it. The black boots on the feet add a bit of coolness to the entire shape, and it is also very elegant.

Camel -knee coat+caramel balpned boots

In the autumn and winter seasons, a matching technique often used in wearing is “stacking”. This method of stacking is the most practical in cold winter, and warmth can create a sense of layering. Camel -knee coat+camel leather jacket, the innermost is a black bottoming shirt. The combination of this jacket+jacket, even girls in the north do not have to worry about cold.

The checkered skirt with the lower body, as well as a pair of caramel -colored fluffy boots. The matching of short skirts+over -knee boots is really thin and tall, and it is super long, right?

White knee coat+black boots

The Sanmu blogger is famous in the fashion circle. She is also very good in wearing color matching. Even the classic black and white match, she can easily wear a high -level fashion sense. This black -and -white match is very suitable for commuting or shopping. White knee -knee coat, black boots, silhouette coats have excellent tolerance effects on the figure, fat girls can also wear thin and thin A sense of vision.

In this set, Sanmu cleverly uses the two accessories of the hat and bag to embellish. Both items and coats and boots have a color echo.


Milk White Kneel Coat+White Knight Towel Boots

In the autumn and winter seasons, Lily really does not recommend everyone to wear so dull. If you are worried that you can’t control the bright color dress, you can try the kind of dressed. When I saw this color -based coat at first glance, I couldn’t help being captured, a very gentle and white color. I put on the same color high -necked bottom shirt, khaki five -point leather pants, loose pants versions, which is also friendly to girls with thick thighs.


There is a pair of white knight boots on the feet, which echo the milk white coat and bottoming shirt. Such a high -level elegant and qi field match, try it.

Oats ash over -the -knee coat+caramel color boots


This kind of oats -gray knee coat is really very atmospheric and high -level. The design of the two -piece set of fake two -piece set is also the most special place. The loose cocoon version can be held at any body. Simply wear a white high -necked bottom shirt, and easily gives fashion and temperature. In addition, a pair of caramel -colored fluffy over -the -knee boots, thick -heeled boots, put on not only lengthened their legs, but also pull their legs. The line lines are also long legs.


How about it? After watching the set of “over -the -knee coat+boots” shared by Lily, what do you think? This year Sanmu blogger really likes to wear this way. If you feel good, you can try it quickly, it is elegant and advanced.

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