Which brand of Kabe or Gute is good? Which of the two brands of hardware accessories is better


Caber and Gute are well -known domestic hardware accessories brands. Cabba is made of all -house home improvement hardware accessories. Hardware accessories are also made of various shower, toilet, shower, kitchen and bathroom supplies, etc. Say that there are more hardware accessories.

So which of the two brands of Kabel and Gute is better? Let ’s take a look at the two brands of Caber and Gute.

1. Introduction to Caber and Gute brand

1. Carba

The editor of the honeypot ant on the Cabe also told you that the product line made by Kabei is wider, making various kitchen and bathroom supplies, such as shower, toilet, sink, bathroom cabinet, drying rack, bathroom pendant, kitchen pendant, kitchen pendant, kitchen pendant The product lines such as the faucet and so on are still very wide. For hardware accessories, Kabe also involves it. It is sold in products such as door lock accessories, wardrobe hardware, and clothing rods.

2. Gute

Gute specially made a hardware brand. It is well -known in the field of hardware accessories. The hardware products made by Gutt include door locks, door suction, drawer sliding rails, hinges, door handles, union pages and other hardware products.

2. Which of the two brands of Kabe and Gute is good?

For Cabel and Gute, these two brands of product expertise are different. Caber is available in all kinds of kitchen and bathroom supplies in the whole house. Gett’s product is more well -known in the field of hardware.

Finally, I will summarize the well -known hardware bathroom brands in China. Caber and Gute are better in the field of hardware in the field of hardware. There are bathroom supplies, and the overall sales volume is also good, but in the field of hardware accessories, the overall quality of the solid brand hardware is better than Kabe, and the sales are higher.

The above is the introduction of the two brands of the honeypot ant decoration network. If you buy the products of Kaabe and Gute, if you buy a hardware accessories product, you may wish to take a closer look at this article. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you think this article is good, you may wish to share this article with your friends around you!