The scale of new products has doubled year -on -year! JD Little Rubik’s Cube officially opened in the new season in September


September is here! At the time of Jinqiu, many people prepare for a new stage of life: return to campus, start jobs, and put the decoration plan on the agenda … In the new stage of life, of course, “starting from new”!

Many people use new products to increase the sense of ritual of new life.’s new product consumption position was officially opened in the new season in September, bringing a large number of new products in the full category. The new scale is expected to increase by nearly 100%year -on -year! At the same time, consumers are chased by consumers in the form of a new theme every week. Whether it is the current popular “brushing” skin care, rich “wonderful” Mid -Autumn Festival cakes, or singing shower, monitoring can be monitored, it can monitor There are many superb and trendy good things in sleep pillows, injecting “new” driving for life.


Taste the new theme every Monday, the new wave is unstoppable

In the new season of in September, the latest new products of various fields, the latest and most trendy new products were launched, focusing on the four major trends of the four major themes, so that the public tasted “new”.

At present, “brushing” skin care began to become popular. In addition to whitening and moisturizing, the little fairies hope to get medical beauty -level skin care effects.’s “Brand New Treasure” theme weekly cycle from September 1st to 6th. The first three days will be launched in the first three days of beauty skin care products with anti-aging whitening. 30ml, still uses hot Maggie’s new skin care, Magnolia Oil New Shengyan Yanzhong Centenary Cream 50g, all of which are good at the beauty of beauty and people, starting with self -confidence.

The decoration season is here, and it is comfortable to live and uncomfortable. See if you will choose home appliances! From September 4th to 6th, new home appliances for smart new homes are concentrated. specially launched multi -functional intelligent products such as Chuangwei Games TV and Konka OLED TV, which brings high -definition and smooth experiences for technology enthusiasts; Haier Air Conditioning, Hualing Air Conditioning, Xiaomi Air Conditioning, which leads comfortable and livable new life, Let the elderly and children enjoy a fresh and healthy air environment.

With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the theme of “Social New Painting” from September 7th to 12th will bring you inspiration to giving gifts. Mid -Autumn Festival, moon cakes and wine are the best festivals atmosphere. In the annual “Moon Cake Taste Competition”, also prepared a rich flavor, diverse packaging moon cake, gorgeous milk yellow moon cake, Daoxiangcun Daoxiang Moon gift box, Guangzhou Restaurant moon palace glazed moon cake gift box, total One taste is your favorite. In addition, Johnny has been added with trendy artist Digiway Limited Gift Box, Diaoyutai Treasure Edition Sauce Fragrant White Wine, and the elegant and mellow 52 -degree liquor of this world, which allows you to “sing against wine” in the festival atmosphere.

Regardless of whether it is home or out, there should be an attitude of “new human beings”, and home life should also have a sense of technology. During the theme of the “Popular New Attitude” on September 13th to 18th, Magic Cube selected many intelligent and good things such as Kohler Music Show, 9AM Intelligent Electric Rate Table, Huawei Smart Elected Smart Line Pillow, allowing you to enjoy technology life. Essence There are also fashion international outlets, making you the most beautiful cub on the street. Jack Jones NBA co -branded trend jacket, Beaster Little Demon Face Face LOGO basic knitted cardigan sweater, which tide do you like?

In addition, if you like small appliances, don’t miss the theme week of “New Science and Technology Equipment” from September 19th to 23rd. Whether it is the Midea warm Yang series heater, Ya Meng Four Ring frequency frequency frequency frequency RFs, Mengmeng small home appliances of Mofei small magic box, or technology new product stroll Lollipods mini, ASUS Lingyao 16pro, Honor Magicbook (flagship version), OPPO Watch 2 wait, let you taste fresh every day.

The new product rewarding the finale is on the battlefield, setting off the new product storm in the whole category


In addition to the interesting and cute things of various categories, Jingdong Little Rubik’s Cube also staged a “finale drama” in the new season in September. From September 24th to 30th, the “New New Product Award” was launched and concentrated on launching the high-profile top goods. Goods, and welfare full.


As we all know, September is a new month in the mobile phone industry. Major brands will basically launch their own annual flagships this month. At present, has joined hands with Samsung to bring a new cutting -edge Samsung Z series folding screen mobile phone. Over time, the little Rubik’s cube will bring you more new industries, such as Apple’s iPhone13 series mobile phones.

In addition, there are many new products of multiple categories. SK-II Star Heart Select Shenxian Shui 75ml of Essence, each drop contains more than 90%of pitera? Let you renew the beauty muscle; healthy and nutritious Wan Chai terminal black satin series snowflake crispy fried dumplings, let you cook easily at home to cook at home Master-level delicious; Bellamy’s original imported from Australia? Organic children’s formula milk powder, double care for the baby; you who love fashion luxury products, don’t miss the Delvaux letters printing bucket bag, Super-Star luxury women’s shoes, BALLY sports top , Remyig Ring Del Series and other good things.

September is a new beginning. It can be described as just at the time with “new products” with full energy.’s new season in September not only bought a new main position, but also a trendy information distribution center. Here, you can “renovate” inside and outside and welcome your new life with a new look. has kicked off the new season in September, and more new products are waiting for you.


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