The correct method of maintenance of leather shoes, quickly get! Every time you go out, you are “glorious and beautiful”


The leather shoes bought at a large price, without the leather noodles, even worn or peeled? The beloved leather shoes, suddenly encountering “uninvited guests” such as rain and muddy, instantly beyond recognition? Careful care and maintenance, the more serious, the more “face”, the leather shoes did not look good before?

Have you ever encountered such “embarrassment”? Continue to wear it, do you feel very faceless, but threw it away, hundreds of thousands are equivalent to drifting water. So how is it good? Let the Bull Lina tell you today, the four -step method of leather shoes.

Step 1: Avoid exposure and rain

The reason why leather shoes have poor leather noodles, even wear or peeling, are mostly caused by exposure and rain. The sun exposure will relax and harden the leather surface, and then color change, wrinkles and even cracking. If it is not dealt with in time, it will also smell and mold.


Therefore, the first step in maintaining leather shoes is to avoid these damage. For example, in the hot sun in the summer, try not to wear leather shoes for too long; such as rainy days, it is best to give leather shoes a waterproof shoes and so on.

Step 2: Use the correct care method

If your leather shoes are accidentally exposed, or wet by rain, don’t worry too much. At this time, as long as the correct care method is taken. Specifically, after the leather shoes are exposed to the sun, you need to cool it in a cool and ventilated place. After the relaxed leather surface that is relaxed due to the exposure is slowly retracted to the original state, and then wipe the surface of the leather shoes with the leather care agent, and use waste paper plug plugging Full of shoes, until the toe and heel were supported, and finally let the shoes “rest”.

And if the leather shoes are wet by rain, the first thing to do is to wipe the inside and outside of the leather shoes with paper towels or towels, including dirt and moisture, and then put some desiccant inside the leather shoes to accelerate the volatilization of water. The water in the leather shoes is completely dry.

Remember not to put it under the sun in the sun, let alone blow dry with a hair dryer. Because if the leather shoes are placed in the sun, in addition to the hardened of the cortex, it is easy to make the soles or upper yellow, and it is easy to leave the glue at the joints, which will cause serious damage to the leather shoes. And blowing leather shoes with hot air winds can also soften glue, which makes leather shoes easily turn on glue and affects the life of leather shoes.

Diligence change to maintain


In order to extend the life of each pair of shoes, it is best to allow them to “work” alternately. The practice of wearing the same pair of shoes every day may accelerate its aging. And, when not wearing, it is best to stuff the inside of the shoes to help leather shoes restore the original type, making it more comfortable next time.


In addition, it is necessary to do maintenance for leather shoes. In addition to the same color maintenance oil, in fact, some daily foods also have leather maintenance functions. For example, wipe the leather shoes with a sticky inner side of the banana skin. After it is dry, the infiltrated leather shoes will rejuvenate; for example, wipe the cracks of the leather shoes with a candle powder, and iron it with an iron, and then rub the same color shoe oil. However, because the temperature is difficult to master, it is recommended that you still ask professionals to help!

Alright, the above is all the sharing of Bull Lina, have you get it? If you still want to know more tips for the maintenance of leather shoes, please pay attention to our Bull Lina. Our Bull Leina not only has a lot of knowledge of leather shoes, we also have high -quality American casual shoes. You are also welcome to buy it.