How hot is the chessboard this year?


To what extent? My colleagues in the company are almost


All chessboards

, Hander a chessboard cell phone case


Chessboard bag, chessboard grid clothing


Editorial colleague



Start early



Draw a chessboard style decorative painting, and all things can be chessboard!

I did not escape the curse of the chessboard, and I bought at least ten or twenty pieces of checkerboard single products before and after.


Mainly good things with high cost performance

, Small to four pieces of board box boxes, large to the bed, there are good -looking ones with thunder


Today, I will give you a good thing I bought recently! Those who have been planted can be searched directly on the top of the picture!


As a pattern, the frequency of the chessboard grid is also very frequently used on clothes. First, let’s first wear the checkerboard clothes that you just put on. I used to have it on the collapse.




Checker vest


As a result, there are many girls who like to wear chessboards.

The color matching is super small and fresh, this is this

Milk white+milky green chessboard grid

, Put on grandma ~ Very gentle! With baseball cap sports pants, there is a feeling of Korean college style, and it is a few years young ~

The clothes are quite loose, don’t pick people,


You can wear tall and fat and thin


, My colleague tried to buy it immediately when she was shouting!

And the quality is pretty good, who can think of such a beautiful chessboard vest?

As long as you are in the early one

, I feel lost if I do n’t buy one!

It also has several color schemes, the color matching is all

Low saturated checkerboard color scheme

, But I still think that green is the best look hee hee hee


Some black and white chessboards are colorful, and the saturation is relatively high. It is a bit eye -catching to wear on people. Compared with this

Light -colored ones will be better controlled


And better match ~

Versome items

Can be worn in all seasons

, Quite universal. Wear a small vest in spring and summer,



Shirt, kit shirt and sweater in autumn and winter, you can go out with a jacket outside

However, it should be noted that the chessboard is easy to wear too much, and when it is matched with clothes,

Don’t be too rich in color levels

, Just match the color.

This year, many home furnishings and bedding have also added chessboard elements. I also bought a checkerboard four -piece set ~ This set

Four pieces of fragrant dream taro purple checkerboard


, I love the whole! Nugo is soft and soft, it looks very healed ~


Everyone also knows that I like to buy four pieces and blankets on the bed. After all, I have to sleep well. I ca n’t be sloppy in this regard, so I choose bedding. I.

I didn’t have any hope, just the chessboard looks good -if I buy it. But it is very surprising to get the real thing. Its material can be so comfortable ~






Material of shirt cotton


, Soft and skin -friendly, there is a feeling of mothers that make autumn pants feel, strange and comfortable ~ can be said to be both internal and external. Hahaha


Because it is too comfortable, my cat likes to play on it very much.撸 撸 kitten, lying on the bed and reading books are quite happy ~


And the pattern of chessboard grid is more modern and fashionable,

Not too picky bed and decoration style

, Likes checkerboard


Starting boldly, it’s really surprising!


Now there are four pieces of checkerboards of different materials and different colors on the treasure, which is also very beautiful.


Two hundred or three hundred energy





If you want to try these fashionable elements to decorate your home, but you are afraid of turning over. I suggest that you can start with the small objects of the chessboard element, such as this

The floor pad of the checkerboard.

Usually take a picture of the background version of the photo ~ the whole picture is full of vitality immediately

It has printed a lot of smiley and English letters on the basis of the chessboard grid.


It looks more lively than the traditional checkerboard grid

~ The material is also very comfortable, and the surface of the surface is softly stepped on the super Su


, Anti -slip and waterproof treatment on the back can be placed in the bathroom as a water absorption pad

When I like to soak my feet, putting the barrel barrel on the ground pad is a very pleasant and enjoyable thing ~

Sometimes I still put on the bedside


Step on the pad under the dressing table chair

Such a small gadget can decorate the home ~ Although it is a bit expensive to have about 100 yuan, this small money is worth it!

Put on the ground and feel that the floor has become good -looking


I give you Amway

Super practical chessboard lattice tissue box

Intersection I thought the paper towel box was very bulky and inconvenient before. It was just a decoration. There was no need to buy it. But since I used this, I slammed my face

Needless to say the value,

The blue and white color giving a refreshing feeling

There are also cute and loved burgers and donuts.

Because it is a buckle design, it is also very convenient to change the paper towel. Put the paper towel in and then buckle it.

Simple operation


I buy it

It took only 20 pieces

Is it very cheap! I feel that I have made money. The point is that its quality is very good. The fabric is very good and not cheap. It feels like the texture of the leather. The fabric also has a certain degree of support. Even if you do n’t put the paper towels, you can put some gadgets ~ The space is quite large

Because my picture frames are full of white bonding frames, or it is the side of the wood, so I want to buy some of the frames with obsessives to decorate.

I also found it for a long time before I found it


Checkerboard frame

Essence I think the checkerboard frame is quite eye -catching. Even the white wall of the white flower, it can add a lot of bright colors to the room, and it looks good if you just put it.

It is this solid wood frame. The checkerboard is a bit similar to hand -drawn. The texture is quite good ~ And

The store will also give a pair of paintings

Of course, you can also disassemble yourself

With this frame, the painting inside also looks particularly foreign, not so rigid. If you like to draw or want to decorate your own small room, you may wish to see it ~



Wind’s sense of vision

But now there are many specialty on the Internet

Tutorial for making chessboards

You can also search on the Internet yourself, yourself yourself, yourself

Chessboard picture frame ~