What are you afraid of what to come, refurbish the success of the toilet network purchase, the right to buy the right to buy, the repairs of various leaks


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In early 2016, I started looking for designers and starting design. I entered the market in May 2016. In January 2017, the hard installation was over, and the graduation photos were taken around April 2017. After various torture, the success of the decoration is basically satisfied. Sort and sort out some of these blood paths

Real -life map


The original effect map

== The kitchen ceiling leaks ===

Why is it leaking

2017.11.24, I found that the kitchen ceiling has water marks, which is exactly this board for the maintenance port left by the warm boiler. The husband opened it to check that it was a smoke pipe leaking, and he could see dripping water with the naked eye. As for the rain or condensed water, he had to wait for the master to come to the door the next day. The phone calls HVAC 24 sales after -sales (Huacheng heating), and promised on the phone, if it is confirmed that it is installed, pay according to the contract

——The silicon calcium board is this trouble


I came to the door within 24 hours, but leaked again after repair!


After check -in, I found that the problem is the most annoying.

It is confirmed that the installation problem is confirmed, but as long as the ground is warm, it is dripping.

The back of the silicon calcium plate that is dripped in the condensed water

How to repair and make up

Go to the door again for repair, finally don’t miss it

However, the silicon calcium plate has become such a urine yellow. Is there any other way in addition to changing it?


I called my project manager of the wild road. He first sent the painter to come to the door. The painter took out the white wall paint that our family used to use it and brushed it again. Then I will say that yellow can no longer be seen. After drying, if there is still color, then re -paint it yourself. As long as it is sufficient, it can definitely cover the color.

I just brush over and over and over again, and I can apply it again and over again and over again. In the end, I found that because the wall paint was slowly dry, there were many slag stakes, as well as bristles. There was no way to be flat on the surface of the entire board. I could see those scum and hair, which was stuck in the dry paint. I can only pick out those brushing out gently, but those dregs really can’t help it.

Can you see the dregs in the picture?

But it is not obvious after installation

In fact, the project manager promised me to change a board. As long as there are silicon calcium boards on his construction site, you can cut a piece of size and paint me. But from November 2017, to July 2018. Haven’t sent it yet

There is also an episode in the middle. The project manager asked me where the painting I entered the door was bought, and then told me by the way that the silicon calcium board that was prepared for me was put on his car trunk for too long for too long for too long for too long. , I have no time to send it, he will help me cut it again

Everyone said I believe it, or I still don’t believe it

He just asked me to ask for this painting link

Hong Kong Fort Hand Hand Hand Modern Simple drawer Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Hand Furniture Wardrobe Hands


Has the packet commitment commitment performed?

In the end, HVAC said that if they lose their compensation, have it been realized?

I am very happy to tell everyone that this is there, and it is smooth. There is no pushing skin


Take a picture of the situation at the scene and tell him what the loss, including labor costs and material costs. Since the family is not requested at the regular decoration company, there is only one receipt. It is also possible to ask the upper -level to ask for a receipt, so. Just take the receipt to him, and then transfer to WeChat


== The booster pump leakage ===

Because of our two bathrooms, one of the bathrooms used the temperature of the temperature, and our family was the only two households in the entire floor. After asking a lot of people, there is only one solution in the end, that is, the booster pump, so, I bought the Grandfu’s booster pump on Taobao. It is more reliable, and there are also dealers in the local area. In case of any after -sales sales, you can still spend money to ask the dealer to solve


Of course, in fact, at the beginning, I wanted to buy it directly to the local dealer, but the dealer may think that I was young and did not ignore me. I bought it online and bought it online.

2017.4.8 It took more than 200 accessories to install the supercharged pump (the eyebrows have a good relationship with the eyebrows of a company, and the labor fee confiscated me) 2017. October found the underground water next to the cabinet. The booster pump is leaking

My mood at the time was desperate

Because I didn’t find a local dealer at the beginning, if he wanted to repair it, I am afraid that it would take a lot of tongue, and it was likely to move over instead of letting him come to the door to repair. Although online shopping stores are willing to be responsible, the mailing fee for me to come back is very heavy. I can only go to the logistics, and the logistics is another city in the south of the city and one city in the south of the city


Water is transparent, can’t shoot, a little water stains are still there after drying

As a result, the plot reversed -the supercharged pump was briefly repaired by her husband, and it was not leaking.

My husband who can do it, but one day to pretend that the husband who can’t do it, you are angry! Intersection You say that you have so many tools and have hands -on ability. Why not shot early? It hurts me for a long time

Obviously using a few screw knives to tighten it. When I found out the leak, I actually said that I would throw this supercharged pump and buy one again.

You are the second, no one dares to call the first

The tools that have been confiscated after repair

In fact, the leak is loose this time, and the tight screws are just fine.

Essence However, Grandfu is really a huge noise. The installation of more than 200 yuan (I read the price list, really expensive). The key is that it is inconvenient to install, so it is not recommended to everyone. The pressure -voltage effect is good, indeed the pressure of almost 2 kg


== The water is not top ===

Whether the water pipe is on the ground or walking from the top is optional. Most of the decoration companies that advertise themselves are better and larger, they will promise, and there will be craftsmanship in the exhibition hall, all walking from the top.


The water pipe has a relatively obvious benefit from the top, that is, if the leakage occurs, it can be the fastest and most intuitive, and discovered from your own home, instead of being discovered by the neighbors.

Under normal circumstances, the water leakage of the water pipe is at the interface, rather than the rupture of the tube itself. So the turning connection of the water pipe is the most important.

Personally, if the water leakage occurs one day, it is also caused by the loss of decoration. I feel that my home decoration loss or insurance compensation, or the decoration construction party compensation during the shelf life. Just pay for it. It is better to make losses in other people’s house decoration than my water pipe. It is much better to be complained.

Another reason is that the hydropower of our family says that it is a dry system. Therefore, whether it is to go to the ground or the top, the price is the same, and there is no need to save money for the project manager.

The second guard also hit the wall miserable

In the construction of the water pipe, the project manager is a water pipe company with a well -known market for the market. Everyone in our family thinks that since the exhibition hall shows the top process, it is default to go to the top, so we did not deliberately emphasize when the bottom of the hand. Including designers did not expect later things. Essence Essence

The water and electricity at the bottom of the water and electricity, the designer, the electrician, the project manager, took more than half a day and was full of confidence and waited for the beautiful pipeline. It took only half a day to complete most of them. When I saw it at the scene, she was dumbfounded and actually walked.

Moreover, what is even more speechless is to punch the wall between my master and the master bedroom.

This is the wall between the master bedroom and the main guard

Of course I was very angry. I called the project manager on the spot and asked what the situation was. The project manager’s attitude is still good, and immediately said, I will call to change the master now

It is magical that the master is very angry and does not do it. Essence Essence gone. Essence Essence Over

A few words on the scene, I haven’t seen this, and I don’t explain it clearly. I do n’t want to work for this work all day. I do n’t want to do this work.


Then the next few days, there was no one in my construction site. The project manager said that he did not explain to the master, so the hydropower did not top it. Now the master, he is unwilling to take responsibility, and he is unwilling to do it. No. It is said that my construction site will give me a master to do it again.

Big guy. Big guy. capricious. Walking, the current craft work is really lacking

After a while, our family finally found the master, but the final result was still. Essence Essence


Look at the place where the cement is filled, which is the place where the perforation is perforated

Go away

The only tube goes top

——It lost

I don’t know who should bless the joints in these walls. Damn, if this is missing, it must be suffered downstairs. The advantage of going to the top is completely equal to 0

== Electric open horizontal slot ===


I did a little my homework before the renovation, but I still felt that I did less. Basically, it belonged to the state of doing homework and in the state of decoration.

When I saw that it could not be slotted on the wall with a horizontal slot that exceeded one meter, my wall had become like this-


Master bedroom bedside


Close -up horizontal slot

Take a closer look at the pictures taken at the time. Most of the shovel was the insulation layer. I was not so scared, but I couldn’t help but stop.

The project manager did not know if it was because of losses, or was afraid of me, changed the groove, and after the wire tube came out, changed the direction, so there was no need to slot on the wall.

Unrelated picture and text


This roll of the electric house is made from my house

My last house was because from home to the network cable from home to electric houses, there was no reserved pipeline, or that the pipeline was completely stuck, and it could not be pulled out, so it was not easy to operate when it was upgraded to optical fiber. This time, re -controlled the management, and the light is easier to pull. If there is any upgrade in the future, it will be more convenient.

== Online shopping refurbishment Pot incident successful rights protection starts ===

Rights protection

Let’s talk about the results first, in addition to sending me a new basin to the Taobao sellers, the online store also includes round -trip freight and some beautiful seams of rework ceramic pots.

Alas, in fact, these two bathroom cabinets have been determined after a lot of folding:


Brief description

——The Changsha runs all over, the budget is 4,000, there is no good goods, and the first online shopping is determined

——Itize a good price in advance -I was told to be out of stock when placing an order

——When store revealed the brand -contact the official website and physical store -Xiangtan netizens to help the store

——The online store is available -at the same time, the factory is willing to sell it alone

——Bur abandonment of direct purchase of the factory and determine the purchase of online stores

—— After installation for a few months, I found that it is a refurbished basin

——Axuality to exchange, refund and expenses after returning item


Kohler’s bathroom mirror mirror cabinet library shelf mirror box 806 yuan

Tmall selection


Panasonic Xin Shijia Home switch socket Set panel 86 elegant white wall single -control dual control dual -control five -hole socket 11.5 yuan

The story is detailed as follows

The first is that I don’t want to see it in a physical store, or it feels too expensive after watching it. My budget is that a bathroom cabinet does not exceed 4,000.

Later, I planned to collect and consult the one earlier for online shopping. As a result, the online shop I fancy was out of stock

I was in a hurry and asked what to do on the online store. The online store did not hang out the brand (so the search brand could not find this). Seeing that I really wanted to buy, I told me the brand and let me go to the physical store to buy it. You can also contact the official website to ask the physical store

Then, I checked the brand, and contacted them from the official website, knowing that there is a shop in Xiangtan, and asked if anyone knows Xiangtan in the group.

As a result, it may be that I usually benefit the decoration public in the WeChat decoration group. Someone is willing to help me visit the store !! The character has erupted!

As a result, the brand is sold on a store with an arrow. On the first floor of the arrow, the second floor, the quality is similar, I am relatively relieved of the quality

Continue to contact the manufacturer and prepare to buy it directly to the manufacturer

However, the manufacturer is more annoying, only accept the full transfer! There are no third parties, no other form of payment

I hesitated for a long time or gave up, because I was worried that if the goods were not right, damaged, etc., I was too guaranteed to find the trouble of the manufacturer at all.


Re -finding the online store again, as a result, the online store actually got the goods again, it was really tossing me

I thought it was perfect, and the renovation pot was made!

How do I find it? ——It husband to clean the table when he is sanitary and discovered when hygienic

At that time, the perfect sewing was just made, and he worked hard to scrape all the remains of the beautiful seam with a knife. As a result, he found that the whole ceramic washing table was scratched.

The appearance of the secondary ceramic washing table

Those who have common sense know that ceramics are fired at high temperature, how can it be so tofu!

I asked my husband to use the same method to see another basin, which was too much. Intersection Intersection Intersection

The main guard’s ceramic basin, in the middle of the picture is the porcelain that was dropped. All white is the original smooth place on the ceramic basin by the art worker knife scraped it like this.

I show it to the seller, he does not admit it is a quality problem


I thought I had to live with the refurbishment pot for a lifetime (after all, confirmed that the receipt was for a few months), I had to send for help on the app. It was not bad. On the day, one of the heads responded to me and told me a master who repaired the ceramic bathtub in the local area. Telephone.

I asked the price on the phone, and the master didn’t say anything, just said that when I came to see the situation, I will talk about it


When the master came to the door, he said that you really refurbished the basin. I did not answer on the phone, that is, guessing that you have encountered a refurbished basin. You find the seller’s theory, change a new one, this is what the seller should do.

The master said, I don’t want to make you money,

You have a maximum of hundreds of pieces. I repair it is a brand that has been repaired at least Kohler TOTO. The repair price is more expensive than this pot.

,you are not worth it

At this point, it has been a few months since I confirmed the receipt …

Buying orders in the bathroom cabinet, 1680 original price, do not want the faucet mirror to launch a group of 1260, I bought 2 the same

Because I have finished the sewing, the person who disassembles the old basin must first call the beautiful seam with a solvent to remove the beauty sewing, remove the faucet by myself, and then move the pot. The basin is to take the logistics, and you have to drive yourself back and forth. One city south and the city, there are dozens of oil money.


After the replacement, you need to do a beautiful seam, 68/meter

This is still my own way to dismantle the faucet, otherwise let the hydropower work, again and again, I am afraid that it will be hundreds of

I threaten all kinds of disguise. In addition to sending me a new basin, the online store also includes the return of the round -trip freight and some beautiful seams of rework ceramic basins.



Summary of experience and lessons for me to refurbishment pots


■■ The entry price of the bathroom is indeed much lower than the price, but it is also normal

Tmall selection



From this experience, I discovered how cheap the manufacturer was shipped directly: the bathroom cabinet with a price of 1680 online (a set of dragon heads and water) sells 4-5K in the store.

All the price contains logistics costs

Of course, I can still understand the dealers to make some money. After all, many marketing and after -sales costs, and the decoration is really low -frequency (if the bathroom cabinet is replaced as diligent as the clothes, then the estimated price will come down)

■■ Online stores have credibility

Like the online shop I bought, I did not check the goods. Only the order was placed, and the manufacturer shipped directly. Moreover, the ceramic basin of the bathroom cabinet manufacturer is made in, not to do it by itself. Therefore, there are more links, the problem is relatively easy to appear, and the right to defend the rights is slightly longer.

And this online store is willing to fight for exchanges and compensation with the bathroom cabinet manufacturers. It is also a conscience shop in the online store. What do you think?

■■ Follow the problem of renovation pots and check the goods carefully

No matter how good the products are, they are afraid of transportation damage. The inspection is necessary. Be careful. This time it is a refurbishment basin.

■ ■ ■ ■ Fortune to share, the benefit of the people finally benefit myself

In communication with the online store, it was not completely smooth. At the beginning, I wanted to push off. The online store considers that I did bring their business to them and found my influence.


1. Don’t be afraid of others who feel embarrassed. All kinds of requirements must be explained by the master. WeChat is evidence, but the phone notification and explanation in person, the master himself marked on the wall, it is really reliable. [The master does not look at the drawings, the thick construction drawing of my family has been ashamed, and every time I go, I will find it out of the idle corner.] The master is the real person. , Don’t pin the hope on him, he should know, he should understand

2. Don’t be afraid of trouble. Decoration is trouble. If there are problems, use the Internet to spread. The effect of reposting the WeChat circle of friends will be better. Merchant’s opponents will help you to promote the negative model. Come and contact you with a seller’s gray face. [Using this trick in advance can usually achieve the effect]

3. The decoration group is very important. Pay attention to entering the group of most owners. Usually share more experiences and experiences. When there are problems, everyone is more willing to help you

4. About the booster pump -If the high -rise floor and the top of the floor are better, the water pressure is better, and the water pressure in the middle is relatively weak. The booster pump can be installed at the front. Pay special attention to the water pressure at the peak of the water at about 9 pm. Neighbors can also ask the neighbors. My 3 staircases and 6 households are the difference between the water pressure difference between me and next door.


If there is a budget of about 2,000, there is a stainless steel pump body for Weile. This thing is less than 2,000, the greater the ability to compare the same brand and the more expensive (more than 2,000 or more, not pay attention to research, do not comment)

The next episode trailer

After check -in, the chicken ribs bought in idle decoration


When I said a good life, I pushed my decoration.