Let your graphics card “free upgrade”! NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS released, gaming performance performance measured


If we use a dessert card and run 3A masterpieces with 4K picture quality, there are inevitably some big horse cars, which is more difficult. Meritable hardware is often “one -point price, one point performance”, but since the emergence of DLSS, “one -point price and two points performance” has become possible.

Today, NVIDIA has updated DLSS 2.3 and released a new NVIDIA Image Scaling (NIS) technology. What advantages do they have? What is the game performance? Let’s take a look at it today.

3DLSS 2.3

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测


让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

First of all, let’s get a rough understanding of what is DLSS. DL is Deeplearning, SS is Super Sampling, which is a super sample of deep learning.

It belongs to an upsampling technology, or is an image reconstruction algorithm. Based on AI deep learning, the core acceleration of the tensor core of the graphics card (high -specific core efficiency, high -end reasoning performance of hundreds of T), sample obtained by low -frequency sampling, reconstruct the quality of high -frequency sampling (low -quality image, Calculate high -quality images), and uses the movement vector in the current domain to calculate, the picture quality is better than the traditional interpolation algorithm, which is theoretically better than the Checkerboard chess algorithm.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Even if the DLSS itself is involved in the overhead of the pipeline, its efficiency is still much higher than the direct rendering, so it reduces the rendering overhead and greatly increases the number of game frames. Fish and bear’s paw can have both. At the same time, it also saves memory overhead, and some games with full -picture quality can be played normally.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

What principle? Let’s give an example:

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Generally, the image amplification is filled with “near -adjacent pixel sampling”. You see a low -resolution basketball. Through the relatively small amount of information, linear interpolation, the extra pixels are supplemented.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

If you are ai after deep learning training and watch the ball every day, then see low -resolution balls, then according to the rules of the elements of pattern and color, you think this is a basketball, so you match the details of a basketball.

Improve the human experience system and make the graphics brain supplement the picture. This efficiency is obviously far higher than the pixels one by one. With the existence of samples, the picture quality will be better. (Therefore, the DLSS calculation is fast, but the training is very hard -working)

In addition, although DLSS will have anti -aliasing effects, its purpose is not anti -aliasing. And its AA has no additional overhead, and the effect is better than TAA.

Later, NVIDIA also launched a deep learning DLAA. Their difference is that DLSS is the intermediate pixel (full graphic range) after generating image UPSCALE, and DLAA is a pixel (image edge) lost after generating grating vector sampling.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

In fact, the update of DLSS is very diligent. Now DLSS is no longer the beginning of DLSS. Below is the changes in the past:

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测



Everything starts


The picture quality is greatly improved, increasing details and sharpness (can be adjusted)

4 times super sampling (540p → 1080p, 1080p → 4K)

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

General model, suitable for all games

Inference overhead is halved (double reasoning speed)


Increase the super performance file

Support VR, 8K, dynamic resolution (maximum sampling of maximum under 8K)

In -depth adaptation of UE, Unity engine


让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

The screen optimization, the edge processing is better

Improve dynamic screen clarity

Solve the problems of some games, drag shadows, and pseudo -shadows (such as “Death Strang”)

The latest


Version and details have been optimized. For example, in the dynamic screen, DLSS 2.3 has better performance. On the path of high -speed sports objects, there will be no residual shadows.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

DLSS2.3 has now supported “Cyber ​​Punk 2077”, “Doom”, “Fairy Sword Qi Xia Zhuan 7”.

INVIDIA Image Scaling

Technology (NIS)

This time, NVIDIA also integrated the NVINIA Image Scaling function into the GeForce Experience, referred to as

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测


Essence It contains the new Spatial Scaling

Space scale conversion

+ Sharpening Algorithm

Sharp algorithm

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Just in the GeForce Experience driver, you can turn on the [image zoom] function. At the same time, there are also sharp algorithms.

(If you change the resolution in the NVIDIA control panel, you can enforce the global opening, which is effective for your system interface, font, video)

The resolution selected here is the target resolution of the game engine rendering. After setting, you will prompt you [Automatically optimize all games]. You can also manually select the resolution you set after entering the game.

For example, the 4K display you use is 3840×2160, then 50%is 1920×1080, and 50%is selected in the NV driver. The game also selects 1920×1080 resolution in the game.

(If the game integrates the SDK of NIS, then the menu will have NIS options, instead of changing it manually)

(Adapted games, theoretically, all graphics cards can be used. For example

At this time, the game is output according to the “1080P rendering output → NIS algorithm ascending frequency → 4K reduction display”.

Because the game is directly rendered by 1080P, the number of frames of the game is naturally high. But unlike you running the game directly with low resolution, the picture quality will be very confused. Through the NIS algorithm ascending frequency and cooperate with the sharp algorithm to achieve better picture quality.

Compared with high -resolution, the observation loss is made to a certain extent.

Since NIS is an algorithm integration at the drive level, you can support all games without the need for game manufacturers to adapt. That is to say, the game does not know that you are using NIS. For him, you just change the resolution. You don’t need to change any documents, there is no learning cost and the threshold for getting started.

After entering the game, call the [Game Filter] menu through Alt+F3, according to your preferences and the actual performance of different games, to regulate the degree of sharpness.

If the NIS function is successfully turned on, there will be a state indicator in the upper left corner of the screen. Green indicates that the zoom+sharpness will take effect, and blue means that only the sharpness is not scaled.

Since the NIS function has the MIT license and the open source cross -platform GPU support, GitHub is now launched, then it is very likely that in the future, we will see it in other software applications.

Unlike DLSS, NIS only takes effect on the current frame, and there is no AI algorithm. Therefore, it does not have the characteristics of two flowers of the picture quality and frame number of DLSS. NIS is like a balance that needs to weigh the quality and performance.

So what is the difference between NIS and DLSS? The DLSS is based on AI and time domain vector. It is a flower quality and frame number of frames. However, NIS only takes effect on the current frame and does not have the AI ​​algorithm. It requires weighing the picture quality and performance.

Of course, his own algorithm is good enough, and the picture quality is definitely better than the original low resolution.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

In the game image rendering processing pipeline, the NVIDIA Image Scaling is located after the anti -aliasing and color mapping, and before other post -special effects processing, this is consistent with the FSR of AMD next door.

The DLSS before these post -processing processes, just after geometric/shadow rendering, the order is more advanced. In this way, post -processing can process high -resolution and anti -aliasing images, which is less distorted and better in picture quality.

(In fact, when talking about MADVR before, there are two settings interfaces the same. The difference is that one in the front and the other are in the end. The difference is also very large, just to provide an idea)

Therefore, from the goal, everyone is “reducing rendering resolution, increasing the number of game frames, and restoring the picture at the same time.”

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

NIS is a fixed general -purpose lift algorithm, different from the DLSS -based AI algorithm. The sharpness cannot create details. He can only emphasize the details that exist in the picture.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Of course, this means that you can open two functions at the same time,


Let’s be super doubled.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

So what is the price?

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

The disadvantage is that this function will lock the 60Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution (maybe 4K144 monitors?), So it is not recommended to open the global in the NVIDIA control panel. It is only recommended to turn on during the game and do not open vertical synchronization.

Of course, the game itself does not lock the frame, and the number of frames can go up.


Game performance screen performance

test environment:

CPU: 5800X silent frequency

Motherboard: ROG C8DH

Memory: 16G 3600C15

Graphics card: Yingchi RTX 3060

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Target resolution: 4K (3840×1440)

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

The test platform uses 5800X + GeForce RTX 3060. The memory is only XMP, which is a relatively conventional dessert -level platform. The system is the latest Windows11, using the round GC573 PCIE collection card to recording.

Let’s try to support DLSS 2.3 first

“Cyberpunk 2077”

How does it perform, this game does not have Benchmark. Here we mainly compare the performance of DLSS2.3 and native resolution.

How high the quality options other than the light chase are high -profile, which is convenient to compare horizontally. However, 3060, as a dessert card, mainly runs the 1080P high refresh rate environment. It is unimaginable to let him run 4K like a flagship card.

In terms of frame numbers, this DLSS 2.3 is a bit out of spectrum. The average number of frames of the quality gear is basically the native 4K rolled over, and under the DLSS super performance gear, the average of 64 frames, the number of frames flipped up Almost 5 times … This effect is not as simple as changing the graphics card, it is really doubled.

(I thought there was a problem with my own settings.

That corresponds, how does the picture perform?

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

① We directly enlarged 200%. We must admit that in detail, the native 4K is obviously clearer and the sofa has a stronger sense of volume. In addition to the details of the clothes, the smoke of the DLSS is not so detailed. In addition, there is also a Moore pattern on the content of the small blue screen in the upper right corner. (There is a quality mode, but this problem does not occur in the super performance mode. Maybe the screen content is random?)

However, the complete picture is like this:

② This only takes a very small part of the screen. In the game dynamic screen, you do n’t find it carefully. In fact, it is difficult to find this subtle difference. There are a lot of special effects, the sense of atmosphere is the same as the native picture, the overall view is very natural, and the overall view is very natural.

③ In addition, the light part of the upper right corner has an uneven shadow similar to the dust obscure in the native rendering, but the less the quality of the DLSS, the less the picture, and the screen looks cleaner.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

④ There is no color mapping problem from beginning to end, and the brightness of each light source is basically no different from natively.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Let’s run again to run a familiar big cousin

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

“Wild Dart 2”

Because the big cousin supports the DLSS 2.2, this link mainly takes a look at the new NIS and sharp algorithm performance.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

In the picture quality options, all manually pull the highest manual. Through the game with Benchmark, run a 4K resolution limit.

(Of course, the actual game performance will be much better than this. Generally, you will not be full of everything, such as water physics, grass details, volume clouds))

① In terms of frame number performance, the number of frames after NIS is almost doubled, and the game experience has risen significantly.


Before more picture quality, talk about the TXAA comes with the big cousin 2. After opening it, the picture will be very confused and lost details, but if it is not opened, although it is sharp, there will be a lot of shake on the leaves. Essence

② Due to the DLSS 2.2 and unliked 2.3, the high -speed dynamic scene that the horse bounces open instantly during the explosion, the hind legs will still have some residual phenomena. This situation has not been encountered in the 2.3 game.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

③ The super -performance file is relatively obvious when running, and the texture has some smear. The quality file is much better. Even the details and volume of clothes and bags, DLSS is better than native.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

(From left to right: NIS 50%+TXAA / NIS 50% / NIS50%+DLSS / DLSS ultra -high performance)

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

④ Only open NIS and output 4K at 1080P lift at a 50%gear. Due to the small sampling, after the grating, there will be obvious jaggedness and shake. But as long as AA or DLSS is turned on, it can be solved directly.

⑤NIS will expand the ringing effect, mainly because 50%of the sampling is too low, and it will be a lot better if 70 ~ 85%is opened. (Most of the environments will not have bells, but I am more tricky …)

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

In the picture quality, DLSS is basically superior. The tiles and bottoms of the roof can be seen clearly, and in the super performance mode, the quality of the picture can be obviously different from the native 4K in the quality mode.

Next is a FPS game that supports NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

“Chel Nobel”

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

The picture quality is really good, and the scene design has also made great efforts.

A large amount of vegetation covers and complex lines, the pressure is great. Let us compare the same configuration and the number of frames and screens of the two -frequency frequency scheme.

① The number of frames is a bit outrageous. I do n’t know what to do with this game. It is very good at NIS. It has increased by 128%of the average frame under DLSS super performance, but only opens NIS with a 50%multiplier NIS. , Directly rose 168%. At the same time, NIS and DLSS also increased by 300%of the average frame …





② The sharp algorithm does not cause obvious distortion, and the granularity is not much. It mainly enhances the details of the details. It is relatively recommended to match 50%sharp use. With NIS+TAA, dense scenes like trees have a sense of dense, but there is basically no flashing problem.

③ Nis+DLSS in the view, from 2K to 4K, is closer to natively, and the number of frames is also great, so it is recommended to recommend this set. But from 1080P 4K, it will become more confused.

④ Finally arrived at the PK session. I thought that AMD FSR could play with NVIDIA DLSS, but in this kind of scene, it was not as good as NIS. Washed your hair the same.

This is particularly obvious on a large -sized display (this is the problem even in the ultra -high quality mode). NIS frames are similar to FSR, but the picture quality is better, and the view is close to DLSS.

⑤ There are also some problems with DLSS high -performance files. For example, the light source flashing problem, the wetland is quite obvious. But as long as the lowest gear is opened, there is no problem.

The FSR next door also has a flashing problem, but because the leaves are all linked, there is no light to pass through.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

⑥ In addition, there are some problems with the FSR long -view process. The environment with a slightly complicated line will occur. It will lose some threads that should have, or the lines and other things overlap, and the shape has changed. The resolution of the vision is also low.

(AMD FSR @High Quality)

The same is true of FSR high -quality mode. But even if DLSS is at the lowest high performance mode, at most, the edge is a bit confused, and there will be no such problem. In other words, DLSS can provide higher frame numbers on the premise of better picture quality.

(NVIDIA DLSS @ultra -high performance)

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

Different from NIS, because the FSR has made a set of time domain algorithms, which uses historical frames to enhance the next frame with details (3 historical frames: 1 current frame). This set of solutions is pretty useful in the field of video processing, but in the game, the soil and water are not convinced. DLSS is much better on detail information.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测



At the same time, NVIDIA has also launched


The image comparison and analysis tools (Image Comparison & Analysis Tool) can import the comparison material (video or picture) you recorded, support 4 orbit, and compare A/B.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

It is the same as the effect of the official website, which is the same as the effect of the official website. It is equivalent to making the tools directly so that everyone can use it. It is not difficult to get started. The operation preview is smooth. At present, it can be downloaded from the official website. You can also directly reach the latest version of the link:

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测


让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测



让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

So in general, the DLSS experience is still the best, the picture quality is even close to the original game, and the number of frames is higher. With the blessing of DLSS 2.3, 4K60 is a small problem.

And if you do n’t compare the original painting, you do n’t feel too much different from the original painting. And the DLSS frame rate has doubled significantly, which has great help for 4K games and VR games.

Although NIS is not as good as DLSS, the number of frames is significantly improved, and the two can also open at the same time to reach higher frames. With sharpness, you can get a better look.

Friends who have not bought a new graphics card can try it as soon as possible.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

FSR is actually similar to NIS positioning, which is in the post -processing section. Because of the strong sharpness of the default, the naked eye is very good at the first time of use. However, there are few key filters in the processing. After rendering, there will be some jagged, and the FSR vision and dynamic screen will be very confused.

In fact, there are problems such as “antenna disappear” and shadow jagged. However, the most important thing is that the FSR requires manufacturers to adapt. Compatibility is not good. Although you can also inject games that are not adapted, and it is not said that the actual effect will be discounted, if it is an online game and the risk of being blocked.

Of course, everyone’s demand is different. Some people think that 60 frames are challenged, and some people think that at least 120 frames can be used. But not everyone can buy RTX 3090 if they want to buy. If you want to drive, the pressure will be greater. Then the role of DLSS is here, and it can make up for the limitations of hardware performance.

① NIS is a benefit to GTX players, and free, SDK is open.

② NIS and FSR belong to the same level of technology. NIS has better comprehensive performance, better picture quality, higher frame number, and stronger compatibility.

让你的显卡“免费升级”!NVIDIA DLSS2.3 + NIS发布,游戏性能表现实测

③ DLSS is the optimal solution of the current picture quality and frame number, and is not the same technology as the other two. It can provide the best picture quality in the game algorithm technology and greatly increase the number of frames.

③ DLSS and NIS can be opened at the same time, and the number of frames has increased.

Finally, let’s guess, which two pictures are native pictures? Which is DLSS+NIS?