Hebei Hengzhong asked the student skirt to discuss the school’s response below the knee


The picture shows Hebei Hengshui Middle School. Photo by Shen Xiao Tong

The school “Instructions for Entry” in Hebei Hengzhong: The school is revised and improved every year to serve students

China News Network Hengshui, August 22 (Xiao Guangming Cui Zhiping Li Yang) “Student shorts and skirts should be below the knee, it is recommended that girls do not leave long hair” “The student’s own pillow does not exceed the length of the quilt” … As the new semester is approaching, Hebei Hengshui Middle School’s “Instructions for the Reporting in the 2018 Graduate High School New Student Entrance”.

In this regard, Hebei Hengshui Middle School said in an interview with China News Service on the 22nd that the “Instructions for Entrances” were distributed with the admission notice. The notice is a comprehensive collation of the situation in combination with the situation of students and parents. The purpose is to better serve students, let fresh students adapt to collective life as soon as possible, and adapt to a new learning environment.

河北衡中要求学生裙子要在膝盖以下引热议 校方回应

The picture shows the corner of the campus of Hengshui Middle School in Hebei. Photo by Shen Xiao Tong

河北衡中要求学生裙子要在膝盖以下引热议 校方回应

The reporter found that the nearly 1700 -word admission notes have made trivial and detailed requirements from daily necessities to discipline. Regarding such regulations, some netizens think that careful detailed and detailed. Some netizens think that it is too specific and restricts the development of students’ personality.

Li Xianhui, a class teacher who has been engaged in education and teaching for 13 years, said that Hengzhong’s “Admission Notes” already existed more than 10 years ago. It is a traditional practice of Hengzhong for many years. The content has been continuously improved and improved every year. Each provision is based on the unified collation of comprehensive students, parents, and teachers.

Li Xianhui said that he didn’t pay much attention. He said that many contents of the “Instructions for Entry” are soft terms and are the proposal categories. The starting point is to allow students to better adapt to the new learning and living environment. For example, it is recommended that students prepare for dew, medicine, etc. It is considering that students have just entered high school from junior high school, and some have not left home. In order to allow students to adapt to collective accommodation as soon as possible, on the basis of many years of experience summary, they have been written into “Entry School Instructions. Regarding the requirements of bedding, pillows, etc., are also for the convenience of students ‘parents, conducive to students’ comfortable life after entering school, and successfully integrating into class life.

On the same day, Zhang Huaqiang, the head of Hengzhong A, who was led by the head teacher who arrived in advance, checked the newly -decorated teaching building, said that the head teacher of Hengzhong would meet to study every year, discuss at the student parent meeting, and determine ” The content that needs to be added in the School of Entry, everything is for students.

For example, Zhang Huaqiang said that students’ military training pants are easily damaged, so they added the content of the needle to wear in the “Instructions for Entrances”. For students without mobile phones, control tools, fire types, etc., it is also conducive to learning and safety for students. Zhang Huaqiang believes that many details of the “Instructions for Entry” tell Heng Middle Schools that they must be cautious, serious, and rigorous whether they do things or study and study.

According to Zhang Huaqiang, the students’ execution is very good for the content in the “Instructions for Entrances”, and the parents of the students are very cooperative.

“Without rules, no square, only good rules, good living habits can make children better into learning.” Chen Liansheng, a new student of the new high school parents who are preparing for life and learning supplies in accordance with the content in the “Entrance Notice”. , Agree with this “Admission Notes”.

The picture shows notes in the enrollment of the 2018 High -level High -level High School of Hengshui Middle School in Hebei. Photo by Li Yang

Cui Chuan Seng, a new student of Hengzhong Gao, is also very satisfied with the “Instructions for Entry”. He believes that the content inside is more helpful for children in adolescence. Many parents of parents ignore the problems, but the school considers very carefully, and the “Entrance Notice” is also very operable.

河北衡中要求学生裙子要在膝盖以下引热议 校方回应

Chen Liuyang, who is about to start in high school in Hengzhong, said that some requirements for female students in the “Instructions for Entry” said that “I personally accept it. With good rules, we can better learn and improve.”

Heng High School’s freshman Cui Shihao made detailed preparations in accordance with the content of “Entry School”. He believes that “Admission Notice” is the first assignment proposed by Hengshui Middle School. “This notice is the experience of schools, teachers, and previous outstanding seniors. Not only does it teach us how to learn knowledge, but also educate us to manage ourselves better.” (End)