The cost of 75 yuan is 1598 yuan. What is the cost of a down jacket?


Recently, the South Korean Yixian Group’s registered company Yi Nian (Shanghai) Fashion Trading Co., Ltd. was fined more than 14,000 yuan for the second time.

The penalty letter showed that on July 2, 2021, Yixian commissioned Dan Dongxiangteng Garment Co., Ltd. to produce a total of 80 down jackets for it, with a production cost of 75 yuan/piece. The implementation standards of the product explicit GB/T14272-2011 “down clothing” and GB18401-2010C “National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications”.


On September 20, 2021, Yi Nian used 7 of them to be sold at the counter at Beijing Hanguang Department Store Co., Ltd. (Hanguang Department Store). Department Store) counter sales at a price of 1598 yuan/piece.

Earlier from September 2020 to June 2021,

South Korea ’s clothing in China has been fined 5 times in China. The reason includes

False or misunderstanding of commercial propaganda, mixing, adulteration, falsely charging, charging or unqualified goods impersonally impersonally pretend to be qualified products in products, production and sales are impersonated to qualified products with unqualified products. Production ingredients, performance, use, producer, validity period, place of origin, etc. are fascinating false propaganda

,and many more.

In 2021, the price of down jackets continued to rise.

According to statistics from the National Business Information Center of China, the sales volume of down jackets of key large -scale retail companies nationwide in 2020 increased by 15.1%year -on -year. The average unit price of down jackets also rose from 432 yuan in 2015 to 656 yuan in 2020.

And in 2021, claiming

“Down jacket ceiling” Canadian goose

Because of false propaganda, in Shanghai

He was fined 450,000!

The test of the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau showed that 190 products in Canadian goose shops were in line with the propaganda use of goose down only 16.8%, and the discouraged netizens said that “it is better to change its name to Canadian duck.”

The “Taiping Bird” brand has been accused of five plagiarism this year, and the last time it was November. SOS_SEAMSTRESS, a domestic niche original clothing brand SOS_SEAMSTRESS, questioned the original design of the Taipingbird.

From 100 yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan, the pricing space is large and flexible, and the result brings is fierce competition. On the one hand, consumers blindly trust “expensive is good” and prefers Canadian geese and males; on the other hand, domestic brands that are not valued to seize the remaining markets and desperately make articles in design and price.

In the vast clothing industry, down jackets are unique. Strong functional attributes, high -tech content, general higher customer unit price and lower purchase frequency to increase inventory pressure to down jacket companies, and also increase the entry threshold.

So, what is the real cost of a down jacket?


the most important is

Plel filling charging

, The type of filling, the voltage content, the amount of filling, the size of the fluffyness, the size of the fibrousness, and the size of the surface area, the water, and the dry and humidity of the filling charging the warm performance of the filling charging.

Goose down is warmer than duck down! Goose down is more expensive than duck down!



Cost of fabric

: The surface layer of the down jacket mainly uses coating fabrics. The coating fabric is used with high -dense silk, cotton, cotton polyester and other fabrics. After pressure, the gap between the latitude and weft gauze is reduced. The transparent leather coverage layer of the fabric forms the interchange chain is closed to close the gap between the latitude and weft of the fabric. Some add fluoroso resin or silicon waterproofing agent to the coating slurry, so that the fabric has the performance of anti -exposed velvet and water -proof water.


Cost of the auxiliary materials


Zipper: The zipper used on the down jacket mainly includes the front chest chain and the pocket to turn off the zipper. It is required to be smooth and there are anti -clip devices with auxiliary zippers.

Dedules: The buckles on the down jacket are mainly rope buckles, ladder buckles used in hats, and zipper heads. It is required to be smooth, closed, and low -temperature resistant. generation

Sewing wire: The sewing thread requirements have been soaked by silicon oil, which can prevent the needle of the needle drooling, and as fine as possible under the premise of the requirements of the intensity satisfaction.


Elastic loose tight rope (with): high elasticity and durability.

Magic stickers: Magic stickers need to be rounded around, and it is best to be a variety without hairy.

Mao collar: Many fashionable down jackets will have a separate hair collar design, or it can be a product of other hair collar suppliers designed and purchased separately.

Finally, the sewing process of down jackets,

The down weight of the down, easy to drift away with the wind, and two floors in the face and inside, the noodles and inside are combined; the three floors of the noodles, inside, and gallbladder will be prisoned (or do it to work. In order to remove and wash). In order to prevent the velvet from drilling from the needle’s eyes, a fine type 11 is needed when making. The general fabric without coating must be lined with fiber paper.


As early as 2019, CCTV introduced the most basic cost of a down jacket: a down jacket filled with 300 yuan, other fabric accessories, workers and managers’ salary, and sales costs.

In a word, the production cost of a down jacket is less than 300 yuan, which is definitely a problem.

South Korea ’s clothing with a cost of 75 yuan/piece, 1598 yuan to you, do you dare to buy it?

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