Malelessly choose the right water purifier into a “poisonous water heater”


Water is the source of life. When we are constantly pursuing a better life, the safety awareness of drinking water and the requirements of water quality have attracted more and more attention. As a result, the water purifier gradually entered millions of households and became the “standard” of many families.

The water purifier filters out healthy and safe water through different filtering techniques. The water purifier can fully care for the health of the family’s drinking water. However, when we buy, we face various water purifiers brands, do we have a feeling that I don’t know which water purifier is good.

千万要选对 别让净水器变成“毒水器”

Everyone buys a water purifier, and I buy a real healthy water purification instead of buying a false psychological comfort. So how to choose a real water purifier?

千万要选对 别让净水器变成“毒水器”

1. Can solve the problem of secondary pollution of water, my country has always had strict requirements for tap water quality. In the “Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water” (GB5749-2006), some key indicators are even comparable to the European Union and the United States. For We can rest assured of the water quality of the water plant. Most of the water quality problems originated from the secondary pollution caused by the water tank of tap water and the unprepared community water tank.

2. Most of the domestic municipal water uses chlorine disinfection, so the effect of chlorine dehuminating should be more important for domestic users. Remoral chlorine and residual chlorine products can prevent its potential harm to the human body and enhance the taste of water.

3. Selecting the water purifier also needs to see the flow of the water purifier, and the choice of the water purifier flow usually depends on the number of family population and actual water scene.

4. The sanitary license approval of the hydrostatic products is the most basic access certificate for entering the market. This is the minimum threshold and requirement of the water purifier equipment.

5. Do not just look at the merchant’s own publicity, the official certification of a third -party authoritative organization is more convincing.

Whether it is because of the standard of good water or because of the secondary pollution of tap water and the problem of residual chlorine, it is necessary to buy a water purifier and invest in your own health.

RO reverse osmosis:

It occupies a larger share in the field of home water purifiers. It is characterized by the highest purification accuracy. The general RO film can reach 0.1 nanometer filtration accuracy, can filter almost all substances in the water, and the water out of the water is close to pure water. Although many people say that purifying water lacks minerals that are beneficial to the human body, safety is still okay. As for minerals, users can consume from food or other aspects according to their needs.

Super filter:

The filtering accuracy can reach 1 nanometer -0.1 micrometer, and can effectively filter the rust, sediment, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter, etc. in the water. The application of the ultrafiltration film can achieve large amount and not easily blocked. For a long life, it can retain mineral ions in the water.

千万要选对 别让净水器变成“毒水器”

Na filter water purifier:

A filtering membrane that filter accuracy in RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration can also be dehydrated, but the proportion is lower than the anti -osmotic. If a harmful heavy metal ion appears in the water, it can remove 80%-90%.

千万要选对 别让净水器变成“毒水器”

The final reminder is that in the process of choosing a water purifier, try to choose a brand with a high reputation and popularity, especially the brand that considers the local sales and service network of users, and the chance of stepping on the mine is relatively less.