Explosion -proof 18 -piece sleeve combination tool standard configuration


Live wrench (200, 300), pipe tube (350),

Mei dumb wrench (10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 22, 24),

Universal wrench, steel wire tongs (200), tinzoto tongs (150),

Top (18*200), round flat shovel (18*200),

Modification (-100,+100), fitter hammer (1.0kg with handle)

Explosion -proof combination tool box: explosion -proof maintenance combination tool (17 sets, 28 sets), explosion -proof combination tools (30 sets) of gas stations, exclusive explosion -proof combination tools (29 pieces), natural gas explosion -proof combination tool (33 pieces (33 pieces Cost), ore and mine rescue explosion -proof combination tool (32 sets)

Explosion -proof tool characteristic description

1. The bronze explosion -proof tool specimen is a military material and precious metal synthesis. The surface is golden after the explosion -proof tool is made. It is an authoritative explosion -proof tool. Explosion-proof 具 Bronze tool working surface hardness is not less than HRC35, explosion-proof tool-resistant tensile strength B 105-120kgf/mm2, high explosion-proof performance is long, and other skill indicators of explosion-proof tools all reach the level of similar products internal and external. In explosion -proof tools, in the flames of ammonia space, it is operated strictly in accordance with the instruction manual to ensure safety. The friction and explosion -proof tool friction of the flushing (collision) and explosion -proof tools will not produce a spark explosion. Bronze explosion -proof tool magnetic is zero, so it is also called anti -magnetic tools and can be used in the magnetic field environment.

2. The specimen of aluminum bronze explosion -proof tool is synthesized with the rare metal of precious species. The surface is silver yellow after the explosion -proof tool is made. The hardness of the explosion-proof tools is not lower than HRC25, explosion-proof tool-resistant tensile strength & B75-85kgf/MM2, and all other technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products. Explosion -proof tools are operated in strict accordance with the instruction manual in the use of the instructions to ensure safety in the use of the instruction manual, and no spark explosion is produced by the cracking friction and explosion -proof tools.

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